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What to bring from Vladivostok as a gift or how much money did I spend

Gastronomic tourism is one of the priority tour directions in the Primorsky Territory. If earlier little was known about the cuisine of Primorye in Russia and abroad, today it has become part of a single Far Eastern brand "Pacific Russia Food", which is being promoted in the international and Russian tourist markets by joint efforts of restaurateurs and authorities, within the framework of the state program "Tourism Development in Primorsky Territory "for 2013-2020, writes the business newspaper" Golden Horn ".

“Pacific Russia Food”, which was officially formed almost a year ago, in May 2017, was also presented at the fourth international Pacific Tourism Forum, where a presentation of a new tour route took place within the framework of a single regional nonsense “Eastern Ring of Russia” - "Feast of Taste". By the way, more than 400 tour organizations from Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries became the participants of the forum, and thousands of people who came to Vladivostok specifically for the sake of the forum became guests. The tourism potential of Primorsky Krai for them was presented at a separate stand under the brand "Discover Primorsky Krai". The participants of the stand were seaside restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, hostels and other objects.

To any wallet

What is the seaside part of the united gastronomic brand “Pacific Russia Food”? First of all, this is the focus on seafood delicacies - mussels, scallop, crab, trepang, as well as wild plants of the seaside taiga, such as, for example, fern. In combination, these ingredients give a unique taste that tourists come for. However, according to restaurant experts, seaside cuisine has always existed. Even before it became part of a commercial brand, it included not only seafood and wild plants, but also street food that combines Asian and Russian flavors: pyansa and shawarma sold on the streets of Vladivostok, tourists from China and Korea they taste it with no less interest than traditional Russian borscht in the civilized restaurant of Russian cuisine "Gus-Karas". Therefore, it would be a mistake to neglect seaside street food, experts say. This is one of the areas on which it is simply necessary to put special emphasis.

- Of course, the cuisine of Primorsky Krai has become a separate gastronomic brand quite recently, only about three or four years ago, - noted the PR director of the first Far Eastern restaurant in Vladivostok, Port Cafe, Andrey Khaustov. - This time is not enough for the brand to have time not only to form and gain fame, but also to gain a foothold in the complex and very rich world market of gastronomic tourism. The restaurateurs of Primorsky Krai are only at the beginning of the journey, we still have to find and create a lot of new combinations, tastes and culinary solutions. But we have already achieved something: in Vladivostok, a tourist will find a cuisine for every taste, that is, the city's restaurants are very diverse in conceptual terms.

According to experts, provincial Vladivostok stands out very clearly against the background of other non-capital cities of Russia precisely for its gastronomic variety and positioning. A tourist here can choose from a variety of types of cuisines: Far Eastern (directly restaurants of the Pacific Russia Food brand), Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Georgian, for example, in the new Supra restaurant), traditional Russian in the Gus-Karas restaurant ", Dumplings" Spoons-Pots ", Pan-Asian and European. In addition, there is a restaurant in Primorye for every budget. This is probably why Vladivostok often leads the ratings of Russian cities with the best cuisine.

Event Restaurant

Of course, restaurants and street food of the regional capital are not the only objects that form gastronomic tourism in the region. According to experts, at the junction of event and gastronomic tourism, culinary festivals, which are regularly held in the region, work well to attract tourists.

- A special gastronomic event calendar has been formed in Primorye for 2018, - said Daria GUSEVA, director of the Tourist Information Center (TIC) of Primorsky Krai. - Our task is to disseminate information among foreign tourists about what and when will take place in Primorye, and we are implementing this task well. So, recently in Vladivostok the Mussels Festival ended, and before it - the Navaga Festival. Both events aroused the interest of both citizens and guests of the city.

By the way, the Mussels Festival, which took place in Vladivostok and Nakhodka in May, caused a stir: retailers sold tons of seafood delicacies to tourists, townspeople, as well as establishments and manufacturers. In turn, the establishments showed guests dozens of dishes based on unique recipes, photos of which were scattered across social networks. According to experts, the festival allowed Far Eastern producers to overestimate the capabilities of the Primorsky market: if earlier they sent most of the seafood volumes to Moscow, today many are thinking about adjusting the sales map.

- For a year now we have been communicating with journalists, bloggers and restaurateurs, providing information support to our festivals, and therefore each of them receives more and more attention and recognition, - commented Tatiana ZARECHNEVA, Pacific Russia Food project manager. - However, the Mussels Festival exceeded all expectations. We, of course, planned that it would be a success, but we did not expect such a stir.

Let us remind you that the Mussel Festival in Primorye, like other gastronomic events (Festivals of winter fish, taiga, scallop and crab), is part of the calendar of Far Eastern cuisine events for 2018, which is overseen by the non-profit organization Pacific Russia Food. The festivals are held without government funding and solely at the expense of interested entrepreneurs. However, in the future, the NGO hopes for financial support from the state, because this will allow events to be carried out on a maximum scale.

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Where we are going: Vladivostok (Russia).

The calculation is carried out in the local currency Russian ruble.

Ordering air tickets online Moscow-Vladivostok on Avia4you. u will cost you 13,200 rubles, when prices on other services start at 15,000 rubles.

Vladivostok (day) - Moscow-Vladivostok, how long to fly by plane?

On average, a direct flight will take 8 hours and 30 minutes. Tourists should take into account the time difference by as much as 7 hours, which can cause unpleasant symptoms of acclimatization. With regard to tickets, the rise in price is observed in the summer months, and the cheapest, as a rule, in the off-season.

As for the flight, I think he said everything! Now, in a few words about why I went to distant lands to the edge of Russia: a daily cannon shot at noon, local flavor and delicious dishes, which I will tell you about later.

  • Vladivostok Fortress (Batareynaya st., 4a): 200 ₽
  • Local synagogue (st. Ensign Komarova, 5)
  • Butterfly House "Delight" (Okeansky pr., 20a): 400 ₽

Vladivostok (day) - Vladivostok: what to see, where to go?

Vladivostok is the center of Primorsky Krai. Secondly, it is a large port. Third, a city with giant bridges across the strait and bay that opened before the APEC summit. Vladivostok is among the top Russian cities for acquaintance with military history.

In one day, you can see only the main streets, including Svetlanskaya, Korabelnaya embankment and others. Pay special attention to visiting:

  • Russkiy Islands;
  • Voroshilovskaya battery;
  • Refrigerator hills;
  • seaside oceanarium and dolphinarium.

For a resident of the European part of Russia, a trip to Vladivostok is a real adventure. Why is a vacation in the capital of Primorsky Krai a good idea and how will the city of bridges, hills and fogs surprise the traveler?

Lena Titok

Vladivostok with its humped streets, huge bridges and colorful architectural image is not like other cities in Russia. Here Europe and Asia easily coexist, powerful warships and snow-white yachts, incredible nature and kitsch buildings in the style of Soviet constructivism. The wind easily carries away unnecessary thoughts into the endless sea space, and the eyes rest, studying the high sky with thin cirrus clouds. Vladivostok falls in love with waves, sunsets and intricate labyrinths of streets. You want to rediscover, explore, learn and remember. He gives impressions and emotions. Aren't we going on a journey after them?

When to go to Vladivostok: seasonal weather

Spring weather in Vladivostok is usually established in the last days of March. True, there is no need to expect stable indicators from the monsoon climate: heat is often replaced by a sharp cold snap. If physical fitness permits, in March you can join the sup-surfers, who at this time just open the season, dexterously maneuvering on inflatable boards right between the ice floes. The end of April is the time to ride a bike or rollerblades along the endless embankments, and in May you can admire the blossoming of cherries, apricots and wild rosemary in city courtyards or go on the first boat trips from the Korabelnaya embankment of the city.

Fogs often fall on the city in summer. The fog in Vladivostok is like a cotton blanket. He can easily hide from the eyes a whole cable-stayed bridge or unwillingly to erase the border between sea and land. But the photos are incredibly effective. The second half of August is the traditional rainy and even typhoon season. True, you should not be afraid of the latter: as a rule, they pass in 1-2 days. It is still cold to swim in June, but you can conquer one of the peaks of Primorye, for example, Pidan. In July, Vladivostok celebrates three important holidays at once: City Day, Fisherman's Day and Navy Day. And it is also a good time for boat trips on the already mentioned "sapas", without which the inhabitants of the Primorsky Territory can hardly imagine their leisure time. In addition, the long-awaited time for a beach holiday is coming: closer to mid-July, the sea water temperature reaches 22 ° C.

September is the best month to fall in love with Vladivostok. The swimming season continues, the likelihood of rains decreases, sunny days become more, and the sunsets are brighter every day. The first autumn month is full of events: Tiger Day, Taiga Gastronomic Festival, International Marathon - impressions for every taste. In October, autumn really comes into its own. At this time, you need to go into nature and take pictures of maples glowing in all shades of red and yellow - and yourself against their background. November in Vladivostok is almost winter: the temperature can drop from + 13 to minus in just a day. And all this against the backdrop of a piercing wind.

According to statistics, there are as many as 75 sunny days in Vladivostok in winter (for comparison, there are only 15 of them in Moscow). If you dream of seeing the frozen sea (and even walking along it), then winter is your time of year to visit Primorye. True, Vladivostok and snow are incompatible things. With winter precipitation, the city gets into a giant traffic jam, which will surprise even a seasoned Muscovite. Therefore, on a snowy day, it is better to move in small dashes from the restaurant to the museum. At the end of February, the only ice half marathon in Russia, Honor Vladivostok Ice Run, takes place on the ice of Novik Bay.

How to get from Moscow

The easiest way to get from the capital to Vladivostok. Direct flights are operated twice a day by Aeroflot and Rossiya. Travel time will be about 8 hours, a ticket with luggage will cost 24,500 rubles.

Lovers of railway romance can hit the road by train from the Yaroslavsky railway station. You will have to spend almost a week on the road. Before the pandemic, this option was often chosen by foreign tourists as a way to get to know Russia from the train window. You will not see much, but you will get impressions. One-way ticket prices range from RUB 7045 for a reserved seat to RUB 41 209 for CB.

Gastronomic festivals held in Vladivostok are gaining more and more popularity and are becoming a center of attraction for gastronomic tourism. In 2019, residents and guests of the city will have a whole series of gastronomic events designed to unleash the potential of seafood and taiga and increase the tourist attractiveness of Primorsky Krai, the organizers told IA PrimaMedia.

Note, Vladivostok in October 2018 was named one of the gastronomic capitals of Russia and included in the Top 5 cities of Russia with the best gastronomic festivals held in restaurants and cafes, along with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg. The rating was compiled by the analytical agency "TurStat" based on the popularity and uniqueness of gastronomic festivals.

Mussel Festival (+) -

Mussels. Photo: Port Cafe Far Eastern restaurant

Mussel Festival - a gastronomic event from the Pacific Russia Food project, which everyone is waiting for: residents and guests of the city - to enjoy the wonderful rich taste of seaside mussels; restaurateurs - to showcase their creativity and surprise their guests. The mussel festival will be held in Vladivostok for the second time.

"Last year the festival caused a stir - almost 3 tons of mussels were eaten in 10 days of the festival," says Tatyana Zarechneva, organizer of the festival, food blogger @pacificrussiafoodie. we are changing the format of our festivals.If in 2018 we focused the attention of festival guests on a product and on a particular dish, then this year we urge restaurants to use a variety of methods of preparing and serving dishes and provide chefs with complete creative freedom, this will allow to maximize the gastronomic potential of products. "

Follow the events of the festival:

Festival of Far Eastern scallops "On the Ridge!" (+) -

Scallop. Photo: Zuma Restaurant

The Far Eastern scallop festival "On the Ridge!", organized by the team of the pan-Asian restaurant Zuma, will be held in Vladivostok for the second time. The main concept of the gastronomic two-week holiday is a cult seasonal product at the same promotional price in all participating establishments. This year, the geography of the festival will expand - not only restaurants in Vladivostok will take part, but also establishments in Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the list of participants is still being formed.

Follow the events of the festival:

#scallopfest #scallopfest #scallopfest

Taiga Festival Taigafest (+) -

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