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Gastro tour to Georgia Truffles and Wine

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What else have I missed?

Georgia is the number one country for gastronomic tourism. I don't understand how you can come to #Sakartvelo and not try the world's most famous dishes?

Who was in Spain, didn't they taste paella, jamon and sangria? And in Italy you haven't eaten a slice of pizza or tasted the famous pasta? At least one species? And leaving France without even eating a spoonful of onion soup and even more tender French croissant is not forgivable at all.

So I don't understand. How can you deny yourself such pleasure ?! I can not! This means that no buffet in Turkey, Egypt and other countries will show on my scales a greater plus than a trip to Georgia.

What is #Gastronomic Tourism?

During a food tour, the traveler gets to know the country not only from history and sightseeing, but also through taste. Finds out how, when and why this or that dish appeared in the list of national dishes. How it tastes, how it is prepared, how it is served. It's incredibly exciting and delicious!

Gastronomic tours are offered by travel agencies or private tour guides. Where exactly to order such a tour is up to you. As a rule, tour operators are cheaper, safer, more reliable.

Private guides have a plus in that you don't have to coexist with 20 or even 40 tourists on the bus. Here, all the attention is only to you and there is always the opportunity to adjust the route, taking into account your wishes.

What is usually included in the program?

When choosing this type of tourism, you should not think that you will only be taken to cafes and restaurants. The program necessarily includes popular attractions, as well as places that are in one way or another connected with the tradition of someone's cooking.

The main object of the tour is tasting various dishes, products and drinks of local cuisine. As a rule, this is accompanied by master classes and interesting information. I think each of us has been on an excursion at least once, where we were offered to taste local wines or products and at the same time told their story (from appearance to methods of preparation).

How much will it cost?

Once we went on a gastronomic tour to Georgia and were amazed at the variety of national dishes. We were treated to different types of khachapuri and a huge amount of barbecue. We ate the freshest vegetables and drank real Georgian wines with a rich taste, and then ... they brought us khinkali, and we understood that this is love.

Legends of the Burning Pouches

Probably, no dish on earth has as many versions of its origin as khinkali. One of the most common stories says the following: during the war between Georgia and Persia in the 18th century, there were a lot of wounded soldiers who, for various reasons, could not eat solid food. Then the housewives in the mountains had practically nothing but sheep, flour and eggs, so they came up with one simple dish that helped save many lives. Delicate and soft khinkali with a fragrant broth inside were born.

The most interesting story about khinkali explains why ideal pouches should have exactly 28 folds, no more, no less. It's all about the sacred meaning of the number 28 (the Sun passes through a large circle of the celestial sphere in 28 days). In ancient times, Georgians used a time system that was different from the modern one: they had 13 months a year, each of which consisted of 28 days, which in total was 364 days. The logic of this people was simple and laconic: the tail of the khinkali is the sun, and the 28 folds around are the days of the solar cycle.

Another version about the origin of this dish comes from historians. They believe that the ancestors of khinkali were originally the ancient ethnic group Pshuari, thanks to which the dish began to spread far from its habitat. Pshuari was added to khinkali with mint, which gave them an incredible aroma and special piquancy.

In Georgia, they believe that the homeland of everyone's favorite national dish is the village of Pasanauri, which is located on the way to Kazbegi. There you will find completely different bags - very fatty and small, but (before losing gastronomic consciousness) very tasty!

About meat

The most important thing in this Georgian dish is meat. Khinkali is not your usual big dumplings, it is an independent culinary unit! Only minced meat is wrapped in a bag of dough, in no case minced meat, otherwise it is no longer khinkali. Chopped meat allows you to keep all the juice, which is an integral part of the dish. When cooking, it is customary to use lamb, but options with veal are also allowed.

Types of khinkali

Despite the severity of the above words, this dish has its own variations in different regions and cities of Georgia. If you go to Tbilisi, then, most likely, there you will be served khinkali "Kalakuri" - with meat and herbs. It is also possible that on the menu you will find bags of potatoes, mushrooms and minced meat. This is also acceptable (but you remember about the ideal khinkali with minced meat). In Samegrelo, Adjara and Guria, you are unlikely to find the same dish, because it is not customary to cook it there. But in Kakheti and Mtskheta-Mtianeti you can order countless bags and enjoy the amazing taste!

So that you don't get confused in the types of khinkali offered by rich Georgian cuisine, remember the most basic ones:

  • khinkali "Kalakuri" - with meat/minced meat and herbs;
  • khinkali "Mtialuri" - with meat/minced meat, but without greens;
  • khinkali "Kakheti" - only with pork;
  • khinkali from beef.

Main impressions

What will we do on the tour

In our tour, gourmets will be able to test themselves in three roles at once - a cook, a tracker and a treasure hunter and personally take part in a truffle hunt, delve into the intricacies of truffle combinations with various products.

We will go on a quest accompanied by a Georgian trufflero (truffle collector) with a specially trained dog with a phenomenally fine scent. Such a dog costs from 2 to 8 thousand euros!

The delicacy mushroom is hidden at a depth of 3–10 centimeters underground, so only a subtle aroma can give out its presence, as well as certain plants with which the truffle has a symbiotic relationship.

The Truffle Tour is a true adventure with visits to local wineries, workshops and the region's top themed attractions.

If you are interested in wildlife, biology, cooking - we invite you on a trip with Mikhail Vladimirovich Vishnevsky - candidate of biological sciences, Russian mycologist, author of popular science books about mushrooms, popularizer of mushroom cuisine, an interesting storyteller and lecturer.

Specialist in the flora of mushrooms, author of a number of popular books about mushrooms of general, culinary and medical orientation, including "Handbook of a beginner mushroom picker", "For mushrooms from November to May", "Medicinal mushrooms: big encyclopedia" , "Poisonous mushrooms of Russia", "Truffles and other delicious mushrooms", "His Majesty Amanita", "Cooking from wild plants", "All about mushrooms", "Hallucinogenic mushrooms of Russia".

Mikhail participates in "mushroom" education, conducts thematic lectures and excursions on collecting and identifying mushrooms, regularly takes part in radio and television programs, and in thematic groups on social networks, runs the zagribami info website and YouTube channel ... Author and organizer of the annual Mushroom Festival in the Pharmaceutical Garden.


Detailed program

Arrival in Tbilisi, transfer to the hotel.

Welcome dinner at the restaurant/tasting: Organic/biodynamic wine tasting at the wine bar g. ino. The concept of the establishment is to provide guests with the opportunity to taste wines from small "craft" wineries from all over the country, adhering to the philosophy of natural wine. In total, 70 producers were represented in the bar's wine list. These are rare wines with limited production volumes. In the concept of g. ino stands for the idea of ​​maintaining small wineries, popularizing their products, preserving historical wine and gastronomic cultures. In the kitchen of the establishment, snacks are not prepared by professional chefs, but by ordinary housewives, those whose owners g. ino not only provided jobs, but also created optimal conditions for doing what they love, with the ability to comfortably combine with taking care of the family.

Have you decided to go on vacation to Georgia? Then you should find out about the best places where you can eat delicious national cuisine, find out the prices for menus in cafes and restaurants, for food in shops and markets, where you can buy food cheaper. In general, we will consider all the secrets of gastronomic travel.

Georgia is an amazing country, it is rich not only in its centuries-old culture, but also in traditional cuisine. However, it should be borne in mind that 80% of local dishes are prepared from meat and with the addition of a huge amount of spices and herbs and the use of wine. Therefore, for those who are not yet familiar with the local cuisine, but wish to visit the country, we offer a small overview of the peculiarities of Georgian cuisine, institutions and some information on what to try in Georgia on vacation.

Prices for food in cafes and restaurants in Tbilisi

When visiting local establishments, it is worth checking the size of the dishes so as not to order too much. Very often, one portion can be suitable for a whole company, and the cost will be much lower than in the tourist's homeland. The thing is that Georgians are very hospitable people and love to eat deliciously.

Average bill in a cafe

The menu of an average restaurant in Tbilisi will offer its guests very tasty food at reasonable prices. Being very hungry, you can leave only about 545-660 rubles in a cafe. for two:

  • kharcho 102 rubles;
  • chicken soup 160 rubles;
  • 5 khinkali 57 rubles;
  • ojakhuri (pork and potatoes) 227 rubles;
  • lemonade - 2 bottles. RUB 68

If you take into account the service (10%), the amount will be around 658 rubles in the Russian currency.

And since the portion size in Georgia is quite overpriced, we advise you to try traditional cuisine in several stages.

Average bill in city restaurants

Natural diversity and developed infrastructure allow the Black Sea region of Georgia - Adjara to offer tourists a wide choice of recreation for every taste and color

Sputnik Georgia lists the ten most popular types of tourism in Adjara.

According to the latest data from the Adjara Tourism Department, the number of foreign tourists visiting the region in 10 months of 2016 increased by 19.5% compared to the same period last year. In January-October last year, the region was visited by 295.2 thousand foreigners.

Sea tourism

A mild subtropical climate, gentle Black Sea and a lot of entertainment make Adjara really popular among beach lovers. The average sea temperature in summer is 25 degrees. The length of the beach area is 21 kilometers, there are well-developed resorts and quiet seaside areas.

For a relaxing family vacation, tourists often choose the picturesque villages of Kvariati, Chakvi and Sarpi.

Ski tourism

In the highlands of Adjara, winters are relatively cold and long, while summers are cool and short. The average height of the mountains here is 2000 - 2500 meters above sea level.

Goderdzi is the youngest ski resort in Georgia, it was officially opened in December 2015.

Goderdzi is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level and is considered the highest point in Adjara. Last year, the thickness of the snow cover exceeded 2 meters. This is three times more than in other resorts in Georgia. There are still few attractions in Goderdzi, a young resort can offer vacationers a romantic dinner by the fireplace or an evening with friends over a glass of Georgian wine.


Diverse flora and fauna, many cultural and historical monuments create excellent conditions for the development of ecological tourism in Adjara.

The most popular natural wealth of the region is the Batumi Botanical Garden, where more than five thousand species of woody and artisanal plants are collected.

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