Wine and food tour to Portugal (ALL INCLUSIVE)

10 main dishes of Portuguese cuisine: what to try for a tourist

Portuguese cuisine is not a tourist attraction. Locals enjoy eating dishes from the menu of national restaurants. They dine out or cook them themselves. On the coast in Portugal, seafood is loved. A simple grilled fish or a clam stew with a complex sauce - any option goes with a bang. In the interior of the country, they often eat meat dishes and poultry, cheeses and sausages, boiled vegetables. We will tell you what to try for a tourist in Portugal from food. We have compiled a list of the main dishes of local cuisine with names, photos and descriptions.

Check out the article on Portuguese wines to help you skillfully match drinks to meals and vice versa.

Caldo verde | Caldu verde

The Portuguese love soups so much that they are even on the McDonald's menu. Well, in restaurants of national cuisine, tourists' eyes dazzle at all. We recommend that you start your acquaintance with Portuguese cuisine with the hearty green caldo verde soup. The classic dish is made with potatoes, local cabbage, onions, garlic and chorizo ​​sausages. During the cooking process, the cook kneads the potatoes so that the soup is thick. The Portuguese prepare this simple dish at home and eat in restaurants. Caldu verde is usually brewed in winter, closer to Christmas, but you can taste it in Lisbon even in summer.

Sardinhas assadas | Grilled sardines

Fried sardines are on the list of 7 gastronomic wonders of Portugal, so a tourist should definitely try this dish. From July to the end of September, they are fried in almost every restaurant in Lisbon and coastal cities. The fish are sprinkled with olive oil and fried over an open fire. Served with boiled potatoes, rice or fresh vegetables. It is not greasy, tender, juicy, very soft. Order sardines and a glass of wine, sit at a table overlooking the sea, enjoy the taste and the warm evening breeze. If you like sardines, bring them home from Portugal. Canned fish is the edible symbol of Lisbon.

Bacalhau à Brás | Bakalyau and Brush

In Portuguese restaurants on the coast, fish is prepared from the morning or afternoon catch - not yesterday. Cod dishes are an exception because they are not found off the coast of the country. This fish is imported from Norway and Iceland in dried form. This cod is a favorite food of the Portuguese and a gastronomic symbol of the country. The fish is eaten clean in the form of straws or soaked for cooking. Lisbon's trademark is the Bacalhau à Brás fish omelet. The chef mixes cooked Bakalau cod with crispy potato strips and golden onions. Beaten eggs hold the ingredients together. The dish is served with olives and fresh herbs. This kind of food is difficult to try elsewhere, so be sure to order Bakalau-a-brus in Portugal. Spicy and memorable for a long time.

Try other types of cod:

  • Pastel De Bacalhau - potato balls with salted cod.
  • Bacalhau Cozido - stew with boiled fish.
  • Bacalhau com Natas - cod casserole with cream.

10 main dishes of Portuguese cuisine: what to try for a tourist

Main impressions

Want to taste the best Portuguese wines, appreciate port, taste the freshest seafood and cheeses ?! And also learn how to cook real Portuguese pastel and be on you with prezunto, churizo and alheira?

Welcome to my Portuguese Wine & Food Tour. For seven days, we will not only dive into the history of the Portuguese north, but also taste the best of its gastronomy and green-red-rose and white wines.

You will visit the iconic wine-growing regions of Portugal - in the oldest region of the world - Douro and Porto, which has been protected by UNESCO since 2001, in the region of "green" wines, as well as in the region of Bairrada, which the French looked after for sparkling wine production 120 years ago.

What will we do on the tour

Learn to taste wine mindfully, enjoy Portuguese cuisine, and learn to pair red wine with fish.


Detailed program

Day: Arrival in Port

Meeting at the airport/train station, check-in at the hotel. Welcome dinner.

Afternoon: Port Tour and Wine Tasting

Our wine tour will start from the northern capital of Portugal - Porto. By the way, according to sociological studies, some of the happiest people on the planet live here! I think you can guess why? Porto is the birthplace of Portowine. Along the Douro River, on the opposite bank, there are cellars that store a valuable drink.

On the second day, we will have a sightseeing tour of the beautiful Port, lunch at a local restaurant and a visit to one cellar, where the first tasting will take place. A walk around the city will introduce you to the local culture and history. We will take a look at the most beautiful observation decks, see the bookstore that inspired J.K. Rowling to write the Harry Potter book, take a photo at the bridge, which is very reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower (on the tour, you will learn how these two sights are connected) and see one of the most beautiful stations of the world. You will also taste amazing olive oil and learn how to taste it properly. In the evening, we will have a culinary master class on the preparation of the famous Portuguese sweets - Pastel de nata. After the trip, you can surprise your family with local pastries. The first day will end with dinner in a Portuguese family. You will get to know the culture and local mentality.

We will tell you what food to try for a tourist in Lisbon, Porto and other cities of Portugal: a list of the main dishes of local cuisine with names, photos and descriptions

Food in Portugal is hearty and colorful dishes that combine sweet and salty, intricate and simple, healthy and unhealthy. The favorite food of the descendants of the great Discoverers combines the exoticism of root spices, a variety of oriental spices and the purity of the taste of fresh products. The basis of the local cuisine is made up of vegetables, meat and fish, which is rich in the Atlantic Ocean washing the coast of the country.

For gourmets planning a trip to the homeland of Vasco da Gama and Fernand Magellan, we have prepared a selection of 10 of the most popular traditional Portuguese dishes: from rich soups to delicious desserts.

Bacalhau à Brás

The first thing to eat in Portugal is the national cod dishes. They say that the people of the country know 365 ways to cook this sea fish. The most popular variant, Bacalhau à Brás, is named after the author of the recipe, a Lisbon innkeeper named Braz.

Caldo verde

Soups occupy a special place among the national dishes of Portugal. A striking example of this is a fragrant soup from the northern province of Migno. The thick dish consists of vegetable broth, onions, potatoes, garlic and olive oil. Spicy pork sausages chorizo ​​give a spicy note and piquant taste, and couve gallega cabbage gives a rich green color.

Connoisseurs of Portuguese cuisine say that the best Caldu Verde can be tasted at the Lisbon restaurant Restaurante Duque. Wine is served here with the fragrant soup: aged fortified Madera or young refreshing Vinho Verde.


The creation of a typical Portuguese dish dates back to the 15th century - the time of the colonization of African lands and the enslavement of the local population. The slaves, taken to Lisbon, who were interrupting from bread to water, invented a kind of stew. It included products that plantation owners disdained: beef offal, pork ears and black beans.

Today, Feijoada is made from hot sausages, smoked pork, a mixture of beans and cabbage. The hearty meal is served with white rice. In different regions of Portugal, the traditional recipe is saturated with new ingredients. The most original version can be tasted in the Algarve - here cuttlefish meat is added to the dish.

Arroz de marisco

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