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12 events of Tver tourism that claim all-Russian glory

Bus gastronomic tour to Tver and Torzhok from St. Petersburg in a year along the route: Torzhok - Tver - "Marmalade Fairy Tale"

There is a bus seating for this tour!

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07:00 departure of the bus from St. Petersburg from st. ... "Moskovskaya", Demonstration passage.

13:00 lunch with Pozharsky cutlets at the Birhof restaurant.

The origin of the name of Pozharskaya cutlets is associated with Evdokim Pozharsky, the owner of the Pozharskaya tavern and hotel in Torzhok at the beginning of the 19th century. Initially, the cutlets were supposedly made from veal. They acquired their modern look in the 1830s and 1840s under Daria Pozharskaya, who inherited her father's tavern. There is a version that the recipe for chicken cutlets was given to the innkeeper by one unfortunate Frenchman who could not otherwise pay for the shelter and thus helped this woman make a fortune. Chicken cutlets are really delicious! One way or another, one day Daria Pozharskaya treated Emperor Nicholas I, who was passing through Torzhok, with her chicken cutlets. He liked the cutlets so much that later he more than once invited the innkeeper to the royal court. After the death of Daria, the Pozharsky family business gradually fell into decay. However, the fate of her signature cutlets turned out to be more successful: they have become a typical dish of Russian cuisine, widely known both in Russia and abroad.

Tasting of the products of the Veresk distillery.

All drinks are made on the basis of Kashin mineral water. The plant does not use filtration, but only uses ultraviolet rays for bactericidal cleaning. All the richness of water: salts, minerals, their compounds, as well as the ionic composition - remain unchanged.

Bus tour to Tver from St. Petersburg per year along the route: Tver - Domotkanovo - Mednoe village

There is a bus seating for this tour!

Tour itinerary:

Tour program:


14:00 arrival at the "Marmalade Fairy Tale" - a factory for the production of marmalade, which is located in the Tver region, in the ecologically clean Likhoslavl region.

In the museum "Marmalade Fairy Tale" you will learn about the history of the production of natural marmalade, about the origin and development of the product in Russia and the world.

Master class on the production of marmalade.

On the territory of the Museum "Marmalade Fairy Tale" there is a shop with its own products.

Optionally, for an additional fee: lunch.

You will see the Volga River embankment, the monument to Afanasy Nikitin, the Old Bridge, the main squares of the old city.


Walking tour "Strict, decorous, magnificent Tver."

A total of 267 projects from 29 regions of Russia were submitted for the National Award in the field of event tourism.

Tambov hosted the final of the Russian Event Awards, a regional competition of the National Award in the field of event tourism. In the regional competition, which united the North Caucasus, South, Central and North-West federal districts, 267 projects from 29 regions of the country, including the Tver region, were presented. As a result, 186 projects were shortlisted. Authors and representatives of 131 projects from 26 regions participated in the final events.

As a result of the competition, the Tver region has achieved success in nine nominations.

The best museum and exhibition complex for a tourist event

The second place in this nomination goes to the Novotorzhsky Kremlin interactive exhibition complex. The complex was opened in May 2012 and is a permanent museum exhibition in the open air on the territory of the Upper settlement of Torzhok.

There you can get acquainted with the weapons of Russian soldiers of the XI-XVI centuries: armor, swords, shields, and so on. There are also working copies of siege weapons that our ancestors used: catapults, ballistae, battering rams. The territory of the complex is used constantly, and not only for public events, but also for lectures on the military history of Russia and classes with schoolchildren and students.

Best Kids Travel Event

The 5th anniversary festival of fairy tales on Kava got the first place in this nomination. One of the authors of the idea of ​​holding the festival, the well-known children's writer Nina Metlina, believes that Fairy Tales on Kave broke all records this year.

- We have been holding this festival since 2015, and every year it is only gaining momentum. The uniqueness of the festival is that the fairy-tale characters presented at it are not Americanized. These are characters from Russian fairy tales, and it is unusual and interesting for children, guests of our holiday, to see them. Hence the high attendance: this year almost 1,500 people came to us, and there were not even enough ribbons for all of them, which are given to the participants of the festival, - said Tverigrad. u Nina Metlina.

Best Food Tourism Event

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