What not to do in Greece

What not to do in Greece

There are dishes for every taste in Greece: we will tell you what is worth trying for every tourist. Juicy meat, the freshest seafood, aromatic vegetable snacks ... The choice is huge. We will not waste your time on Greek salad and feta. We have prepared a list of really interesting national dishes of Greece with a short description and photos. Soups, main courses, meze, sweets, pastries - all the most delicious in one place.

Main courses

In Greece, meat and seafood are very tasty. They are served with pasta, vegetables, pita, or cold cuts. We have compiled the top 7 Greek dishes that are worthy of the attention of every tourist.

  • Moussaka | Μουσακάς. This is the first thing to try in Greece for food. The legendary casserole of juicy eggplants, aromatic lamb, meaty tomatoes with a delicate béchamel sauce is a gastronomic symbol of the country. Vegetarians should try Greek moussaka with mushrooms instead of meat.
  • Suvlaki | Σουβλάκι. Delicious kebabs! Small pieces of meat (usually pork or lamb) marinated in lemon juice with olive oil and herbs, roasted over an open fire or charcoal. This is the main dish of Greek fast food. Souvlaki is often served directly on skewers or wrapped in pita with a special garlic-yogurt sauce. The perfect snack in a traditional Greek style!
  • Pastizio | Παστίτσιο. A simple, hearty, and most importantly - very tasty dish of the national Greek cuisine. Pastizio is a pasta casserole with minced meat (usually lamb or veal) with béchamel sauce. This dish is worth trying in a Greek tavern - it is usually served with a salad. If you are vacationing on the island of Corfu, be sure to try the local version of pastizio: with tomatoes, cheese, eggs, ham - very tasty!
  • Kleftiko | Κλέφτικο. This dish should be tried in authentic Greek taverns in Crete, Corfu, Thessaloniki or Halkidiki. Kleftiko - lamb on the bone, cooked in the oven according to a special recipe. Served with potatoes, sometimes with vegetables. Most often in Greece, this dish is prepared on holidays.
  • Kolokyfoanthi | Κολοκυθοανθοί. In Greece, you should definitely try this national dish. Kolokyfoanthi - young zucchini flowers stuffed with meat, rice, feta, vegetables or something else. Light deep-frying makes the dish crispy but very tender at the same time. It is believed that the "correct" kolokyfoanthi should be tried in Lesvos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete - in short, on the islands.
  • Gyros | Γύρος. A popular Greek fast food that can be tasted at almost every corner in Athens. It is also popular on the islands, but there are slightly fewer points of sale. In Russia, gyros would be called shawarma in pita. The composition includes french fries, tzatziki sauce, fresh vegetables. You must definitely try - it's very tasty!
  • Octopus | Χταπόδι. Greece is famous for its seafood - it is the basis of the local cuisine. Of course, you will remember about fish or shrimps without us, but an inexperienced tourist can inadvertently deprive an octopus. Try it in a pasta or order it with vegetables. The classic Greek octopus is grilled with olive oil, lemon juice and herbs.

To repeat one of these dishes at home, you can bring concentrated lemon juice, olive oil, feta from Greece. All this must be checked in as checked baggage. Dried herbs and spices can be bought in the markets. If you want, take pita with you in its original packaging.

best soup

They are really delicious in Greece. Three delicious soups are considered national. They are easy to find in almost every Greek or Mediterranean restaurant.

If you decide to cook Greek soups at home, you can buy all the essentials for serving them with you. For example, canned olives or olives, lemon juice, dried herbs.

Top Greek Snacks

Among appetizers in Greece, the first thing to try is vegetables: cuts, salads, light grills - for every taste. From national we recommend the following 5 options.

What to try in Greece from food: the best national dishes

Get to know Athens through its gastronomic culture and taste great Greek pastries, wines, cheeses and salami. Enjoy an authentic Greek breakfast, shop for traditional products, and sample mouth-watering Greek desserts.

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We won't waste your time on Greek salad and feta. We have prepared a list of really interesting national dishes of Greece with a short description and photos. Soups, main courses, meze, sweets, pastries - all the most delicious in one place.

Greece is nice and welcoming at any time of the year. And she especially favors those who comply with her laws, generally accepted norms and rules. It's time to add to the list of "smart" cheat sheets for travelers - the tourist season in Greece is gaining momentum. Read and memorize so that you will have only positive impressions about your vacation in the land of the Hellenes. The nervous system and the budget must be protected.

General Cultural Rules

We recommend that you follow general rules to help you avoid claims or awkward situations. They unknowingly can arise literally from little things, but they will be perceived as disrespect for the host. And pretty tough.

  • Respect for monuments

Very often a tourist is tempted to touch relics that are over two thousand years old, but this is strictly prohibited. This rule applies not only to tourists, but also to the citizens of the country themselves. If you do not want to face the consequences - it is a reprimand, arrest or a fine of up to 1000 euros - you should not touch antiquities or even pick up fragments of marble that no one needs.

  • Behavior in temples and monasteries

Since there are a lot of shrines in Greece that require special behavior, it should be clarified first of all and only then about the price of the excursion or the cost of visiting. As a rule, strict dress code requirements apply to all temples, churches and monasteries. But monasteries also have their own special requirements for clothing. Special clothes for visiting can be purchased in shops in the area of ​​monasteries. Separately, among the rules of religious behavior, it is worth mentioning the ban on women visiting sacred Athos.

  • Active gestures

In Greece, gestures evolved in their own way, and very often their meaning differs from what we are used to. The harmless “okay” sign when the index and thumb are connected is a rather obscene sign. A protruding thumb even means an order to the interlocutor to shut up. In conversation, it is better to do without gestures. And don't point at anyone with your open palm. Such a gesture means a derogatory attitude towards the interlocutor.

  • Welcome to Greek hospitality

Greeks are very friendly. Open hospitality may seem a little odd to tourists. You will be surprised if, after several meetings with the Greeks, they will consider you almost their best friend and invite you to visit. Don't be shy. In no case do not deny the owner/ke of the house in the desire to feed you, treat you with something and give you something. Refusal will be considered disrespectful. And for someone - an insult. So that the awkwardness does not overcome at all, give something in return.

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