What to try in Uzbekistan: TOP-10 national dishes

Medical tourism

Zaamin - Uzbek Switzerland

Stunning landscapes and the purest mountain air, a variety of fauna and flora, ancient pilgrimage sites and a unique national health resort - all this is Zaamin.

Top Attractions

What to visit in Zaamin?

✔️ Zaamin State Mountain-Juniper Reserve located on a vast territory, which includes Bakhmal forestry, Zaamin forestry, Zaamin national natural park, the total area of ​​which is 26840 hectares.

✔️ Crystal Lakes

The Nurata ridges surrounding its southern, partly western, part of the oasis provide a temperate climate, and also impart a distinctive relief and natural beauty to the Aydar-Arnasay system of lakes in the north of the region.

✔️ National health resort - sanatorium "Zaamin"

At an altitude of 2 thousand meters above sea level in the Zaamin National Park there is a health resort "Zaamin". The cleanest air, mountain landscapes, coniferous vegetation - all this creates the best conditions for health procedures for adults and children.

✔️ Ancient pilgrimage sites and the Parpi Oyim complex

In the Zaamin region, in one of the most beautiful gorges of the Morguzar mountain range, you can visit the unique Teshiktosh gorge and here the tomb, popularly called "Parpi oyim". It is located near the Teshiktosh tract. This place is especially popular with women planning motherhood.

Gastronomic tourism Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is an ideal country for gastronomic tourism. National Uzbek cuisine is amazing, you can admire it endlessly: every dish is a real masterpiece. We will tell you what is worth trying in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and other cities. Of course, we will give you useful shopping tips. We have compiled the top 10 Uzbek dishes with descriptions and photos so that you know exactly which of them you should pay attention to. And also a list of the most interesting gastronomic excursions that will plunge you into the world of the national cuisine of Uzbekistan. This trip promises to be interesting!


This is the first association with the cuisine of Uzbekistan, a real visiting card of the country and even an intangible heritage taken under the protection of UNESCO. Local pilaf is a must-try. It is curious that in Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent and several other cities, the recipes and cooking methods are different - the dishes turn out to be slightly different. In Uzbek pilaf, all products are cooked together in one cauldron. In the composition of rice (sometimes with chickpeas, mash or wheat), lamb, onions and carrots, fried in hot oil or fat tail fat, a mixture of spices. Pilaf in Uzbekistan is usually served on a large platter for several people.

If you want to cook real Uzbek pilaf in your kitchen, you can bring home a "correct" cauldron, and for serving - a flat wide plate. The dish is often served with guraob grape sauce. It, along with all the necessary spices in Uzbekistan, can be bought at bazaars.


A very satisfying, simple composition, but incredibly tasty dish. Lagman in Uzbekistan is a must-eat for every tourist. It is made from lamb and vegetables with handmade noodles. In Uzbekistan, you can try 2 types of dishes: chuzma-lagman (stretching) and kesma-lagman (cut). It is more interesting to order the first option, then there will be a chance to watch the process of drawing noodles - this is a whole art. Each region has its own subtleties of cooking. Someone serves lagman as thick as a stew, someone - liquid, almost like soup. Either way, the taste remains delicious.

To make lagman at home, it is worth bringing cumin from Uzbekistan, as well as red pepper for the yagmuch seasoning (a mixture of pepper and garlic, poured with hot oil). Bazaars often sell ready-made noodles for lagman - if you go nearby, you can buy it with you.


In Uzbekistan, manti is steamed. If the sculpting is hand-made, as a rule, they will be fastened crosswise, with an envelope. The dough is very thin and tender. The Uzbeks like to cook the filling from mutton, sometimes from other types of meat, to which fat tail fat or pumpkin is often added. Vegetarians in Uzbekistan also have something to try - manti with pumpkin, potatoes or other vegetables. The dish is usually served with katyk (a fermented milk product resembling kefir) or fried onions.

If you are very fond of manti, buy a mantis for home - a special device in which Uzbeks cook manti.


Uzbek-style roast will definitely appeal to lovers of meat cuisine. The dish is prepared from meat filled with steep broth or melted fat tail fat. Steamed vegetables are laid on it in layers: cabbage, potatoes, flour, peppers, eggplants, carrots and others. There are always a lot of them, everything is cut into large pieces. The mixture is generously flavored with aromatic spices, and then simmered for a long time in a cauldron over low heat, so that the meat is thoroughly saturated with vegetable juices. The result is an incredibly tender dish that almost melts in your mouth.

Go to the bazaar in Uzbekistan to buy cumin, coriander, paprika, hot pepper. This mixture will come in handy to make your own smoke.

Visit local attractions, the most beautiful and interesting places for recreation and entertainment in Zaamin: tours, excursions, festivals and events. What to see, where to go, what to do in Zaamin?

And you know that you can come to Uzbekistan not only to see ancient architectural monuments and enjoy the unique nature and culture, but also to heal your health.

Our country can offer you high-quality medical care at affordable prices.

There is no medical insurance in Uzbekistan and services for citizens of the Republic in state clinics are free. Therefore, we advise you to get medical insurance in your country in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.

So, if you decide to come to Uzbekistan for treatment, be sure that you will receive decent medical care here at the most advanced standards and at affordable prices.

Sanatoriums of Uzbekistan

If you want to travel with health benefits - come to Uzbekistan! Due to the unique nature and climate, our country has long been famous as one of the main health resorts in Central Asia. Here, in every region, there are many sanatoriums and dispensaries for health-improving recreation.

Most of the sanatoriums in Uzbekistan are located mainly in suburban and foothill areas, which has a positive effect on the treatment of patients.

Sanatorium "Buston"

Zaamin Sanatorium

Sanatorium "Turon"

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