Top five food tourism destinations

Top five food tourism destinations

Georgia is famous for its delicious food and wine. Many people come here not only to look at nature and sights, but also, almost in the first place, to have a delicious meal. The most traditional Georgian dishes are khachapuri and khinkali, and churchkhela made from sweets. It is with them that you should start your acquaintance with local food. And where and how best to do this - I will tell you in this article. And I will also share a couple of places where the delicacies are not purely Georgian, but you cannot miss them at all))

So, I suggest you do:

Tbilisi Gastronomic Tour on your own

We will start our tour (the route on the map at the bottom of the article) from a very tourist point - the Temple of the Holy Trinity. In general, I usually avoid cafes and restaurants in tourist places - more often than not, they are expensive and tasteless. But this cafe is an exception! It is in it that the most delicious khachapuri are prepared.

Lagidze Waters Cafe

Initially, this cafe became famous for its lemonades - "Lagidze Water" was even delivered to the imperial table in tsarist Russia. But baking is beyond praise here! I especially recommend ordering Adjarian khachapuri here (take one small for two). And, of course, lemonade. Moreover, tastes can be mixed as you like. Personally, though, I prefer the classic creamy taste.

The café is open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Address - st. Samreklo, 24-26 (go through the central gate to the Temple and there will be a cafe on the left).

I recommend arriving here at 10 o'clock sharp. Have breakfast. And in one go to see the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

Cafe L'Angolo

This cafe is located almost directly opposite the main entrance to the territory of the Church of the Holy Trinity. That is why I recommend in the previous place to take one small khachapuri for two (in fact, it is not at all small), so that there is still room for a cup of coffee and dessert at Cafe L'Angolo. This tiny but very cozy place prepares delicious coffee and unmatched dogwood cakes! I highly recommend not to pass by!

On the way to our next stop, I suggest you walk a little in Rike Park, see the Peace Bridge, the oldest church in Tbilisi Anchiskhati, Rezo Gabriadze Theater. There is also a very tasty point next to it - a cafe with the same name - but I recommend leaving it for another time. Look there before visiting the theater (it is better to buy tickets in advance via the Internet) and order a glass of wine or a teapot of tea and a seasonal pie (apple, pear, plum - they change depending on the fruit season).

Gastronomic tourism is a bright, promising direction that allows you to look at any state through the prism of national culinary traditions. Any gastronomic tour can be organized independently, without the help of travel agencies. All you need to do is choose a route, buy a plane ticket and set out on an adventure. We will tell you about the best gastronomic tourism destinations and dishes that will delight your taste buds and will definitely cheer you up.


The cuisine of French Provence is called the "kitchen of the sun" because of the abundance of herbs, juicy olives, fresh fruits and vegetables associated with summer. The French masterfully cook vegetables, which are generously added to snacks and hot dishes. Think of the legendary French ratatouille made from vegetables stewed with Provencal herbs, onion soup with grated cheese and croutons, or dauphino gratin potatoes cut into thin slices and baked in cream. All of these dishes contain vegetables.

The French treat meat dishes rather restrainedly, preferring rabbit, duck, chicken, lamb and other light variations of meat. If you are just starting to get acquainted with French cuisine, we recommend trying boeuf bourguignon and stewed confit duck legs, which simply melt in your mouth.

French cuisine is unthinkable without Provencal herbs: thyme, rosemary, basil, tarragon, as well as its permanent favorites - olives, olives and olive oil. These products give the ready-made meals an unforgettable taste and aroma.


Italy attracts tourists not only with its delightful landscapes and an abundance of ancient sights, but also with its original cuisine, the recipes of which have no analogues in the whole world. Pizza, pasta, risotto, lasagna, ravioli, ciabata, panna cota, gelata, tiramisu are the names of traditional Spanish dishes that you should definitely try. Along with the main courses, ciabatta is served, a bread with a crispy crust and a soft, porous crumb. Also, cheese and wine are invariably present on the table.

If you come to Italy to taste it, be sure to try the dishes with truffles. These noble mushrooms are not eaten whole, but cut into thin slices and added to food. Truffles give dishes a delicate, unique aroma of garlic and ripe cheese.


The cuisine of Spain is sometimes called "the cuisine of the sea and the mountains." Its gazpacho, paella, tortilla and churros are famous all over the world. Food recipes vary from region to region. Residents of mountainous regions cook hearty meatballs, sausages with beans, rabbit meat with oysters, chickens in chocolate, frikando veal with mushrooms and sauce, stuff turkey with plums and nuts. In the coastal areas, you can taste tuna, sea whites, perch, anchovies and sardines. Typical Spanish seafood dishes are salted gilthead, ebo eels and cod with pine nuts. The Spaniards love sweets and happily cook donuts, candied almonds, sweet cheeses and many other national delicacies.


Delicious travel

Popular Asian Street Food You've Never Heard Of

Street food in many Asian cities such as Bangkok, Hanoi, Singapore, Penang and others ranks high in the ranking of the most delicious street food. Penang Island in Malaysia even organizes culinary excursions, and the best gastronomic places are noted in guidebooks.

Street food in Asia. . lickr. om/photos/11784108 @ N06

But do we all know about popular street food in Asia? Let's try to figure it out.

Paris Cheese Boutique Guide

France without cheese, like Ukraine without bacon. More than 350 varieties of cheese are traditionally counted in France, 56 of which are certified and protected by law, for example, the world-famous Norman Camaber.

For cheese lovers, a trip to any corner of France is a lifelong dream. Coming to Paris, try cheese and decide which one is your favorite of the huge variety of soft, semi-soft and hard ones, you can go for a tasting or join a master class from professionals in cheese or wine business.

French cheese. Photo: forum. wd. u

Most of these tasty and educational events are held in English, and in specialized cheese boutiques there is always a person to whom you can turn for advice on all kinds of cheese.

Each of the places on the list will open up the world of this gourmet snack in a special way.

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