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How to write unique articles on tourism in 15 minutes

Free secret! In this short article, you will learn - How to write a unique article on tourism in 15 minutes! What's the secret - read everything!

As you know, unique thematic articles are an effective way to promote your site. For many site owners, this is also promoting the business and, therefore, increasing income. Russian Travel Club offers an option to quickly increase content for travel site owners.

Many order unique articles, others write themselves, long and difficult. Indeed, writing a unique article is laborious and takes a lot of effort, nerves and time.

So how do you write a unique article on tourism in 15 minutes?

Translate and How to Write Unique Articles

An experienced copywriter uses translations from foreign languages. It's a good thing! But translating from English, French, or even from languages ​​close to Russian also costs a lot of work. First, if you know a foreign language, that's great, but also long! Secondly, if you order a text from a translator, it is very expensive. Thirdly, if you use translators, you do not always get the desired option, even if the translator is paid. Next, you will learn how to write unique articles.

What's on offer?

The most convenient language for translation into Russian is German! Use a simple Google translator and you will be happy! For example, you need to write an article "Cheap Holidays in Thailand". Type this key phrase in a translator and translate it into German. Next, enter this phrase into the Google search engine and get the result. We only work with this browser!

Google is known to automatically translate sites into your native language. Find and activate this feature in the settings if it doesn't work for you. Choose a suitable site with an article from the drop-down list. Copy into notepad to remove the formatting, then paste into a text editor and start editing. That is, in fact, the whole answer to the question: How to write a unique article on tourism in 15 minutes?

We assure you, editing the text, if it is small, for example, 300 words, will not take you more than 15 minutes! It will be necessary to correct the endings of words, shorten complex sentences, in a word, cleanly correct.

Tourism Consultant

Here you can sometimes read news about tourism. I try to keep up to date. But I don't always have time. Amendments to the Federal Law On Tourism have been submitted for consideration to the State Duma of the Russian Federation ... ”I don’t write about different things. Presented and presented, why write something. And I don't write about who bought whom either. And I am writing about the high-profile bankruptcies of tour operators. Or about some events in tourism that seem significant to me personally. I often describe some routes that were born out of tourists' requests. Or unusual things in tourism, which, it turns out, are, but I still did not know. Well, reviews of all sorts of resorts, beaches, hotels, etc. - this is sacred, of course. I try to use only legal illustrations, often my own (that's why there are few of them).

With the help of the information section, you can navigate the flight booking systems and see brief information about some airlines especially close to my heart, you can see the systems with which hotels are booked (there are also for travel agencies), read about tour operators , order train tickets on the websites of railways, get acquainted with insurance companies that issue policies for traveling abroad. In general, you can do everything yourself. I only try to keep the information reliable and up to date. But the world is changing so fast ... If you find bugs or want to add something, report it in the comments or write to tmp (gaf!) Proturismo. u - I'll fix it.

I also have a sore subject - allergies. Therefore, I write on topics related to the travel of allergy sufferers: hypoallergenic hotels, flowering calendars in different regions, etc. There is another about this in my blog . ivejournal. om/

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