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Italian weekend in the Tver region

Main impressions

Did you know what is in Russia. its own little Italy? Yes, yes, and real cheese is produced there, but not simple, but very tasty! We invite you to visit the agricultural farm "La Fattoria LITTLE ITALY" and personally get acquainted with the technology of producing wonderful delicacies!

What will we do on the tour

Meet the tour participants

Spend the night in a typical Italian agritourism

Let's try traditional Italian food

Learn how to cook cheese according to old family recipes

We will taste local products



16. 0-17. 0 - Arrival at an Italian agricultural farm. Check-in

17. 0 - Meeting and meeting all participants

18. 0 - 20. 0 Traditional Italian dinner.

“Many people are used to thinking that tourism is a holiday industry. But in fact it is about the economy, ”says the Minister of Tourism of the Tver Region, Ivan Yegorov. The youngest minister in the region, by the way, who can easily be seen riding a bicycle to work.

September 27 is World Tourism Day. What opportunities does the Upper Volga region have, what is the use of guests and when will we have good roads? Our weekly has repeatedly raised this topic on its pages. This time, Ivan Egorov personally had to take the rap.

For every taste

- Ivan Igorevich, the Upper Volga region can never be compared with either the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory or the Crimea! What kind of domestic tourism can we talk about?

- In the Soviet years, as many people came to the Kalinin region as to the southern regions. It turns out that the Upper Volga region was interesting. And what now prevents him from being such ?! Yes, we do not have the sea, but there are other advantages to be used. For example, logistics. When the vacation lasts only a week, when choosing a route, you will immediately calculate how many days you will have to spend on the road. Most of them will not be difficult to get to the Tver region. But the main thing is that you can see a lot here: unique nature, rich spiritual heritage. And how many local enthusiasts come up with!

We currently offer six main routes. One of the main ones is “At the behest of the soul”. Tourists are invited to visit the Museum "Tsar's Road" in Zavidovo, then Tver, Torzhok, Nilo-Stolobenskaya hermitage and the village of Golenkovo ​​in the Selizharovsky district, where there is a temple with the rarest faience iconostases. There are only six of these in the world, two of them in Golenkovo. Our classic is the Pushkin ring of the Upper Volga region. An art route associated with the names of famous artists is offered along Udomlya and Vyshny Volochok. We develop active rest in Staritsa. There is wonderful nature - caves, rocks. No wonder this area is called little Switzerland. We combine Kashin, Kalyazin and Bezhetsk in one route. We are trying to open the south-west of the region to tourists: for the silence and untouched nature, you need to go to the Nelidovsky Reserve, for antiquity - to Toropets, where the Baroque architecture has been preserved.

- Tver is a regional center, but it is only called a “city of the day off”. Isn't it a shame?

- There is nothing wrong with that. People have a big vacation once a year, and there are at least fifty days off. This means that there are ten times more reasons to come to our city! Tver can become a starting point for traveling along the Upper Volga. You can stay in the regional center in a hotel, and in the afternoon go to Torzhok, Kashin, Staritsa ... It doesn't matter how many days tourists spend in our region. It is important that they are interested and they want to come back here.

- Lately, many food festivals have been held in the region. Is this a fashion or an attempt to bring back forgotten traditions?

- Coming to another country, you always want to get the most out of your trip, including trying the local cuisine. This emphasizes the authenticity and flavor of the area. Therefore, together with the entrepreneurs, we are trying to present guests with this gastronomic experience: Pozhansk burgers, Likhoslavl gates, Seligersky fish farm, etc. This is not a fashion, but a classic trend in the development of the tourism market.

Experience Economy

- Honestly, not all residents support the development of tourism - they say, it is better to build factories than camp sites. What do you think?

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