Six of the most typical Catalan dishes

Gastronomic Tour; Magic of Taste

Dear Friends, we invite you to plunge into the amazingly tasty and welcoming world of Spanish cuisine, amazing dishes against the backdrop of the enchanting landscapes of Catalan nature. During the Tour, you will be able to get acquainted with the local flavor, experience incredible sensations, learn how to cook the most amazing dishes, and have a wonderful vacation with the whole family.

1. Visiting the Snail

- Visit to a snail farm - Tasting menu in an old restaurant in a stunning location: typical Catalan dishes (sausages, cheeses, fire-baked snails, all kinds of snails and wines) - Master class on cooking Snails ( "Caracol a la llauna")

2. Master class from the Chef. Dinner

- A visit to the colorful La Boqueria Bazaar accompanied by a Chef - Purchase of the necessary ingredients for dinner, learning to choose only fresh and high-quality products - Master class on cooking the best Spanish (Catalan) dishes from the Chef of a leading restaurant in Barcelona: - 3 hot starters, 1 main course (possibly Spanish Paella), gourmet dessert. Wine tasting (champagne, brandy - according to your preference, your choice): The purpose of this event: To get acquainted and learn how to create the best masterpieces of Spanish cuisine. Acquire new knowledge. Wonderful, fun and usefully spend time, very tasty meal!

3. The art of making premium cheese + Montserrat

- A trip to a local cheese factory, preparing the traditional Catalan cheese Mató, under the guidance of a professional. Acquaintance with the technology of making cheeses. - lunch at a local manor - Drive to Mount Montserrat - Visit to the Salt Caves

4. The magical outlines of the Costa Brava

- A visit to the Anchovy factory - A tour of the factory - Lunch on the Costa Brava at a seafood restaurant - Swimming (in summer) - or a visit to the Greek colony Empuries - sailing along the canals of Catalan Venice

5. France Day

Catalonia is rich in its gastronomic offerings. The cuisine here is usually Mediterranean, combining seafood, cereals and vegetables. Thanks to the local cuisine, you can get to know the culture and traditions of the people - it is very important to taste the typical dishes of the country. In the meantime, only paella is heard by the Russian tourist from Catalan dishes, we suggest you diversify your knowledge, menu and impressions of the trip.


Pa amb tomàquet, bread with tomatoes is perhaps the most traditional and at the same time simple dish in Catalonia. Locals often arrange for themselves a quick and simple dinner just with its help: bread with tomato with sausage, or cheese, or botifarra (sausage).

Unlike other regions, if you order a sandwich in Catalonia, you will always be served any tomato sandwich (in other regions it will be just white bread).

The tomato for this dish is not chopped in a blender, but cut in half and rubbed directly onto a piece of white or toasted bread, then a small amount of olive oil and a little salt are added, sometimes garlic is smeared on the bread. The type of bread is important for the taste, usually here in Barcelona, ​​pa de coca - crunchy bread or pa de pagès - peasant rustic bread is used.

Toppings such as salchichón catalán are often added to such "tomato bread". Nowadays, many restaurants in Catalonia present this as a kind of tapas (a piece of bread with a tomato and jamon on top).


Black rice is a famous dish of Catalan cuisine and the Costa Brava. This is rice cooked with cuttlefish, seafood, onions, garlic and tomatoes (though not always), but always with all-i-oli (garlic olive oil) sauce.

This is a delicious dish. Each restaurant has its own recipe, but be careful - some establishments do not regret garlic for such a dish.


Paella Workshop Winery & 5 Wine Tasting Family Cava Winery & 3 Champagne Tasting Flamenco Show with Dinner

Russian guide - wine and gastronomic tourism specialist

Day Barcelona Walking Tour Paella Masterclass

Arrival in Barcelona. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel. After accommodation at the hotel, you will find a master class on cooking the most famous Spanish dish - paella! After an exciting lesson - lunch with paella!

Paella comes from the word "paella" meaning "frying pan", it is also related to the Castilian word for "little oven" and the Italian word for "frying pan".

Valencians use the word "paella" for all kinds of saucepans, including specialty ones for making paella. We find the same use among the Moroccans - when both the dishes and the utensils for its preparation are called "tagine".

Types of Paella: - Valencian paella usually consists of white rice, green vegetables, different meats, snails and legumes. Seafood paella replaces meat and snails with seafood. - Black Paella is prepared with the addition of cuttlefish. An intense black color is obtained by the addition of their "ink".

Guided tour of Barcelona with a famous actor

After lunch - a walking tour accompanied by a famous theater and film actor, author's story about the city in the first person to choose from:

- a walk with Salvador Dali to the Gothic Quarter, The walk is built in the form of a quest and filled with interesting activities in which you and the Genius of Dali will take part. Your adventures will begin at Dali's private museum and end at the famous art café "Els 4 gats".

- a walk with Pablo Picasso in the Born district, you will walk from the Museum of Erotica and Avignon Harlots to the oldest commercial street in Barcelona and the Picasso Museum in the Born district.

- a walk with Christopher Columbus to the old and new Port, a journey through the myths and stories associated with the sea discoveries from the 15th century to the present day!

- a walk with Antoni Gaudí in Park Guell or around the Sagrada Familia. Open the veil of signs and symbols that surround the great cathedral, built by the great master, or get lost in the magical garden of dreams.

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