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What to do for tourists in the resorts of Catalonia: 13 places to visit

In Catalonia, you can find a variety of cuisine using the gifts of the sea and the land, with sweet and salty ingredients often included in the same dish.

This cuisine is called fusion - it contains dishes from both Mediterranean countries and other areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

Breakfast of the Catalan. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/matt_and_emily_dunn

What and where to try in Barcelona? While you're in the Catalan capital, be sure to check out the main dishes at our recommended establishments. Diversify your holiday with gastronomic delights!

Cold cuts and cheeses

Pork is the main ingredient in Spanish cuisine. A large number of excellent types of ham and sausages are made from it.

Fuet and Longaniza. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/dolores-migrandiversion

In Barcelona, ​​be sure to try the famous Serrano ham and fuet and longaniza sausages:

  • Fuet is made from pork and is similar to our hunting sausages, tastes like salami;
  • Longaniza is also from pork and looks similar on the rings of Krakow sausage.

The locals usually eat them as a snack along with bread, called Pan con tomate in Spanish or Pan amb tomaquet in Catalan dialect.

Pan amb tomaquet bread. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/83096974 @ N00

2019 has been declared the Year of Culture in Catalonia, and in the summer season, a special focus for tourists will be placed on the uniqueness of the cultural heritage of the Catalans. At OTM: Summer 2019, experts from the Catalan Tourism Agency spoke in detail about the destination's tourism product. An overview of entertainment at the resorts - in the article.

This year, you will find all the news and novelties of the summer season abroad at the online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry OTM: Summer 2019. Throughout February, representatives of tour operators, tourism offices, host companies, hotels and airlines will share new tourism products and plans for the season.

As part of the OTM: Summer 2019 exhibition, experts from the Catalan Tourism Agency held a series of webinars:

Topic: "In the Year of Catalan Culture: UNESCO Cultural Heritage Holidays, Seasonal Festivals and New Michelin-Starred Restaurants!"

Moderator: Silvia Vilaro, Marketing Specialist, Moscow Office of the Catalan Tourism Agency.

Topic: “Costa Daurada is one of the best travel destinations for families! We are exploring the novelties of the Mediterranean, the peculiarities of recreation in Salou, Cambrils, Vila Seca, La Pineda in 2019! ".

Moderator: Vadim Koryagin, Tourism Specialist of the Administration of Cambrils and Representative of FEHT (Association of Entrepreneurs of the Hotel and Tourism Business of Tarragona) on the Costa Daurada.

Topic: PortAventura World Parks and Resort - Colorado Creek 4 * Hotel and New Attraction Opened. We book hotels and tickets to parks with an agency fee and payment in rubles! Raffle! "

Host: Margarita Nazarova, CEO of Global Business Development, the exclusive representative office of PortAventura World Parks & Resort in Russia.

Topic: “Shopping destination near Barcelona - La Roca Village: benefits and special offers + privileges for partners. We will find out all the beneficial nuances at the presentation! ".

Host: Ksenia Smolyaninova, representative of La Roca Village in Russia.

Useful information for your trip to Catalonia

Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain, is located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, on the Mediterranean coast. In the north, on its border are the Pyrenees Mountains. Catalonia consists of four provinces: Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Lleida and Girona.

Today Catalonia is one of the most developed wine regions in Spain and Europe. Among the wine regions of Catalonia, one can especially highlight the Penedès - the cradle of cava (local sparkling wine produced by the champagne method) and the Priorat, whose wines have entered the world elite in recent years, displacing the French ones from Bordeaux.

Tourists who want to get involved in the production of Spanish wines, at best, get on an excursion to two or three of the largest industrial wineries - for example, to the cellars of the Torres or Frechenet factories, where tourists are brought by buses, and excursions are set on flow.

In our opinion, wine tourism should proceed somewhat differently. We have spent a lot of effort, time and personal charm to find and establish contacts with small old family wineries, as well as cheese dairies, olive oil and sausage producers that work by hand and produce very small quantities of high quality products.

We combine trips to wineries and cheese dairies with exploring nearby interesting towns and attractions, as well as dining in traditional rural taverns. Thus, wine tourism can be carried out both within the framework of special thematic excursions, and it can decorate almost any other excursion in Catalonia.

What is Barcelona Secrets Wine Tourism?

- this is a visit to small family wineries and cheese dairies on an individual basis; - detailed immersion in the process of making wine, cheese, olive oil; - personal contact with winemakers and farmers; - tastings of wines and delicacies at wineries or right in the middle of vineyards; - stunning landscapes of Catalan nature; - acquaintance with traditional cuisine, lunch in the best rural taverns; - all this in a comfortable and pleasant environment, without haste and without strangers, just for you.

There are wonderful wine farms near the resorts of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, Sitges, Tarragona, Montserrat, Figueres and Cadaques ... In general, if you want a delicious, beautiful and informative pastime, then wine excursions are an ideal choice. Contact us and we will be happy to prepare for you a plan of a tasting and educational excursion to Catalan wineries. Here are some possible options for wine tours from Barcelona (all of them can be adjusted according to your wishes):

One Day Wine Tours from Barcelona:

Wine tours for several days

Tours can be organized for a couple or family, or for small groups (10-15 people). The tour program is developed individually for each client. Send us a request indicating the approximate dates, the number of people, your wishes for the route and the program, and we will be happy to offer you a trip plan with all the details.

Cost of individual excursions to Catalan wineries: *

An independent and diverse Catalonia

Catalonia - a place of power

Catalonia is an autonomous community in northeastern Spain on the border with France.

Catalonia is the most famous Spanish region with a rich history, picturesque landscapes, excellent cuisine, renowned genius artists, the best resorts and a developed economy. Just what is Barcelona with its striking buildings of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudi.

Photo: Architecture of Catalonia

Catalonia is a unique Spanish region. Moreover, its inhabitants can be seriously upset if they are called Spaniards, not Catalans. And there are many reasons for this. The spirit of freedom is in the blood of the Catalans. Many generations have been striving for it and, finally, the dream has practically come true - broad autonomy has been obtained.

See the beautiful views of Catalonia in this video:

Catalonia is very different from the neighboring regions of Spain. Here they do not gather in thousands for bullfights, passionate flamenco, but prefer a calmer dance of the sardana, drink sparkling cava wine, celebrate other holidays and speak their own language - Catalan.

Photo: Beautiful places in Catalonia

In summer, Catalonia attracts with the best beaches on the Mediterranean coast, and in winter it invites you to go for a drive at the famous ski resorts.

January 23 - The festival in honor of Saint Vincent is held in Cabrera de Mar. This is an unofficial Catalan winter festival, with a lot of fun in the streets.

From January 30 to February 10, the city of Sant Feliu de Guíxols turns into one continuous carnival podium, where people have fun in amazing and colorful costumes. The festival attracts more than half a million participants and tourists.

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