What to bring from Vladimir

What to bring from Vladimir

Gastronomic tours are not just a visit to local restaurants, bars and cafes, but a trip to the best rural corners of the Voronezh region, where you can taste delicious and exquisite food, the recipe of which is passed from master to student.

We have our own exotic, and, with the support of the regional government, even special routes and festivals are being developed in different regions.

Gastronomic tourism is in vogue now. The generous, fertile Black Earth Region is an excellent route for those who like to eat delicious food.

Millet porridge with potatoes and bacon, sometimes onions are added. You can try such porridge according to a traditional recipe, for example, in the Village of the 17th - 19th Centuries.

In the village of Tverdokhlebovo, Bogucharsky District, they like to have fun and eat well. This is how local holidays are usually held with the song, the main course of which is kulesh. They say it should not be confused with the famous plum - millet porridge with potatoes, onions and fried bacon. Although it’s almost the same recipe, it’s better not to remind the cook.

Varvara Parfenova, cultural worker of the village of Tverdokhlebovo: “Every holiday, farewell to winter is never complete without kulesh, people always eat. What is kulesh? This is something between soup and porridge. What it consists of - first you pour water into the cauldron, peel potatoes, you need a lot of potatoes, about half of the water.

After the potatoes, millet will go into the pot, followed by overcooking: raw bacon, cut into thin slices and a lot of onions. At the stake, festive porridge is also prepared with songs, otherwise, they say, there will be no appetite.

This kind of porridge with some discrepancies in the recipes is prepared in almost all villages - and is treated to it at all sorts of holidays. Slivukha can rightfully be considered the original Voronezh dish. But each area has its own.

An ancient Slavic drink made from honey, oats, milk, various herbs and berries. It is prepared, for example, by Viktor Kobilov, the chef of one of the Voronezh restaurants and the popularizer of Russian cuisine. He revives old recipes and products - buckwheat pancakes with natural sourdough, spelled.

The famous Aberdeen Angus meat bulls were recently brought to the Voronezh region. Now meat is also supplied to Moscow restaurants, and excellent steaks are made from it.

In the Petropavlovsk district of the Voronezh region, 4 - 5 thousand tons of watermelons are harvested every year! It is not surprising that this is where the Watermelon Paradise festival has been held since 2014. Guests are treated to different varieties of watermelons, but not only - at the festival in the village of Petropavlovka, you can taste traditional local dishes, listen to songs and ditties, and dance with the locals.

Belokamenny Vladimir, the former capital of ancient Russia, attracts tourists with its centuries-old history. Thanks to the ancient architecture, travelers can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. From a trip to Vladimir, I would like to bring not only photographs and intangible impressions, but also memorable souvenirs.

What can you bring from Vladimir? First of all, these are handicrafts inspired by old art crafts of the Vladimir region. Gastronomic souvenirs and local spirits are also popular. Read more about all options for gifts and souvenirs from Vladimir with photos - below.

What to bring from Vladimir as a gift

The most colorful gift is the handicrafts of the Vladimir region. In the capital of the region, you can buy products from craftsmen from all over the region - you do not need to go to Mstera for traditional embroidery or for clay toys in Kovrov. Choose not just stylization for Russian folk motives, but real crafts of Vladimir masters. Such a product is distinguished by its quality and originality.

Souvenirs from Vladimir: what to bring from handicrafts

  • Birch bark products. Vladimir craftsmen make a wide range of decorative and household items from the top layer of birch bark - from paintings and icons to bast shoes and baskets. Caskets, baskets, vases, candy bowls, as well as items with a braided insert from a golden strip of birch bark are brought from Vladimir as a gift. These can be minimalistic items, or they can be items decorated with carvings, embossing, figures of animals and people.
  • Pottery. The most famous home pottery workshop is located in the village of Korovino, Melenkovsky district. The craft is passed down from generation to generation. It produces high-quality ceramic products - both traditional and modern. The main characteristics of Korovinsky pottery are: durable firing, discreet decor and a variety of objects.
  • Dirty fishing. Glass production is concentrated in the city of Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir region. The products of the local plant were even awarded an award at the World Exhibition in Paris. The products of "Gusevsky Khrustal" are not only successfully sold, but also exhibited in many museums. In a company store in Vladimir you can buy elegant crystal dishes, decorative items made of colored glass.

  • Patchwork. The craft became popular with peasants in the 19th century: chintz scraps of fabric were accumulated, then they were sewn together. The most popular type of patchwork is blankets. Now Vladimir craftswomen make clothes, rag dolls and even paintings from scraps. Since the whole process is done by hand, the items are quite expensive.
  • Artistic forging. In the center of Vladimir there is a museum-workshop of the Borodin blacksmiths. In the working smithy, you can look at the process of making forged products and forge a souvenir as a gift with your own hands. The products of blacksmiths that are offered for sale are made both in the traditions of Russian folk forging and in the technique of jewelry forging.

  • Non-ferrous metal products. The city of Kolchugino produces cupronickel cup holders, copper and brass souvenirs, cutlery. The items are uncomplicated, but very high quality.
  • "Cold batik". In the same Kolchugino, silk and woolen products are made with hand-painting using the “cold batik” technique. In a company store in Vladimir, all items from Kolchugin masters are sold in one copy. These are not only clothes and silk scarves, but also men's mufflers and ties. Such a gift will be a real exclusive.

Initially, the horn in Russia was a signal instrument. Then, shepherds began to use it. Moreover, not only for work, but also for playing simple melodies. Among the peasants, shepherd's horns became popular as simple musical instruments. In the 19th century, peasant hornbills from Vladimir began to travel to other provinces to perform at fairs and rural festivals. The success was so great that the Vladimir horn players performed for Emperor Alexander III and, later, in Paris and Berlin. Now you can buy a simple musical instrument in souvenir shops. Original shepherd's horns are made from birch, juniper or maple. Juniper horns are considered the best.

What to bring from Vladimir from food

Vladimir's gastronomic symbol is cherry. According to legend, cherries began to be grown on the Vladimir land in the 12th century. Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky brought her to Vladimir from warmer Kiev. But the cherry took root in Vladimir and already in the 17th century the city was famous throughout Russia for the most delicious cherry. Before the revolution, Vladimir ranked first in the country in terms of the number of cherry orchards. Nowadays, the Cherry Spas festival is held here every year, where you can taste fresh and canned cherries, as well as sweets from this berry. But, even if you visit Vladimir at a different time, cherry souvenirs can be purchased in tourist shops, markets or supermarkets.

Cherry from Vladimir: how to bring it

What to bring delicious from Vladimir as a gift? Chocolates and sweets are considered standard sweet gifts. Sweets produced by the Pokrovskaya confectionery factory "Kraft Foods Rus" are brought from Vladimir. The factory produces almost a third of all chocolate in Russia. The standard line of products can be purchased in other cities, so pay attention to gift sets with images of Vladimir's sights on the boxes. In the Museum of Chocolate in Vladimir, you can buy chocolate figurines and chocolates of higher quality. Here you can also attend a master class on the production of chocolate and make a sweet souvenir with your own hands.

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