Where to go to eat? Traveling to gastronomic capitals

Gastronomic map of the Moscow region: We're going to eat

This type of tourism is gaining great popularity, because when you get to know food, you also learn about the culture of the region, its traditions and history. The guide can show you the national characteristics of the country by sampling local dishes and tasting drinks.

Denmark, Copenhagen

Denmark's national food is simple, heavy, yet original and satisfying. It best reflects Scandinavian food, as it has absorbed the gastronomic traditions of most of the cuisines of northern Europe. Danish food contains a lot of meats, vegetables, sauces and cabbage. That is why it is very satisfying. Alcohol is loved here strong, preference is given to liqueur and vodka, but they also do not refuse beer.

List of foods to try: Smörrebrod are famous sandwiches with a lot of ingredients. Pieces of crab, crayfish, fish, meatballs and ham are placed on a piece of bread. lben - pork ribs marinated in beer and grilled. Stegte-sealed - A piece of marinated and fried herring. yodkol - stewed red cabbage with vinegar, cloves and sugar. ёdgröd honey flöde - a pudding consisting of berries and whipped cream.

Italy, Florence

This country is an ideal place for gourmets, but each of its parts has its own identity. Tuscany is an ideal place to start exploring Italian cuisine; ancient gastronomic customs are appreciated here, while they do not like to complicate things and trust simple dishes. In Tuscany, preference is given to sausages, fish, meat and, of course, wines.

List of Foods to Try: Florentine Steak is a medium-rare beef steak that weighs about a kilogram. Papardelle is the most popular pasta in Tuscany, similar to noodles but wider in size. Fettunta - hot bread, grated with garlic and seasoned.

Georgia, Tbilisi

Georgian cuisine is its most important attraction, so many travelers first decide what they will eat. The food here is extraordinary, delicious, unique in its own way. Fresh ingredients, amazing sauces and always a lot of greens are used for cooking. The main notes in the kitchen are sauces, meats and cheeses.

List of foods to try: Chakhokhbili - chicken and tomato stew. ashushuli - stewed bitterness with vegetables. acivi - chicken dressed with walnut sauce. elamushi - thick jelly made from grape juice and corn flour.

Israel, Tel Aviv

Israel's cuisine is very diverse and rich in flavors. It is possible to find manifestations of various cuisines of the World in it, since people from many parts of the world took part in its creation. The most common ingredients are vegetables, fruits, herbs, legumes, and oils.

Foods to try: Hummus is a snack made from sesame paste, onions, garlic, lemon and spices. Falafel - chickpea balls fried in oil. Bamba - Peanut Butter Corn Sticks. Baba ganush - eggplant puree with lemon and spices.

Komsomolskaya Pravda explored the most delicious routes near Moscow

New Year's holidays for many Russians have traditionally been the time to travel to warmer regions or Christmas Europe. But this season, some had to adjust their plans. The ideal option now is to get out to the suburbs. Museums, however, are closed, but there is a reason to try something of this kind, colorful.

Tasty places of Moscow region

Kolomna: marshmallow, rolls, snails

What to see

Kolomna Kremlin of the 16th century, Cathedral Square (there are several old cathedrals and temples here), ancient monasteries in the vicinity of the city.

What to try

We say Kolomna - we mean "marshmallow". Here they have restored the old recipes for which the town was famous even before the revolution. Local soft pastilles - apple, cranberry, raspberry, nut, strawberry.

  • Museum Pastila Factory (2 Polyanskaya St.)
  • Kolomenskaya Pastila Museum (Posadskaya St., 13A)

They also make wonderful rolls in Kolomna. Also according to old recipes.

Museum "Kalachnaya" (st. Zaitseva, 14)

And quite unexpectedly, Kolomna turned out to be one of the Moscow region centers of haute European cuisine. Local farmer Sergei Balaev started raising snails brought from warmer regions several years ago. And now he has a whole snail farm. From the local "horned" it turns out such escargot in Burgundy (experts will understand) that you will lick your fingers. Snails near Moscow are now supplied not only to the best French restaurants in Moscow, but also for export.

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