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What to bring from Morocco: smart shopping in Agadir, Marrakesh, Rabat

In the northwest of the African continent, there is a country called Morocco. The shores of this state are washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Strait of Gibraltar separates Morocco from the European continent. Morocco is an interesting and multifaceted country with an ancient culture and history.

Morocco is an amazing land where you can see snowy mountain peaks, deep gorges, golden beaches, and the moving "sandy seas" of the Sahara. Here you can relax in modern resorts, as well as get acquainted with ancient cities such as Marrakech, Meknes, Rabat and Fet, where you will discover the mysterious world of Arabian nights.

The most ancient structures found on the territory of the country are located on the Atlantic plain. These are the remains of Phoenician colonies dating back to the 1st millennium BC. The oldest of them is the Leeks, which was founded on the river of the same name at its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean.

At the foot of Mount Zerhuna was the city of Volubilis, which dates back to the period of Roman rule. The time of its construction dates back to the II-III centuries. Its ruins are located near the city of Moulay-Idris. Since 1997, the site has been protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. These are the most beautiful ruins of the Roman era in Morocco. Here you can see excavated and partially restored structures such as the capitol, baths, basilica, residential buildings, which include the "House of the exploits of Hercules", "House of Venus", etc.

The old cities of Morocco to this day have preserved many magnificent examples of classical Arab-Berber architecture - palaces, fortifications, mosques, madrasahs, aqueducts, fountains, baths. In the city of Marrakech, there is a unique monument of cult monumental architecture - the Koutoubia Mosque, which amazes the eye with its strict and beautiful proportions. The high tower of the minaret with three tiers of elongated windows and decorative arches is crowned with a superstructure with a small graceful dome. In the prayer hall of the mosque, you will see many high horseshoe-shaped arches that rest on 150 pylons. The arches formed a suite, which creates the illusion of dimensional movement. The sights of Marrakech include the Sultan's palace with a garden, the tombs of the Sultan's family, and the fortress walls.

The grandiose tower of the minaret of the unfinished Khasan mosque, which dates back to the 12th century, is striking the imagination. Also, if you happen to be in Rabat, be sure to visit the Museum of Moroccan Art, the Museum of Antiquity, as well as the remains of the Yakub al-Mansur Mosque.

During the reign of the Almohad dynasty, powerful walls with towers and arches were built around the cities. Some of them have survived to this day in full, and some in part. They can be seen in cities such as Marrakech, Meknes, Rabat, Fez.

A large number of medieval architecture related to the XII-XVI centuries has been preserved in Marrakash, Meknes, Sale, Teze. Among the most unique creations of Moroccan architecture from the 17th to 20th centuries is the Bab al-Mansour gate in Meknes. They are joined by the Bahia palaces in Marraksh, Dar-Bata in Fez, Dar-Jalia in Meknes. These buildings stand out for their sophistication, rich decor and graceful forms. Of the modern buildings, the most interesting will be the architectural ensemble of the Mausoleum of Mohammed V.


On the site of modern Casablanca in the Middle Ages, there was a small Berber village of Anfa. According to the order of Sultan Mohammed Ben-Abdallah, they began to call him Dar-el-Beida, which in translation meant "white house". A little later, the Spaniards began to call it in their own way, "casa blanca", which later became the new name of the city.

Today Casablanca is a business center with a large number of skyscrapers. The city is home to the headquarters of many banks and more than half of Moroccan companies.

The city today has more than 3.5 million inhabitants. In its lifestyle and appearance, Casablanca is similar to most southern European cities. Here is a large artificial port, with the pier Mouley Josef, which is more than three kilometers long.

Morocco landmarks

Morocco attracts tourists with Arab and African exoticism, excellent Atlantic beaches and the endless Sahara desert. Ancient Fez and snow-white Casablanca, holidays in Essaouira and Agadir, colorful bazaars and delicious cuisine - all about Morocco: weather, tours, maps and photos.

Morocco is a country of temptation, an oriental beauty, skillfully flirting with a mesmerized guest. Located in North Africa, but not an African Union member, it is otherwise full of paradoxes. Beautiful and amazing beckons from all parts of the world: in the west - the riot of the Atlantic, in the north - the gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in the south - the cosmic reliefs of the Sahara. And in the heart there are picturesque cities where the hot temperament of the Black Continent, millennial oriental traditions and modern technologies of the West are mixed.

An old mosque is probably hidden behind the facade of a luxurious hotel, behind a shopping center familiar to European gaze - a noisy market, maddening with aromas of spices, behind a fashionable spa with an exclusive thalasso menu - a secluded beach with idyllic landscapes. The traveler can only look around more attentively and be ready for endless discoveries.

The Kingdom of Morocco is located in North Africa, bordered by Algeria in the east. The northern shores of the country are washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the western ones - by the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco is separated from Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar.


You can travel to Morocco all year round - the beach season here lasts without interruption. On the Mediterranean coast, the water is warmer, but there are no large resorts there. The ocean water washing the shores of Agadir and Casablanca warms up to + 21 ° C in summer.

The best time to travel to Morocco is spring and early autumn. On the beaches of Morocco, for example, in Agadir, you can relax in summer as well - the ocean breeze makes it easy to endure hot weather.

Climate and weather

A cold country with a hot sun - this is how travelers see Morocco. The country's climate is characterized by hot dry summers and warm, humid winters. Climatic differences in individual regions are very pronounced. Under the influence of the ocean, the northwestern part of the country has the mildest weather conditions.

When choosing a time to travel, stop in May-June, when everything will be buried in greenery and flowers, or September-October, when the intense summer heat has already subsided. In summer, in Marrakech, the temperature can reach +35 ° С, but in the desert since June, the thermometer does not drop below +45 ° С. In winter, there are heavy snowfalls in the Atlas Mountains, here are cool nights and daytime temperatures range from +4 ° С to +20 ° С.


For those who imagine Morocco as an oasis of palm trees surrounded by desert, the country's geographic diversity will be a big surprise.

There are three types of terrain in Morocco: mountains, coast and desert.

Morocco is an amazing land, where you can see snow-capped mountains, deep gorges, golden beaches, and the driving

Travelers, whose eyes fall on the African Kingdom of Morocco, first of all think about visiting the most famous tourist cities - Casablanca or Marrakech. However, in the south of the country there is another city that can fairly compete with these popular destinations. We will talk about the city of Agadir - the capital of surfing and beach recreation in the country.

Getting to know the city

Agadir is an ancient beautiful city off the Atlantic coast. Its name in translation from the Berber language means "wall", "fort". Now the city is often called "the city of white" for the snow-white shade of the sand. Agadir is the most popular beach resort on the Atlantic coast of Morocco and the country's tourist destination.

People come here to surf, enjoy the warm sea and sun on the best and largest beach on the Atlantic coast, and immerse themselves in the local culture. Although this is a Muslim city, thanks to the abundance of tourists, it is rapidly acquiring some European features: women instead of hijabs wear modern beautiful clothes, and many foreigners can also be found on the streets.

For many Europeans it will be a wonder to learn that in Morocco the symbol of love is not the heart, but the liver.


Agadir is located in the southern part of Morocco, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, near the mouth of the Sousse River. The busiest and most popular city in the country, Casablanca, is about 500 km away. It is the seventh largest city in Morocco with a population of 750,000. Agadir, together with the nearby towns of Inezgan and Ait-Mellul, forms an agglomeration.

Map of Agadir

How to get there

Agadir Al-Massira Airport is located 22 km from Agadir. There are no direct flights from Kiev, you can get there with one change (Kiev – Belgium – Agadir), the average ticket price will be 7–8 thousand UAH, the travel time is about 10 hours. There are also quite inexpensive flights from Kiev (3-4 thousand UAH), but in this case the travel time will be about 15-17 hours (Kiev-Warsaw-Agadir).

There are flights of very different price categories from Moscow, respectively, they have different travel times and the number of transfers. There are also no direct flights. It is optimal to fly with one change (Moscow – Belgium – Agadir) by Aeroflot, and then by the Belgian airlines TUI Airlines Belgium. Travel time will be about 14 hours, ticket price - 16 thousand rubles.

Morocco attracts many tourists all year round, holidays in Morocco are the animated fairy tales of the "Thousand and One Nights". It is a land of contrasts and rich traditions. The smell of spices in oriental bazaars, delicate mosques, luxurious royal palaces, caravans in the desert ... All this awaits you here.

Tour prices are usually higher compared to Egypt and Tunisia. But since a visa to this country is not needed, it is worth keeping an eye on the appearance of last minute offers.

Activities in Morocco

In Morocco, rest is very diverse: it is a rich excursion program, white beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, ecotourism, thalassotherapy and even ... ski resorts.

Please note that the level of service in hotels in Morocco may be lower than in the UAE or Turkey, so before traveling, you should carefully read the reviews about the institution where you plan to stay.

Sightseeing tours and safaris

The Moroccan part of the Sahara Desert is made up of red dunes, fortresses and the Draa Valley. Tours usually start from the settlements of Merzuga or Mkhamid. A 3-day camel tour with an overnight camp in the desert or a jeep safari with visits to Berber villages is a real adventure for the thrill-seekers.

The capital Rabat is the center of cultural life. You can start exploring the city from the medina, the Kasbah Uday fortress, Shella and the Hasan minaret. Several beautiful mosques are located on Jama Street, and the ancient city of Sale is on the opposite bank. In Marrakech, travelers will be attracted by the Jamaa el-Fna square, the El-Badi and Bahia palaces, numerous oriental bazaars and the Almohad fortress. In Casablanca, it is worth visiting the new and old medina, the Hassan II Mosque, the Sacre Coeur Cathedral and the ruins of the ancient city of Anfa.

Beach holidays in Morocco

Among the most famous resorts are Agadir, Tangier, Casablanca and Essaouira. Agadir is 6 kilometers of golden sandy beaches, numerous hotels and entertainment. A distinctive feature of Tangier is that it is located on the Mediterranean Sea and on the Atlantic coast. Surfers prefer the ocean coast because of the large waves. You can also get to Spain by ferry.

The medina of Essaouira, a picturesque town with white houses and blue shutters, is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. Many tourists travel to the neighboring island of Mogador with its picturesque lagoons. According to tourists, the waves are the highest in Essaouira.

Shopping in Morocco is not only unusual shopping, but also a very pleasant vacation time. From this article you will find out what you can bring from Agadir, Marrakesh, Rabat, Fez, Casablanca and other cities in this country. We'll tell you what to buy and where to buy. We will try to guide you on prices and suggest how to save money on souvenirs.

You are unlikely to leave Morocco home with a standard tourist set of magnets and postcards - there are such amazing markets in this country that your eyes just run wild. Wherever you go for shopping - to beach resorts or to old cities on excursions - everywhere you can find something for yourself and as a gift for your loved ones.

The national currency of Morocco is the Moroccan dirham. It is more profitable to go to this country with dollars or euros - the rate will be more profitable, and rubles are not accepted in all exchangers. You can change money in Morocco at banks and official exchange offices, which are also available at airports - the rate is almost the same everywhere. Keep receipts - if you do not spend all the money, you can exchange them back (you cannot take dirhams out of Morocco).

So what to bring from Morocco?


Women should definitely take a closer look at Moroccan cosmetics and buy something for themselves and as a gift to their loved ones. The widest selection of goods in this category, judging by the reviews of tourists, is in Agadir and Casablanca, but you can find them almost throughout the country.

Argan Oil

Whichever eastern country you buy argan oil, most likely it will be Moroccan. We will not talk about the healing properties of this "elixir of youth" once again - women know very well that it can be used for hair, body and face.

We advise you to bring a bottle or two of local argan oil from sunny Morocco for yourself and as a gift. Just don't confuse a cosmetic product with a culinary one. It is also worth bringing home cosmetics based on argan from Morocco: shampoos, balms, creams, etc. The choice is very wide, and the quality is just excellent - counterfeits are extremely rare, since Moroccans make products not only for the sake of tourists, but also for themselves, and argan cosmetics are indispensable for them.

Natural argan oil can be distinguished by its characteristic nutty smell. You can buy it in the markets, in the “House of Argana” stores and at factories. A bottle of oil in Morocco will cost you about AED 50-70 per 100 ml. If the price of oil is much lower, this is a reason to think about its quality (sellers in the markets sometimes sin by selling fakes and dilute argan oil with olive oil).

Glycerin Soap

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