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Main impressions

Welcome Travelers!

Looking for new emotions and real adventures?

We know what you need!

KAMCHATKA - A stunningly beautiful place of power, wildlife, volcanoes and geysers!

Pacific Ocean, killer whales, fishing on a 3-day rafting, bears, climbing volcanoes and bathing in hot springs in nature - and this is just a small part of what we will see!

During border closures, cancellations of all flights and volatility of exchange rates, KAMCHATKA is a great place for real travelers! Fill it with power, get to know its inhabitants, and leave a piece of your heart in the farthest eastern part of Russia!

What will we do on the tour

The tour is designed in such a way that you really get to know all the power of Kamchatka, its spirit, its natural treasures. We saw all the best in 11 Days and felt comfortable. After all, almost all days, with the exception of 3 days of rafting on the river, will be without tents and backpacks on their shoulders. Thus, our tour is the most profitable in terms of convenience and route.



Immediately, descending from the plane, you will be greeted by the incredible beauty of Kamchatka, namely the view of the home volcanoes Avachinsky, Koryaksky and Kozelsky. We will meet you at the airport "Yelizovo" with a sign, and after receiving your luggage, we will definitely stop by for memorable photos of the monument "Russia begins here" - the most famous monument in the city.

Then we will stay in a comfortable hotel, and if you wish, you can go for a walk around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, visit the “Volkanarium” or hot springs. And in the evening we will have dinner and get acquainted with the guide and the participants of the program. The Adventure Begins!

Main impressions

In this tour we have collected all the most interesting things to visit when you first get to know Kamchatka. As part of our adventure, we will visit two areas of volcanic activity. The area of ​​the Tolbachik volcano, belonging to the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes, is the place with the largest concentration of volcanoes in Kamchatka. Tolbachik, Ushkovsky, Krestovsky, Ovalnaya Zimina, Bolshaya Udina - you can't remember everything. They will surround us from all sides.

The area of ​​the Gorely volcano is the snowy pole of Kamchatka. Snow usually melts here by September, and all summer long you can observe snow tunnels several meters high, along which tourists rush to the volcanoes. And Mutnovsky volcano is like a cherry on a cake. In the crater of this volcano, nature has created an amusement park on the theme "Types of volcanic activity".



Meeting participants at the airport. For tourists who arrive before 14:00, we will begin our acquaintance with Kamchatka from the Pacific coast. We will have lunch on the black volcanic sand, get to know each other and discuss our upcoming trip. Then we will go to the city and spend the night in the hostel.

Early in the morning we leave for the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. We will go out on a sea boat to Avacha Bay and the Pacific Ocean. We will approach the Starichkov island, where colonies of seabirds and spotted seals live. During the sea excursion, fishing for flounder, greenling and sea bass will take place. The chef will prepare a hot seafood lunch. Near the exit from Avacha Bay there is a chance to meet killer whales and whales. After lunch we will return to the city. The duration of the sea excursion is 6-7 hours.

From Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky we go on a trip to the south of Kamchatka. The road passes through the Vilyuchinsky pass, where we will rest on the observation deck. In the evening we will arrive at the Gorely volcano caldera, where we will set up a tent camp. Overnight in tents.

Climbing Gorely volcano. After breakfast, we will take an off-road vehicle to the foot of the volcano, from where we will begin our ascent. The height of the volcano is 1829 meters. The entire ascent usually takes about 6 hours; the ascent follows a convenient tourist trail. The volcano has several craters, some of which are filled with acid lakes of different colors. Lunch at the rim of the crater. After descent from the volcano, we return to the tent camp for the night.

Day hike - 12 km. Day travel - 30 km.

Excursion to the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano. In the morning we leave by off-road vehicle to the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano, from where we begin our ascent. The tour takes about 5 hours and follows a good hiking trail. We will find ourselves inside active craters, where we will see various types of volcanic activity: outflows of gases, mud pots, hot springs and an acid lake. If you wish, we will climb the rope ladder to the most active crater. On the way back we will visit the Opasny canyon with the waterfall of the same name. In the evening we will return to the tent camp.

Day hike - 16 km. Day travel - 45 km.

Excursion to the Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant and the Malaya Valley of Geysers. In the morning we will drive an off-road vehicle to the Mutnovskaya Geothermal Power Plant, from where we will start the excursion. We will walk along the station's structures, past the hot springs. We will visit the Small Valley of Geysers with its unique landscape. We will have lunch and go to the village. Paratunka, famous for its hot springs. Overnight at the hotel.

Main impressions

Photo tour to Kamchatka through the most beautiful and photogenic places of the peninsula!

We will solve all organizational and household issues for you, you just have to enjoy the trip and the beautiful Kamchatka views.

In a team with a photographer and other participants, including both professionals and amateurs and beginners in photography, we will meet sunrises and sunsets in interesting locations and exchange experiences.

We will get acquainted with the unreal nature of Kamchatka, the land where dragons sleep

What will we do on the tour

Tour features:

  • trekking without backpacks
  • a lot of physical activity - trekking 10-20 km a day on rough terrain
  • climbing volcanoes is technically easy, pedestrian, but you need to be ready to go uphill within 6-8 hours
  • unpredictable Kamchatka weather - rains, fogs and strong winds are possible
  • air temperature in July in the afternoon + 10 + 20 degrees , at night + 5 + 10 degrees
  • food: camping, in the cafe of the hostel, in the dining room under the Avachinsky volcano
  • tent accommodation 3 nights, hostel 8 nights, glamping in the Dead Forest 1 night <



Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at any time convenient for you. Accommodation according to the program in a hostel or in an additionally selected accommodation facility. In the evening, meeting and acquaintance of the group in the hostel, briefing on the program.

Ice fishing on Lake Verkhne-Avachinsky

Time of December-March. Delivery to the lake and back is carried out by helicopter, travel time is 25-30 minutes one way. Fishing on lake char. The minimum number of participants is 2 people. The cost is from 60,000 rubles per person. Duration of fishing on the lake is 2 hours. It is possible to visit the Timonovsky hot springs, prolongation of fishing (for an additional charge).

The price includes: delivery to the place (car, helicopter) and back, training in fishing methods, hot tea, sandwiches. On this tour, you can spend the night at the Timonovskiye hot springs.

Fishing tour to the Penjina River

Ice fishing on the Penzhino river, Talovaya. Tour duration is 3 weeks. Time of March-April. Delivery to the place of fishing by scheduled plane, scheduled helicopter, snowmobile. Accommodation in the village of Kamenskoye in a private apartment, fishing in winter tents. Fishing for pike, burbot, grayling, kunzha, smelt.

The cost is calculated individually from the number of participants, the duration of the tour.

Winter ice fishing in Kamchatka (middle reaches) Kitilgina (upper reaches)

Period of fishing tours: January-March Duration from 3 to 6 days Fishing objects: char, mykizha, grayling.

Fishing tour program: Day 1: arrival of the group in the Milkovsky district at the Chatyrnik base (distance 155 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky + 12 km through the forest): accommodation in a guest house (double rooms), dinner, overnight ... day: breakfast, departure by snowmobiles to the river. itilgina (distance 25 km. from the base) arrival, drilling, ice fishing, lunch on the river, in the evening return to the base: sauna, dinner overnight. By agreement, it is possible to spend the night on the river in heated tents. day: repeats the program of the previous day. day: breakfast, snowmobiling along the Kamchatka river, drilling, ice fishing, lunch on the river, in the evening return to the base: sauna (based on wishes), dinner, overnight. rainy day: breakfast, packing, departure to P-K.

Tour cost: 15 tons/person/day. price included: accommodation at the base (accommodation in a large guest house, capacity up to 14 people), sauna. cooking by the chef (breakfast and dinner at the base + lunch on the river), menu by prior arrangement. moving on snowmobiles with the participation of guides to the fishing place (2 people in a sled), creating conditions for recreation on the river: a fire, camping equipment (table, chairs, dishes), food, a motor drill. Additionally paid (if necessary and taking into account the wishes of the guests): Leaving by car (minibus) from P-K to the base - 15 tons/group 1-3 people; 20 t. - group 4-6 pers. 40 t. –Group of 7-15 people. similarly - in the opposite direction, rental of equipment: tackle, spinning rods, -1 t. ​​/ person/day, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, certain categories of food: high-quality cheeses and sausages, groceries, confectionery.

Comfortable power catamaran

We are glad to offer you a unique 5-6 day Fishing tour in Kamchatka, allowing you to fully appreciate the wealth of the Pacific Ocean, rivers and lakes of Kamchatka. The uniqueness of the tour lies in the fact that living for 5-6 days on a comfortable catamaran, in addition to gorgeous sea fishing, we can fish in hard-to-reach rivers and lakes, in the spawning grounds of wild salmon. You will fish where helicopters do not fly and do not travel by wheeled vehicles. The tour was created for a team of fishermen - from professionals to people who did not hold a fishing rod in their hands, but who are ready to try various fishing techniques. For those who are ready to give up a five-star hotel and enjoy fishing in the open sea, coastal rivers and lakes for 5 days. Sleeping in picturesque and VERY quiet coves, where you can not only stretch your legs on the shore, but also explore the local sights. The result will delight you and will not let you down: trophies and emotions are guaranteed! There will be no compulsory program on board. We will try to adapt to your wishes, weather and the current situation on the water bodies. We will compose our route together with you or offer our own. During our trip, you will master various types of fishing, for example: Jumps and banks at shallow depths of up to 100 meters - relaxed, but interesting fishing. Fishing - flounder, not a large halibut (but sometimes trophy flies in), pollock, cod, perch. River and lake - with entry into river mouths and lakes. We fish - coho salmon, mykizhu, char, chum salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, depending on the time of the tour. Deep water - fishing at great depths, fishing for dumps 100-400 meters. We fish: stingray, perch, cod, arrowtooth halibut, macrorrus. Fishing, but rather a search for a rare but pleasantly large trophy (white-horned halibut), if you devote enough time to this fishing, then you will not be left without halibut. Reefs and underwater rocks, the depth is minimal, very interesting and active fishing, where the fish is schooling, large and very actively biting, 2-3 at a time. We fish - blue perch, greenling, link. In addition to fishing, Kamchatka will delight you with magnificent landscapes, rich flora and fauna: Killer whales, whales, sea otters, and a large number of seabirds. Along the entire route you will find: varied, tasty and dense food, the main emphasis on the most fresh and live seafood "self-caught". Caviar and crab cooked in front of you by our chef. Experienced and friendly crew, chef-waiter. Comfortable accommodation in cabins, beds with linens. Hot shower. Fishing gear. An example of our proposed program: Day One Meeting at the airport, transfer to the base of the Bering catamaran, loading on board, accommodation. Trekking to the bay "Listvennichnaya", light evening fishing, catching a delicious blue perch - for a meal. Watching whales, killer whales, visiting the sea lion rookery. Overnight. Day two Landing in the zodiac, we go up the river, to interesting pits and Lake Listvennichnoye, on the way fishing for interesting rifts and pits, on the lake, in addition to seeing the beauty and watching bears - we catch wild salmon - trout, char, from the time of the tour chinook salmon, pink salmon, coho salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon. Return to Bering. Trekking to the Russkaya Bay. Disembarkation to explore the bay, those who wish can go to the waterfall. Overnight. Day Three Boarding a speedboat, crossing with a "breeze" to Berezovaya Bay, disembarking, going up the Berezovaya river, catching trophy rare and very tasty char, watching bears in their natural habitat, visiting an abandoned village. Return to Bering. Overnight stay. Day Four Our choice: continue river and lake fishing or start hunting and search for halibut. A long wait and the correct selection of gear will give us a chance to feel the long-awaited trophy on your fishing rod. Day 5 Trekking to Cape Opasny, catching trophy cod and pollock, going to Sarannaya Bay, catching kambala, pollock, perch. Inspection or, if desired, disembarkation on the "Starichkov" island known as one of the largest nesting sites for seabirds. We observe seals from the family of sea seals. Photographs for memory near the 3 brothers of Kamchatka's "business" card. Return to base. Transfer to the hotel. Optional: Day six. Moving to deep-water banks and dumps, fishing with electric tackle, hunting rare and very tasty fish, deep-sea red seabass, macrorus, arrowtooth halibut, stingray. Watching dolphins, whales, killer whales. Return to base.

Let's tell you what to try when traveling to Kamchatka: yukola, kylykil, ukha and a couple of other interesting dishes. Read it!

Although Kamchatka is a part of Russia, gastronomically it differs markedly from other regions. The geographical location could not but influence the local cuisine. The traditions of the Aleuts, Koryaks and Evenks have mixed here, and this has led to the appearance of sometimes exotic dishes. Now acquaintance with the cuisine of Kamchatka is an integral part of a trip to this distant land. What should you try first?

Please note:


Kamchatka is rich in fish - it's not a secret for anyone. On the peninsula, dozens of ways have been invented to cook it, and for a long time, yukola has been present in the diet. This dried fish has a long shelf life, so it is taken on hiking trips. Many types of fish are suitable for yukola, but salmon are preferred. The carcasses are gutted and boneless, cuts are made, and they are not salted or spiced. Then the fish is hung in the shade, where rain and sun rays will not reach it, in a well-ventilated place. Sometimes yukola is used to make soups, which, after adding fish, become more nutritious and rich.


The cuisine of the indigenous people of Kamchatka impresses with its variety and atypical combinations. Not every tourist dares to try kylykil, or berry salad with fish. However, this is one of the main dishes of Kamchatka cuisine, although it has an unusual taste. Traditionally, kylykil was prepared by the Koryaks. Typically, salmon is used for cooking, which is boiled, peeled, and then chopped. Ripe berries are added to the fish - cloudberries, shiksha or lingonberries, as well as potatoes and pine nuts if desired. The salad is seasoned with fat. Sometimes kylykil is made from venison, but in the traditional sense it is a fish dish.


Those who, by the will of fate, manage to visit Kamchatka and even fish here, will never forget the taste of local fish soup. It really differs from our usual fish soup, and the local population knows several cooking secrets. It is important that the fish soup is cooked in the purest melt water from the glaciers; a lot of fish will also be required. Basically in Kamchatka, fish soup is cooked from salmon (chinook salmon, sockeye salmon). First, the potatoes and bellies are immersed in the water - the most delicious parts. Then the remaining pieces of fish are laid, and those that are cooked first are served separately with herbs. Of course, the main secret of Kamchatka fish soup is that it is better to cook it immediately from freshly caught fish.


In Kamchatka, the recipe for fish oil, which originally existed in the old Russian cuisine, has perfectly taken root. The locals quickly adopted and supplemented the cooking method. This dish is a fish cutlet made from chum, salmon, pink salmon or sockeye, stuffed with mashed potatoes with the addition of spices and onions. The garnish is not needed for the food - it is already inside the cutlet. Usually the dish is served with pickled or fresh vegetables.

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