Street food in Budapest

What to try in Budapest: TOP-10 Hungarian dishes

Hungarian cuisine is fragrant, always very tender and savory in taste, hot dishes, delicious pastries. We will tell you what every tourist should try in Budapest. Stews, juicy vegetables, rich soups, gourmet snacks, desserts worthy of royal blood ... Hungarians can really surprise and feed anyone. We have compiled a list of 10 dishes with photos and descriptions so that you know exactly what to look out for first.

Gulyás | Goulash

This is the first thing to eat in Hungary. Not a soup anymore, but not yet a second dish: rich, hearty, really tasty. Pieces of veal are fried with bacon and onion until golden brown. Fried potatoes, juicy tomatoes, broth with aromatic paprika are added to them. Hungarian goulash is not at all like the one that was prepared in the USSR. Be sure to order this dish in one of the restaurants in Budapest, it's worth it.

If you like Hungarian national cuisine, bring home natural paprika. It will definitely come in handy for your home culinary experiments.

Lecsó | Lecho

There are dozens of Hungarian lecho recipes, and each option is good in its own way. None of them are complete without ripe tomatoes, sweet peppers, succulent onions and, of course, paprika. In Hungary, lecho is usually served as a separate dish, although tourists prefer to order it as a side dish for meat and potatoes. Be sure to try lecsó kolbász, which features mouth-watering smoked pork sausages. Eat lecho like Hungarians: take a fresh crumb of white bread to it and dip it constantly in the sauce.

In supermarkets or in the covered market in Budapest, you can buy lecho in glass jars. This is a great gastronomic souvenir.

Pörkölt | Perkelt

Meat connoisseurs definitely need to try this Hungarian dish. Fragrant, incredibly tasty, hearty at home - it just melts in your mouth. The pork, separated from the bone, is first lightly fried and then simmered in a sauce of sweet Hungarian wigs, onions, garlic and pepper. Sometimes chicken or beef is cooked instead of pork, but it's better to try the classics. Pop into a diner or restaurant in Budapest and order a perkelt garnished with tarhonya (traditional Hungarian pasta with an interesting flavor). You will love it!

Bring dried tarhonya from Budapest to cook the "correct" Hungarian perkelt at home.

A tourist who has arrived in Hungary will understand after a day of walking along the capital's streets that the locals are big lovers of delicious food.

With the same pleasure, guests are welcomed and fed in Budapest. Goulash, libimai and other traditional dishes in cafes and restaurants are prepared according to the best national recipes. But Hungarian street food is no less tasty and original - you should definitely try it!


Street food in Budapest cannot be imagined without the traditional Hungarian kyrtöskalác baked goods. It has a cylindrical shape and is cooked over an open fire. The spindle rotates slowly, the most delicate dough is thinly wound on it and baked.

When the kyurtskalach is covered with a golden crust and takes the shape of a cylinder, it is removed, sprinkled with abundant powdered sugar mixed with coconut, cinnamon, crushed nuts or vanilla. The food is airy, like a cloud whipped into foam.

Kürtőskalács is an indispensable attribute of any public event or celebration in Hungary. For example, this street food can always be tasted at the Christmas market. The cost of the treat is an average of 1.28 € (400 Ft).

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Túrós tasca

While exploring and tasting street food in Hungary, you cannot pass by the light - it seems weightless - insanely delicious turosh tashko. The pastry is a Hungarian version of curd cheesecakes. It has an original shape, like a bag tied in a knot.

Price on city streets - 0.8 € (250 Ft).


Hungarians, like many other peoples, believe that it was they who invented pancakes. Although such pancakes, as are sold on the streets of Budapest, are really not to be tasted anywhere else in the world.

Hungarian palachinta is a roll of dessert pancakes. Inside, they are filled with thick yogurt, raisins, fresh berries, orange peel, cottage cheese, stringy caramel. Sprinkle the food on top with cinnamon, powdered sugar, grated walnuts, sprinkle with honey or chocolate-rum sauce. The delicacy costs 0.8-1.6 € (250-500 Ft).

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