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What to try in Kaliningrad: local dishes

Main impressions

Kaliningrad is a very contrasting region. German houses, unique nature, Soviet unfinished buildings, sea air, local cuisine, the spirit of freedom - all this intertwines and becomes a place where you can leave your heart!

What will we do on the tour

We will explore the city and its iconic places, try the local cuisine, travel to the sea, get acquainted with the history of the region. All this in the company of like-minded people!



There is no busy program on the day of arrival, so that everyone can take a convenient flight and not miss anything. I will personally meet you at the airport.

We are slowly imbued with the charm of Kaliningrad, getting to know our team of like-minded people who are in love with the world.

In the evening we will start our acquaintance with local cuisine in a German restaurant with a Russian soul. Which do you prefer: melting in your mouth salmon sous vide or juicy Munich sausages? Stroganina from bonito is not even discussed, here is one of the most delicious in the city. And serving dessert will surprise even experienced gourmets.

Tomorrow we will have a day full of impressions.

Kaliningrad is a famous tourist city, which is famous not only for its sights, but also for its gastronomy. For this reason, travelers who decide to visit the city have two natural questions - what to visit and what to try in Kaliningrad. You will find the answer to the second question in this article.

What to try in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad's cuisine has been influenced by two main factors: proximity to the Baltic Sea and historical past: centuries-old German culture. The city is full of delicious and varied fish and many German beer restaurants and cafes.

Fish is the first thing to try in Kaliningrad. A large number of varieties are presented here, but the tourist is advised to be careful when buying a product. The fact is that not only local fishermen bring their catch here. It also features fish from China and the Atlantic. Before buying, it is recommended to clarify where the catch came from. Many people prefer to buy fish from the Curonian Spit or the Central Market of Kaliningrad.

Tourists often bring fish as a gift as a Kaliningrad souvenir, usually expensive smoked eel or budget bream. Various fish dishes are presented in Kaliningrad restaurants. It is recommended to try the following fish varieties in Kaliningrad:

Smoked eel is one of the most delicious delicacies in Kaliningrad. To buy real fish, you should visit the Curonian Spit. You can do this on your own or as part of an excursion group. Here you can also buy other fish of the local catch. The only drawback of smoked eel is its high cost, which exceeds 2500 rubles.

You don't have to spend money on eel to enjoy delicious smoked fish. You can buy delicious smoked bream at a budgetary cost, which is 200 rubles per kilogram. The only drawback of this fish is the large number of small bones.

Baltic herring

Herring is one of the favorite fish of the locals. There is even a holiday in her honor - Herring Day. It is celebrated in Kaliningrad every spring. Tourists are also advised to try Baltic herring. It is best to buy it from the Central Market. Here guests of the city are offered moderately salted herring at an acceptable cost.

Cafes and restaurants in Kaliningrad offer forshmak from Baltic herring and fillets of their own salted.

Stroganin from bonito

Pelamida is a fish of mackerel varieties; in Kaliningrad, stroganina is made from it, which tourists are offered to try with sauce and rye bread. Bonito stroganina is a popular classic Kaliningrad dish.

Kaliningrad is trying to become the gastronomic capital of Russia

At the end of August, a gastronomic forum was held in Kaliningrad, which logically continued with a street food picnic on the island of Kant, one of the most interesting places in the city. Correspondent of "Lenta. u ”went to the exclave region to understand whether it is capable of becoming a street food, and perhaps even a gastronomic capital of Russia.

Girl and pilaf

Fragile Katya, like a real oshpaz, is confidently stirring the Samarkand pilaf in a huge cauldron with a skimmer (skimmer). Passers-by look at her incredulously - where has it been seen that a girl who has nothing to do with Uzbekistan cooks pilaf.

The owner of the Spices and Daddy workshop had a completely different career, a family business awaited her, but at some point the plans changed, and Katya went on a long journey. In Uzbekistan, she spent a week in a small village near Andijan, where she learned to cook pilaf.

Returning to Kaliningrad, Katya first cooked pilaf for her friends, and then for all comers - she organized "pilaf picnics". They settle down in the warm season somewhere on the seashore. Those who bought tickets come to the big water to have a rest, and by a certain time they go to a birch grove, "to smell", where Ekaterina and her colleagues treat everyone with delicious pilaf and salad from fresh vegetables.

At the Kaliningrad Street Food festival, there are always people at Katya's tent. Katya confesses: sometimes she has to say that it is not she who cooks, but one of her chefs - not everyone is still ready to believe that the girl really knows a lot about pilaf.

Atypical Farmers

Deer and rabbits are bred in the Mushkino farm a couple of tens of kilometers from Kaliningrad. There are 1.8 thousand deer here. The meat is supplied to local shops and restaurants, as well as to St. Petersburg and Moscow. The production of various meat delicacies has been established - dry-cured, smoked and boiled sausages, ham, roast, pâtés. The absolute hit of the mobile café is the venison burger. It tastes slightly different from the classic beef, but how it sounds!

Apart from production, the farm itself has a restaurant, a small zoo and a grocery store. Kaliningraders and guests of the city love to come here on weekends - you can spend the night in Mushkino.

If you get into the car and drive a little more - 118 kilometers towards the Lithuanian border, you will find yourself in Sovetsk, where the world-famous tilsiter cheese was born. Sovetsk is the former Tilsit. By the way, the building where the tilsiter was once made has survived.

The westernmost city of Russia is Kaliningrad. The trip here will be unforgettable. Scorching cold transparent waves of the Baltic Sea, stunning air in a pine forest, wonderful gardens, friendly Kaliningraders, strict lines of German architecture ... And great food. In Kaliningrad, delicious at every step. In restaurants and cafes here you can die of gluttony and at the same time for very little money. And so that you really eat in Kaliningrad and don't forget to try anything, AiF. u prepared a short overview of the most important specialties of the western city. In Kaliningrad, be sure to try smoked fish and local beer. Otherwise, you will simply be wasting your money on the ticket.

Fish is the most important thing in Kaliningrad. There is a lot of it here, it is delicious, especially the one that is smoked. Not all of the fish is caught in the vicinity of Kaliningraders, some are brought from the Atlantic. But on the other hand, they know how to cook fish and come up with all sorts of things that we have not seen in central Russia.

Smoked Eel

Unfortunately, there is a fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey: the prices of eel are growing and biting very quickly. Last summer, a smoked delicacy could be bought for 1700-1800 rubles. And with this the price has crept up to 2600 per kilogram.

Bony, but delicious and tender. Bream is for those who want to bring budget souvenirs or just drink beer with delicious fish. A kilogram costs around 200 rubles.

In Kaliningrad it is worth eating not only smoked fish, but any kind of fish in general. One of the common ones here is fresh pike. Excellent, delicate, lightweight. If cooked correctly, then generally out of competition.

Stroganin from bonito

Pelamida is an Atlantic fish from the mackerel family. But it is precisely the stroganin that is not made from it anywhere else - only in Kaliningrad. By the way, stroganina is also made from pink salmon, for example. And also from venison. Great for beer.

Baltic herring

To visit the Baltic and not eat herring is just a crime. Herring with potatoes or in the form of forshmak is a must.


There is a large reindeer farm near Kaliningrad. Therefore, there are a lot of venison in the city. It is often served in restaurants and is quite affordable.

Homemade sausages

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