Where to eat: 5 gastronomic cities

Where to go to eat: 5 gastronomic cities

Africa is one of the largest and most colorful continents in the world. The diversity of cultures, peoples and languages ​​makes African countries very attractive travel destinations.

However, many are afraid to come to the continent, and the reasons are quite objective: conflicts, poverty, crime and unsanitary conditions are unlikely to attract anyone.

Yes, Africa is not without these problems. But not all countries of the continent are such. There are many points on the map that can amaze even the most experienced tourist with their beauty.

Kenya is a country that everyone should see. There are several reasons for this:

  • this is where civilization began to emerge:
  • the equator line passes in Kenya;
  • every year there is a migration of animals in the country;
  • buffaloes, lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants live here;
  • Kenya is a diving paradise due to the coral reefs and fauna of the Indian Ocean;
  • here you can meet with the Maasai, Meru and Samburu - indigenous African peoples.

Uganda is the pearl of Africa. The reason is in the amazing nature and national parks. There are many lakes in the country - Alberta, Victoria, Kyoga, Edward, as well as the Cabareg waterfall and the White Nile river system.

Uganda is the safest region. The only thing to be afraid of are animals: hippos, lions and elephants. Outside the city, they move quite freely.

Tanzania is the best tourist destination. The country attracts guests with its safaris, in which you can meet wildebeests, buffaloes, zebras, lions, rhinos and elephants.

Tourists will also like Kilimanjaro - a mountain park, Magadi - a salt lake, Ngoro Ngoro - a park inhabited by pelicans, herons and flamingos. Don't forget also about Tanzanian sandy beaches and rich underwater world.

Namibia is one of the safest and richest countries on the continent. The first thing that attracts tourists is the landscape: rocks, canyons, oases, dunes and heathlands. The ocean coastline, rich flora and fauna, foothills, deserts, constant sun and ancient tribes complete the picture.

There will never be any problems with the choice of accommodation in Namibia - there are campgrounds and hotels for every taste and budget. In the country, you can see the most ancient Namib desert and the world reserve, which houses the desert rose.

Zimbabwe is wild, Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. Hunting is allowed in this country, as well as extreme rafting and fishing, yachting and water skiing are developed.

There are also national parks in Zimbabwe where antelopes, hippos, rhinos and elephants live. For lovers of nightlife, the country has a casino.


Unforgettable places of this trip

from euro

Any dates convenient for you throughout the year and upon request for the availability of guides

The route is easy, ideal for adults and children from 7 to 70 years old

Day Arrival in Italy to Milan or Bergamo Transfer to the medieval town of Mondovi

Arrival at Milan airport. Meeting with the group and your accompanying guide. Moving to a small medieval town near Turin, Mondovi.

And, having climbed to the large observation deck of the city, you will understand why Piedmont is also called "northern Tuscany". Our home for the night will be a unique old music college, which has now been converted into a hotel for travelers. But a real medieval chapel still functions here, and the hotel itself is located in good proximity to all the sights of the city and is ideal for relaxing evening walks.

An architect who was born and raised in this town will lead you along the streets of Mondovi. He will tell you the story of the centuries-old history of this charming Piedmont town.

A delicious and hearty dinner with a glass of Piedmontese wine will end this day and your first acquaintance with the country (additional charge).

Day Piedmont Region Italy - Chocolate Factory and Assault on Vicoforte Cathedral

The day will start with a sweet tooth! After all, you will visit the factory of the famous master of chocolate. Silvio is a man known throughout Piedmont for his delicious signature chocolate. The unique secret of the taste of this charming chocolate pastry chef is that he personally supervises the entire production process from the collection of cocoa beans on his own plantations in Africa and South America to the manufacture of dozens of varieties of chocolate in his small but famous factory.

Here you will have lunch and set off to storm the summit of the unique Cathedral-sanctuary of Vicoforte, famous in the world for its largest oval-shaped dome. This Baroque masterpiece with an extraordinary elliptical dome is considered one of the largest in the world and was founded in the 16th century. The ascent to the dome will be a special exciting adventure - after all, you will be walking in a special climbing rope along the inner edge of the cathedral!

Gastronomy is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, as part of such a trip, you get to know the history and culture of the country not in museums, but in local restaurants and cafes. The trip turns out to be not only interesting - the guide tells you about the traditions and peculiarities of the region, offering you to taste certain dishes and wines - but also very tasty. In which five cities you should go for gastronomic pleasures, read below.

Italy, Florence

Cost of dinner for 1 person: from 30 euros (

Italy is a wonderful country for gourmets, but each region has its own characteristics. We recommend starting your acquaintance with Italian cuisine in Tuscany. They respect old recipes and traditions, while loving simple combinations and simple healthy dishes. Sit down at a small local cafe, ask for fresh bread, dip it in local extra virgin olive oil and welcome to a gourmet paradise. Even the olive oil here is unlike what you are used to seeing in stores: it has a greenish tint and an unusual aroma, making it one of the best in all of Italy.

In Tuscany, you should try fish dishes, sausages, meat, pasta and vegetable dishes. And, of course, an Italian dinner would be incomplete without wine. It is here that world famous wines are produced and aged: Chianti, Montepulciano, Nobile, Sasikaya, Masseto.

Florentine steak (bistecca alla fiorentina) is a lightly roasted tenderloin of local Chianina cows. On average, one steak weighs about a kilogram, the thickness of the piece is 4-5 cm, the degree of roasting is very low. Of the spices, only salt and olive oil are used when serving. Achukko (cacciucco) - seafood soup. Historically, fish and seafood that were caught was added to it. Today it is believed that the soup should contain at least five varieties of fish - according to the number of letters "c" in the name.

Pappardelle is a type of pasta especially popular in Tuscany. In fact, these are wide noodles. Papardelle is served with different sauces, one of the most popular is with porcini mushrooms (pappardelle funghi porcini).

Pecorino is a cheese made from sheep's milk.

Fettunta is a kind of bruschetta. The hot bread is rubbed with garlic and seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Lampredotto is a giblet (cow's stomach) sandwich, the most popular street food. ibollita (ribollita) - a thick soup made from legumes, vegetables and bread. A seasonal dish, which is more often served during the cold season.

Prosciutto di cinta senese is a special Tuscan type of prosciutto, a local delicacy. Pigs for this prosciutto graze free-range in the province of Siena. Their meat is not greasy and tastes like wild boar meat.

The best time to visit Kruger Park is from October to March

The price is indicated per person in a double room in hotel rooms and 4 * lodges, breakfast in the hotel/full board in the lodge (family 2 people + 2 children)

Day Arrival in South Africa Accommodation at a Cape Town hotel

Meeting at the airport by a Russian-speaking guide. Transfer with a Russian-speaking guide to the hotel.

Accommodation at the hotel, rest after the flight.

Cape Town is one of the most luxurious cities in Africa, stretching out on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, it is reliably protected from all sides by mountain peaks. The city's beauty, eclectic colonial style and authentic chic will captivate travelers from all over the world. A city of complex but bright destiny, with its own unique face. Modern skyscrapers coexist with small colonial-style houses. The population is a powerful mix of all nationalities, from Europeans to Polynesians.

In the evening, if you have enough strength, you can independently walk around the port area and the Victoria and Alfred embankment - the focus of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops ..

Day Sightseeing tour of Cape Town with Russian speaking guide

09:00 - Sightseeing tour of Cape Town (with a Russian-speaking guide for half a day).

Cape Town - Mother of African cities or MotherCity - this is also the name of this city. This is where the colonial history of multinational South Africa begins. You will drive through the historical center of the city, the famous Aderli street with its many monuments, you will see the ancient fortress - the first building built by Europeans in southern Africa. Walk along the famous Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Climb one of the Wonders of the World, Table Mountain, for unique views of the city, the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range and the Atlantic. The funicular ticket is included in the tour price.

In the afternoon we recommend:

- visit the Two Oceans Aquarium, - helicopter flights over Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula, - Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, - Strandlopper Restaurant, - a yacht cruise on the Atlantic

Cape of Good Hope Day Camps Bay and Hout Bay Cruise to Fur Seal Island and Penguin Lagoon

In France you will taste culinary masterpieces and learn about the peculiarities of the local cuisine. You will get acquainted with traditional French products. It is on a gastronomic tour of France that you will learn interesting information and facts about the culture and history of this country.


Burgundy is a historical region located in the east of France. It is known for centuries-old culinary traditions that keep many secrets. A gastronomic tour to Burgundy will allow you to enjoy a truly hearty and delicious meal. In addition, you will enjoy visiting the sights of the region, for example:

• Abbaye Vézelay - one of the main pilgrimage centers of medieval Europe; • Morvan National Park (Parc naturel régional du Morvan) - a nature reserve in the heart of Burgundy; • The village of Semur-en-Auxois (Ville de Semur-en-Auxois) - here you will plunge into the real Middle Ages; • Cathedral of St. Lazarus in Autun (Cathedrale Saint-Lazare d'Autun) - decorated with sculptures, bas-reliefs and high relief with a scene of the Last Judgment.

Gastronomic travel to Burgundy is not complete without snail tasting. This dish, according to many culinary experts, is considered the hallmark of the region. Snails are cooked in butter with herbs and spices to give their meat an even brighter flavor.

Special attention should be paid to cheeses, which are no less popular with the branded Dijon mustard (Moutarde de Dijon). The most famous types of cheese are Époisses and Bria Savaiar. They can be purchased in specialized shops and shops selling various delicacies. The locals of Burgundy, as well as throughout France, are famous for their hospitality and are very warm to the tourists who come here from all over the world. Therefore, you can easily find people who will advise on the best places to taste local culinary masterpieces.


Provence is located in the southeast of France and is part of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. The Provence food tour is ideal for those who want to learn about the peculiarities of the world cuisine and taste inaccessible culinary masterpieces.

Provence has a mild and warm climate, so there is simply a huge selection of vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. Small-sized pink artichokes, tomatoes, peppers and Cavaillon varieties are especially popular in local shops. In addition, in one of the local restaurants you can order a rare and expensive delicacy - the black truffle.

A gastronomic trip to Provence is a great opportunity to taste different types of meat. For example, Sisterone lamb is especially highly valued by French chefs, which has a special taste and can be served with various types of sauces. With access to the Mediterranean Sea, Provence offers a wide variety of fish and seafood, from striped bass to octopus and squid.


The capital of France is known for its unique romantic atmosphere and culinary traditions. A food tour to Paris should start with a classic Parisian breakfast (petit déjeuner parisien). Typically, it includes a croissant, a cup of coffee, and a small plate of jam (sometimes it includes orange juice and slices of bread topped with a thin layer of butter).

As you continue your journey, take a look at one of the many restaurants in Paris. By the way, many of them are haute cuisine establishments and are included in the legendary Michelin Red Guide. In restaurants with Michelin stars, you can count on impeccable service and excellent chefs. Here you will find traditional French cuisine such as Confit duck leg with berry sauce or scallops with apple chips. Be sure to order a dessert like the classic French fondant.

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