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8 ideas for a gastronomic tour in Russia

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Gastronomic tourism in Russia is a type of tourism in Russia, the basis for which is tourist trips in order to get acquainted with the peculiarities of local cuisine and culinary traditions.

Development of gastronomic tourism in Russia

In Russia, this type of tourism is in its infancy and pure gastronomic tours are rare. Usually, gastronomic elements are included in other types of tourism: ethnographic, rural, event and combined tours [1]. Gastronomic tours can be urban, including visits to food industry enterprises with product tasting; rural, including participation in the process of growing environmentally friendly products; educational, including attending cooking master classes and training in culinary schools; ethnographic, including acquaintance with the peculiarities of regional cuisine, customs and traditions. A number of events of event tourism have a gastronomic focus: gastronomic festivals, holidays, fairs dedicated to one dish or product [1].

After the collapse of the USSR, the structure of event tourism has changed in Russia. Directions that had not been previously developed were developed, and gastronomic festivals became one of them [2]. The most notable tourist gastronomic events are: "Feast of Smelt" (St. Petersburg - every year about 50-80 thousand spectators come to the holiday [3] [4]), "Feast of the Cucumber" (Suzdal) [5], "Watermelon Paradise" (Taman) [5], “Cheese Festival” (Barnaul) [5], “Oh, yes! Food!" (takes place in 11 cities, the attendance is more than 400 thousand people a year) [6].

Since 2017, the profile association of restaurant business owners - the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, the Russian Export Center and the National Association of Culinary Experts of Russia jointly implement the federal project "Gastronomic Map of Russia" with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Federal Agency for Tourism within the framework of national strategy for promoting exports, business and culture "Made in Russia" [7] [8].

In 2017, a Commission for the Development of Event and Gastronomic Tourism was organized in the Public Council of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

Since 2018, the Russian travel company "Intourist" has begun to actively develop the direction of event tourism and significantly increased the number of events offered to organized groups and individual tourists. In cooperation with the Tourism Committee of the Vladimir Region Administration, the company became a partner of the Medovukha-Fest gastronomic festival [6] [9].

Awards and competitions in the field of gastronomic tourism in Russia

In 2012, the national prize "Russian Event Awards" [10] was established, which is an industry award and is awarded following an open competition of projects for achievements in the development of the event tourism industry [2]. The award is annually held with the informational support of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation.

Within the framework of this award, the nomination "Tourist event in the field of gastronomic tourism" was selected, the winners of which were:

Gastronomic tourism is becoming more and more popular. The form of acquaintance with the culture of their country through national and local cuisine finds loyal fans.

The rating of cities where you can enjoy delicious food in our review.


Experts named Vladivostok a leader among cities visited for delicious food. At the same time, there is no unambiguous concept of Far Eastern cuisine. This is a kind of mix and adaptation of Chinese, Korean, Japanese dishes. At the same time, the cuisines of the Nanai and Udege brought their national flavor. The result is amazing.

Be sure to visit the Zuma restaurant. It hosts all the celebrities who come to the city. Here you can try all kinds of seafood and dishes from them: sushi, Japanese noodles, rolls, dumplings. In the evening, see the dancing and singing waiters.

Port Café should also be on the must-visit list. The basis of the dishes is seafood, taiga game and animals. You can order scallops, mussels, corbicul, trepang and cucumaria scraps, venison steaks and dishes cooked in a wok.

The Seven Feet Restaurant is an iconic place. Here you can order dishes of Far Eastern cuisine, as well as taste European and Russian delights.


Gastronomic tours to this city are not yet very developed, therefore, once you get here, visit restaurants that offer national Russian cuisine. What we read about, swallowing saliva, in the books of the classics, here falls on the table: kulebyaka, pies, lamb sides stuffed with goose and buckwheat, sturgeon and suckling pigs, as well as numerous tinctures and liqueurs.

Recommended restaurants: Gostiny Dvor, Russian Restaurant, Russian Trapeza. And if possible, visit the annual MeadovuhaFest gastro festival. Here you will be delighted only with liqueurs and mead, but again with the delicacies of Russian cuisine.


There are no gastronomic tours to this city, but more than 120 thousand tourists come here every year. This is because Kostroma is deservedly considered the cheese capital of Russia. Lovers of this product come to the Cheese Exchange, which operates in the city center, where more than 100 types of cheeses and all kinds of dairy products are presented.

From Crimean red mullet to Murom rolls

If you think that gastronomic tourism is "lying on the stove and eating rolls", we will convince you. This is not only an "adventure" for your taste buds, but also an acquaintance with the local culture, customs, inhabitants of different regions.

The gastro tour may be active (although it doesn't have to). To get started, include an introduction to the local cuisine, for example, for lunch and dinner. Instead of your usual fast food chain, choose an authentic café where city dwellers eat. A burger with fries can be eaten at home. The plans for the day remain the same, but the impressions are much brighter.

Further - more, you probably want to look at the market for smoked fish or fresh Adyghe cheese. And there, you see, and you have already accepted the invitation of a hospitable Caucasian family and tasted the Ossetian pie cooked according to all the rules. Or so they got a taste that they went into the forest for cloudberries. We found ourselves in the kitchen of the hostel, cooking Kamchatka crab. They themselves did not notice how they filled a suitcase with Tula gingerbread or Altai honey.

The world of gastronomy is addictive! We offer several destinations for a delicious trip to Russia.

To Crimea - for red mullet, pasties and wine

The permanent hit of the Crimean resorts is fried red mullet. The case when gastro-tourism and diet are compatible: this is a low-calorie dish. The most delicious is red mullet in a crispy crust - it is cooked in breading and vegetable oil.

There is no escape from the seafood on the coast: in local restaurants you will be offered pilaf with mussels, oysters, rapana, flounder and mullet.

If you want to taste traditional Crimean Tatar cuisine, go to Bakhchisarai. The main characters of the meal will be a cheburek in various variations, a shish-kebab (known to a Russian as a shish kebab) and an open meat pie pide in the shape of an elongated boat.

And don't forget about the Crimean wines: be sure to try the autochthonous white and bastardo kokur varieties. For it, you can stop by for a tasting in Inkerman or Massandra.

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