Private tours to Israel

Private tours to Israel

In addition to the usual group excursion tours to Israel, new opportunities for acquaintance with the Promised Land are increasingly being offered, we are talking about individual tours - once a rare, but now more and more accessible direction in tourism. For each traveler, the routes of individual tours to Israel are developed separately, taking into account the area of ​​interest, the amount of time allotted for rest and financial capabilities, and the last word in the details of the tour is always with the client.

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The advantages of such travel are obvious. Firstly, there you will find personal licensed guides who will not only tell a lot of interesting historical facts about the country, local traditions and peculiarities of the life of Israelis, but also share all the necessary tourist information: where to dine, which shops are better to visit, and which to save time. Secondly, comfort is guaranteed - all transfers are carried out in comfortable cars or minibuses, fully equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant trip. Thirdly, this is freedom - you travel only where you want, and you manage your time on your own, not depending on the group.

Special Tours to the Holy Land

Israel is a country of endless possibilities for a luxurious vacation, but what kind of character the journey will eventually take is up to you. This can be a classic tour, in which you will get acquainted with various sights, art objects, museums and other places of tourist attraction. Travelers visit not only popular historical and architectural monuments, which are included in the traditional must have of everyone who is interested in the culture of Israel, but also little-known sights that are usually not included in travel guides.

You will be offered a lot of options for ready-made tours, however, you can make changes to each of them according to your personal taste, for example, add or remove excursions, adjust the dates and duration of the tour.

Thematic travel

In addition, you can plan a thematic tour that involves visiting places united by a common idea. For example, if you are interested in the wine culture of Israel, then you will surely enjoy wine tours. They usually do not have clear routes, since the entire program is formed at the request of the client. Geographically, wine tours to Israel can cover the Judean Foothills, ancient Jerusalem and its suburbs, the Golan Plateau, the Carmel mountain range, wineries around Latrun and other places where the country's main wineries are located.

When planning a wine tour in Israel for several days, be sure to keep in mind that in this country Saturday is an official day of rest, on which you will hardly be able to see, let alone taste, anything interesting.

In search of moral and spiritual peace, many believers dream of making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land; individual trips are good for this type of tourism, during which no one will bother you to be alone with your thoughts and prayers. Throughout the journey, pilgrims are accompanied by certified guides, who subtly supplement the visit to the holy places with historical information and interesting commentary. Most of the Israeli shrines are available for visiting on weekdays, but if you would like to get as close as possible to the great sacraments and take part in solemn services, you need to plan a trip on the days of church holidays.

An individually planned trip to Jerusalem, during which you will visit the most romantic corners of the holy city, will give your relaxation a lyrical mood, and you can taste what Israel tastes like during the food tour.

Top Destinations for Individual Tours

  • Europe
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Vietnam
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • China
  • Scandinavia: Finland
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • France: Paris and the castles of France
  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • Russia: St. Petersburg

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