Gourmet Paradise

Gourmet Paradise

The gastronomic tour in Kazan "Bik temle" ("Very tasty!") won the Grand Prix in the nomination "Best gastronomic route" of the All-Russian tourist prize "Route of the Year". The competition was attended by 409 projects from 70 regions of the country.

Tasty Tour

The two-day route "Bik Temle" was developed by one of the Kazan travel companies with the support of the State Committee for Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan. It allows you to learn the secrets of Tatar dishes and gives food for the mind. But the tour operator does not disclose the addresses of the cafe where breakfasts and dinners are held. They say they spent a lot of effort to find chefs who know old recipes. And one has only to name the points - competitors will rush there.

The Eastern delicacy "Talkysh kaleve" (pyramids of the finest honey threads) continues the historical theme. Guests learn the art of making this unusual dessert. Talkysh kaleve was invented by the founder of the Sayfullin family - Borhan-babay. In 1878, he returned from Turkish captivity and brought home several recipes for oriental sweets. On their basis, a new dish was created, called "talkysh kaleve". Since then, the Sayfullins have been the keepers of the old recipe.

At lunchtime, tourists, under the guidance of a chef, prepare Tatar noodles for Tokmach soup and Tatar pie - echpochmak (triangle). After that, you can go on excursions to the museums of social welfare, Salikh Saydashev, Gabdulla Tukai. View the House of the merchant Ushkov - the most expensive wedding gift in Kazan. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was built for his bride by the son of the owner of the Bondyuzhsky chemical plant, Alexei Ushkov. Now the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan is here.

On the way back, guests will find the island city of Sviyazhsk, built in one month by the soldiers of Ivan the Terrible. Among its unique churches is the wooden Trinity Church of the 16th century, which Ivan the Terrible visited twice before and after the capture of Kazan. The tour ends in Kazan with a tasting lunch of national Tatar cuisine.

“Gastronomic tourism is considered the most expensive in any country,” comments Elena Kopylova, CFO of the company that developed the Bik Temle tour. - Today, many tour operators include breakfast-based meals in their tours. Bik Temle is designed for a gourmet. Depending on the star rating of the hotel, the cost of this tour varies from 13,600 to 18,500 rubles. The interregional tour "Three capitals - three republics" is also in demand today. This is a trip to the Republic of Tatarstan, Chuvashia and Mari El. Tatar cuisine is based on meat and grain dishes; the nomadic past is reflected here. The cuisine of the Mari, who still have pagan traditions alive today, is based on the gifts of the forest, the prey from hunting. Vegetables are popular in Chuvash cuisine. Hops take a special place. It is used instead of yeast and is added to the wort for brewing beer. "

Living Museum

One of the first to talk about the peculiarities of Tatar cuisine in his books was the ethnographer of the Kazan Tatars Karl Fuchs. He did not know how to describe the signature dish of the Tatars chak-chak, as a result he called it “sweet haystack”. The original recipes for chak-chak were collected by the Tatar educator Kayum Nasyri. He also came up with his name for this delicacy - tosh (bone).

National Tatar dishes can be tasted at the Tea House on the street. Bauman, Tugan Avalym, a traditional Tatar village in the center of Kazan, Tatar estate on the street. Mardzhani, restaurants of the Bilyar chain. A year ago, another center of Tatar culinary culture appeared in Kazan - the Chak-Chak Museum. Its founders Dmitry Polosin and his wife Rushaniya Suleimanova tried to create a museum where you can feel like visiting a Tatar merchant family.

“During the year we had guests from all over the world,” says Dmitry. - More than 7.5 thousand people visited the museum only within the framework of the excursions. However, in September 2015, the Kazan Chak-Chak Museum was closed due to problems with the landlord. Thanks to the intervention of the assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Olesya Baltusova, the issue is being resolved. We are promised a home where we hope to move soon and open a museum before the New Year or after. "

By the way

The President of the Guild of Interethnic Journalism Margarita Lyange congratulated the participants of the competition. “The kitchen is the last thing people lose, and the first thing they gain,” she said. - When people of different nationalities sit down at the same table, there is no room for contention. All problems are resolved in a kind way if people share a meal together. "

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