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    Mini-presentation Italy

    SOLARE Travel Group is a tour operator of individual tourism in Italy.

    Italy is one of the most popular and priority tourist destinations both in Russia and in world tourism.

    The company's services in Italy include, first of all, official wedding ceremonies and weddings throughout Italy, family vacations with recreational opportunities in SPA hotels and various programs of events, hotels, castles, villas, cultural event tours, alpine skiing, beach holidays, sports tours (tennis, football, golf, polo) shopping and fashion, ecotourism, agritourism, pilgrimage tours to holy places. also youth and active tours, educational programs, excursion and individual tours, gastronomic routes, holiday packages at seaside resorts, villa rentals and other travel packages.

    The company works with all regions of Italy. It also represents the little-known tourist region of Puglia in Russia. The work of the company is aimed at organizing customer service from Econom to Premium segment.

    The arguments of these guys are hotter than Vesuvius. At one time, they almost stole the Colosseum for building materials, but I don't want to remember what they did with Caesar, but there is something that the "treacherous" Italians do not like. This is their kitchen. Going to the homeland of pizza and the cradle of pasta, we recommend that you “pump” your gastronomic knowledge so as not to miss the most delicious pesto and wine on earth.

    You can idolize a woman for her beauty, intelligence, temperament, but you need (and every macho knows this) for her culinary talent. Donna is ideal according to all the canons, of course, a mother. There are many rumors and even some offensive jokes about Italian mothers, but no one will deny that they cook the most delicious lasagna and spaghetti for their bambinis, especially their sons, even if they have already reached the age of Christ the day before yesterday.

    To the chagrin of tourists, there are not enough Italian mothers for everyone, so thousands of chefs rush to help gastronomic travelers. Italians men look impressive at the stove and handle pans better than many foreign fifs. The gurus of famous (and not so) Italian cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, who won several Michelin stars (and not only) for the shoulder straps of their culinary chefs, pamper travelers with such masterpieces that inevitably want to ask for adoption. Well, or at least agree to spend the next years of their life in your kitchen.

    Food Traditions: When

    From the outside it may seem that Italians eat around the clock. Breakfast - cappuccino with pastries in a cafe nearby. Lunch is from 12 to 13, but you can stretch the pleasure for the entire period of the siesta, which lasts until 16 hours. And already from 7 pm it's time for dinner, the number of dishes at which is comparable to the richness of the table at a provincial Russian wedding. In other words, a meal is an event that always comes in handy.

    But there are rules for drinking coffee. For example, cappuccino is a morning drink. They don't drink it in the afternoon. The desire of a Russian traveler to take a latte for dessert after having eaten pizza is a great surprise to the local people. Some tourists argue that in the south of the country, where especially ardent champions of tradition live, they may even refuse a drink, citing the fact that the coffee machine is already closed. Remember, these guys dealt with Caesar - it's best not to joke with them!

    Food History: Where From

    Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines outside the country itself. There are cafes all over the planet serving pasta and pizza. The traditions of Italian gastronomy have been formed over the centuries under the influence of the Greeks, Arabs, Romans, Lombards, etc.

    The country's cuisine is extremely diversified. Each region has its own "chips" that it is proud of. For example, Molise and Abruzzo boast smoked meats and cheeses. In Calabria, they rely on fish, primarily tuna. Campania is the birthplace of pizza and baba. Emilia-Romagna is a pro in Parmesan, Parma ham and all sorts of pasta, which is certainly prepared al dente, i.e. undercooked for our taste. Lazio strives for a sweet tooth, because here they make the best gelato (i.e. ice cream). In Lombardy, a real feast for connoisseurs of risotto and famous cheeses: mascarpone, garganzola.

    Top Products in Italian Cuisine

    Must-eat Italy: food you'll miss

    Pizza is an open pie, which has a lot of variations of fillings that there are many stars in the sky. For the first time, the inhabitants of Naples were treated to it in the 16th century, since then 9 out of 10 people on the planet adore this dish.

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