New Year's tours in Ukraine: current offers, prices and directions

Gastronomic tourism in Ukraine

We have analyzed the services for the selection of tours for current offers in different directions for the New Year and, despite the large number of booked tours, we have found several more options.

New Year Tours in Ukraine

New Year's tour in Transcarpathia with a stop in Slovakia

The tour is remarkable not only because you will meet the New Year in the most hospitable region of Ukraine, but also visit Slovakia (optional), see the most beautiful castles of the Carpathians, rejuvenate in vats and thermal springs, taste local wine and cheeses, and also the main delicacy of the French - frog legs ?

So, in order, what you will see on the tour:

  • the wonderful city of Uzhgorod and the oldest fortress of the Carpathians (Uzhgorod castle),
  • the most famous vats in the Carpathians are the Lumshorsk ones,
  • the castle of love St. Miklos and the former residence of the Schönborns,
  • the best thermal pool in Ukraine - Kosino,
  • Hungarian town Beregovo, where you will taste delicious wine,
  • you will visit in the land of Banos and Bograch, where you will eat frog legs,
  • the beautiful town of Mukachevo and its Palanok castle.
  • By the way, this is not a complete list of all the entertainment ?

Tour for the New Year in Kamyanets-Podilsky

Departure from Kiev on December 30

Celebrate the New Year within the walls of a medieval castle? Easy - go on a New Year's tour to Kamyanets-Podolsk, where a real holiday atmosphere reigns.

On this tour you will have a lot of time to get acquainted in detail with the pearl of Podillya - the city of Kamenets-Podolsky, as well as excursions to 3 castles - in Kamenets-Podolsky, in Khotin and in Medzhibozh.

The tour promises to be as interesting and bright as possible!

Tour for the New Year: Kolomiya, Verkhovyna, Bukovel and Lviv

Website about tourism

Gastronomic tours, which include a variety of tasting events, are gaining more and more popularity. Getting to know local traditions, food and drink preparation is always interesting. Moreover, when we are on vacation, we always want to pamper ourselves with something delicious.

For everyone who wants to enrich their life with new experiences, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most interesting tourist gastronomic tours in Ukraine.

You can find detailed information about these and other tours in the UA portal section. GotoWorld. om "Gastronomy".

Cheese-wine tour of Transcarpathia

A fascinating journey across Transcarpathia will bring you a lot of pleasure. Acquaintance with various ethnic cultures of this region, in particular with local cuisine, will pleasantly surprise you. And the famous wines of the Beregovsky region, combined with the best local cheeses, will pleasantly delight even the most inveterate gourmets. The tour is full of an interesting tourist program with visits to famous historical and natural sites.

Tour cost - from 545 UAH, duration - 2 days. All the details about the tour and how to book it can be found here.

Tasty Transcarpathia

Traveling through the most famous cities and castles of Transcarpathia, you will get acquainted with the ancient and complex history of this region. Legends and traditions of antiquity, enchanting nature, colorful inhabitants - all this will appear before you in all its glory. In between excursions - delicious Transcarpathian cuisine, cheese tasting with wine.

Tour duration - 3 days/2 nights, cost - from UAH 1550.

If you think that gastronomic tourism is only in Italy, then we hasten to please you: there are many places in Ukraine where you can go to taste cheese, fish, wine, honey and even jam. We have selected the most picturesque places of Transcarpathia, south and central part of Ukraine, where you can go for a gastro weekend.

Here is our TOP not popularized places in Ukraine where you can have a very tasty meal:


Lekvar with sausage, Botar village, Vinogradsky district

In the village of Botar, located on the border with Hungary and Romania, there is a Tizeh farm where meat sausages are made, jam, juices and many other organic products are made. Tourists love to come here - try delicacies and look at animals. The old Hungarian breed of cows is raised here - the Hungarian gray. Animals stand out not only for their color, but also for their huge graceful horns. Back in the 20th century, this breed was on the verge of extinction, and only about 600 individuals remained in Hungary. But, fortunately, the gray cows were saved and the livestock population increased significantly.

And on the farm live shaggy pigs of a unique breed - mangalitsa. They graze in open pastures throughout the year, and thanks to the thick wool cover they even tolerate 30-degree frosts well. They spend the night under the open sky, but eat little - basically what they find on the ground: roots and twigs of shrubs, herbs, acorns and nuts.

The Tizeh farm is also famous for its Transcarpathian lekvar jam, which is brewed according to old recipes. There is a tasting room and a Jam Museum. During the tasting, in addition to jam, guests are offered to try a signature dish - sausage with jam, which is made right there on the farm.

  • Cost: tastings are carried out by prior arrangement for groups of 10 people (estimated price - 150-200 UAH per person).
  • How to get there: Main street, 4a, Botar village, Vinogradsky district, Transcarpathian region.

Cheese factory "Baranovo", Iza village, Khust district

Not far from the Valley of Daffodils is the village of Iza, where the Baranovo cheese dairy has been welcoming guests for several years. Here you can take an excursion, where they will show the process of cheese making - from sourdough to cheese aging in special chambers. They will also tell about the history of the region, show the farm where goats and sheep live, ancient household items, with the help of which cheese was made in the old days.

All types of cheese are offered for tasting: a tasting set of five types of cheese and two types of feta cheese. While you are trying different cheeses, they will tell you about the intricacies of flavor notes and give you recommendations on how to harmoniously combine craft cheeses. Here you can taste the Transcarpathian vurda, soft sheep and goat feta cheese, as well as aged cheeses.

  • Cost: tasting - 75 UAH, excursion - 20 UAH.
  • How to get there: st. Central, 259, Iza village, Khust district, Transcarpathian region.

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