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Want to go to beer paradise? Then you are in Belgium! There is truly a cult of this foamy drink here. Beer is to the Belgians what wine is to France. Belgium produces over 600 brands of beer in a wide variety of styles. Each variety is unique in its own way and has a unique taste.

Don't get lost in such an abundance of Belgian beers and understand what it is, this article from beer tourism enthusiasts will help you, in which you will learn about the most popular Belgian beers.

Belgian beers. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/potoman/

Compared to Belgium, Germany undoubtedly has more breweries, Czechs drink more liters per person annually, but the centuries-old love of the Belgian people for the art of brewing is deep and multifaceted, like the ingrained customs in the countryside, national cuisine and culture, which to a stranger may seem rather strange and surprising.

It's not easy to explain why Belgium has such a diverse and celebratory beer culture. Perhaps the reason was the dirty water in the Middle Ages and instead of it they often drank church-made beer. Independent abbeys promoted artisanal techniques, locality and product purity that are now fashionable concepts in the food world.

Small Belgium is largely a country of regions (the division into regions took place in 1830) and each of them prides itself on its individuality, which, of course, includes a particular style and taste of beer. Burgundy, Flemish, Dutch, French and more. It's a lifelong job to thoroughly explore the variety of local beers, but let's take a look at the most popular varieties.


Six of the eight Trappist breweries are located in Belgium. The Trappist Brewery - Westmalle - launched its first frothy beverage in 1836. Trappiste is a commitment to quality, tradition and purity. The relatively small production of Trappist beer in the monasteries lends exclusivity to their products.

Belgian beer - Trappiste Rochefort. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/clappstar/

Surprisingly, there are six brewing abbeys scattered across the country and each one reflects its specific locality. Achel is located in a flat, green area near the Dutch border, Chimay is in the woods near the French border, Orval is far to the south, Rochefort is near the forests and hills of the Ardennes, Westmalle is in the east next to the once powerful trading power of Antwerp and Westvleteren is towards the North Sea.

Abbey (or monastery) beer

Belgium owes its culture of brewing to its monks, many of whom arrived there as refugees during the French Revolution, when anti-church uprisings broke out. Abbey beer can be used as a brand, as a link to this historic event, although the production of certified Abbey beer is inextricably linked with the monasteries. Even some varieties of the drink are named after famous abbeys.

Acquaintance with varieties of Belgian beer

Belgian cuisine is not only legendary chocolate or “those” waffles. And in Brussels, Brussels sprouts are not imposed on tourists at all - here is a completely different street food. Eateries across the country offer home-style, simple, hearty dishes, while restaurants offer impressively fine dining. By the way, Belgium holds the record for the number of Michelin-starred restaurants per square kilometer. We will tell you what is worth trying in Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges and other cities: from traditional dishes to street food. We will advise which products to bring home. Descriptions of Belgian cuisine with photographs will help you not to get confused in this "delicious" country.


Seafood lovers in Belgium should definitely try the traditional fish stew. It is made from fish, mussels, shrimp or eel, and sometimes from a whole "cocktail" of seafood. Carrots, leeks, potatoes, celery are added to the broth. Usually there are a lot of vegetables. The most delicate creamy sauce, classic European spices and fresh herbs give a special taste to the Belgian soup. Order this dish in one of the restaurants in Brussels or Antwerp - it's really delicious.

Bring from Belgium a jar of seafood in its original packaging, as well as some thyme and sage. You can easily replicate the traditional Belgian soup in your kitchen.

French fries

Even if you don't usually eat it, be sure to try the Belgian version of the French fries. It was invented in this particular country. In Belgium, they cook the most "correct", and most importantly - delicious French fries. Warm, soft, crunchy - it's good even without any sauces, but the Belgians prefer mayonnaise to it. You need to eat fries in the heat of the heat, and the most delicious is sold on the street in ordinary street food kiosks. In Brussels, you can sometimes meet politicians or other famous people in line for a legendary snack. Even in the most expensive restaurants in Belgium, French fries are a popular side dish for meat.

Mul frit

A simple and incredibly delicious Belgian dish - mussels with French fries. It can be found all over the country and is considered traditional. At first glance, the combination of products seems strange, but in Belgium they definitely know a lot about good cuisine. Therefore, be sure to order this national dish at one of the eateries in Brussels or buy a portion at a street food stall. Mussels are often served with the broth in which they were cooked. Shallots, herbs, butter, sour cream, mustard are often added to it. Potatoes with mussels complement each other harmoniously.

Three types of this dish are worth trying in Belgium:

  • a la creme - with herbs in a creamy sauce;
  • hot circus - with a spicy sauce;
  • a la biere - in a beer sauce.


Don't get lost in the abundance of Belgian beers and understand what it is, this article will help you. From it you will learn about the most popular varieties.

The world's most famous beer snacks are nuts, chips, burgers or grilled meats. But Germans strongly disagree with such a limited choice of food.

National dishes are traditionally served here with foam: tasty, juicy and hearty. Therefore, going on a culinary journey around the country, it is worth learning how they drink beer in Germany and what is customary to order for it.


A pretzel, or pretzel, is a delicious combination of soft, mouth-watering muffins and large grains of salt. Drinking cold light beer with such a snack is a pleasure.

>>> Car rental in Germany Secrets of a profitable rental, features and life hacks The world's largest Brezel was prepared by Salvadoran bakers in a year. Its weight was kg, and its length was almost m!

Observing what the Germans drink beer with, it should be noted that pretzels with ham and cheese are preferred. Another popular addition is obatsda, a Bavarian pasta made from camembert, oil and spices.

Pretzels for beer in Germany are sold everywhere: both in street markets and in cafes. The restaurant with the characteristic name BrezelBar in Berlin prepares more than 50 types of pretzels at prices ranging from € 0.65 to € 2.5.

Sauerkraut (Sauerkraut)

Almost all beer snacks in Germany are additionally served with sauerkraut. As a rule, it is added as a side dish to meat dishes and is included in their cost.

Sauerkraut has a characteristic pungent smell and taste. Although it has been mentioned in German cookbooks since 1600, the "innovation" does not belong to Germany. For the first time, a vegetable was fermented in China 2 thousand years ago.

In one of the Berlin restaurants Sauerkraut, sauerkraut is added to soups and salads, and also offered to sausages, sausages, ribs and pork knuckle. You can wash down a hearty lunch with light draft beer.


The famous German white sausages for beer are made from minced veal and bacon with the addition of parsley, lemon, onion, ginger and cardamom and boiled in a natural casing. Surprisingly, even after heat treatment, they remain perfectly white.

Czech beer has many fans all over the world. There are many of them in the capital, where it is poured in dozens of restaurants and bars. We have collected five of the most picturesque places in Moscow, where you will be offered real Czech beer, in this review.


Where to go in search of fresh draft Czech beer in Moscow? Of course, in "Kozlovitsa" - on Pyatnitskaya, Sretenka or Entuziastov highway. They offer the best of modern and traditional Czech cuisine, which are ideally combined with the legendary dark and light beer Velkopopovicky Kozel. And the atmosphere here is the best possible way to have a pleasant pastime in a cheerful company, watch football matches, relax and socialize.

Kozlovitsa is a branded restaurant of the Velkopopovicky Kozel plant in Moscow. Beer is delivered here straight from the brewery in special steel "barrels" specially designed to preserve fresh and rich taste. Upon arrival, an unpasteurized drink, brewed according to an old recipe from selected ingredients, is directly poured into the restaurant's tanks. Moreover, the whole delicate process takes place in conditions of absolute tightness and hygiene, without contact of beer with light and air, which excludes even the smallest probability of spoilage of the drink.

And of course, here you can take your heart out to all lovers of tasty and satisfying food. An impressive selection of dishes of Czech national cuisine: dough croutons (430 rubles), Vepro's knee (990), Velkopopovicki pork ribs (960) - not to mention rich soups, side dishes and snacks for beer - will not let anyone get up at the table hungry.

Kozlovitsa restaurant menu


In Moscow there are now four Czech beer houses "Pilsner", the first of which opened more than 10 years ago. The restaurants are noteworthy, first of all, because here you will be served the original Pilsner Urquell - the same as it is brewed at the Plzeňský Prazdroj factory in the Czech Republic, the birthplace of the brand. Besides him, there is another beer giant on the menu - Velkopopovicky Kozel. It can be ordered either separately or in tandem with the same Pilsner - then you will receive a glass of real sliced ​​beer (price - 190 rubles per 0.3 l).

Another weighty argument in favor of visiting the chain's establishments is the abundance of traditional Czech hearty food. Pilsner's menu was made by the talented brand chef Robert Masopust, who worked in the best restaurants in Prague. He treats his guests with branded drowned people (480 rubles), mouth-watering sausages "zagradni" (420), brabec (680) and Pilsner goulash (760). And if you don't feel like beer, try any of the local liqueurs - becherovka, pear or plum brandy - or order a glass of the famous Moravian wine.

All dishes from the Pilsner menu in Moscow can be ordered with home delivery through the Yandex. yes ”(no alcohol).

Pilsner Restaurant Menu

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