Gourmet guide in Ukraine: farms, cheese dairies and tastings; gastronomic tours

Gourmet guide in Ukraine: farms, cheese dairies and tastings; gastronomic tours

genoese manor of the 15th century loco chimbali

We invite you to the Chimbal meal gastronomy - an amazing dinner in one of the most sincere and cozy places in Sevastopol, the 15th century Genoese manor Loco Cimbali.

This is a museum complex, recreated according to all the rules of medieval Italian architecture in the Park of Living History “Fedyukhiny Vysota”.

Here time seems to stop, and the atmosphere takes you to the distant 15th century, the time of the domination of the Italian colonies in the Crimea, the heyday of culture, crafts, trade and winemaking. Every detail of the decoration of the estate is an exact copy of antiquities. But here everything is in reality, everything is real and serves its purpose - from the smithy to the hearths of the tavern. It is here that we prepare dishes for your dinner according to old recipes and in a real medieval tavern.

The Chimbala Meal Gastro tour is a unique program of historical immersion, so you will remember such an evening for a long time.

magic space, amazing people

Imagine: evening, birds singing ... You are walking through the autumn forest, and suddenly you see an old, as if fabulous, manor. Joyful and hospitable hosts, dressed in the latest fashion of the 15th century, come out to meet you and invite you to their history.

You will be escorted through all the rooms and premises of the estate, they will tell you about every interesting and unusual detail. Passing through craft workshops, a smithy, the holy of holies - the master's bedroom, a tavern where aromatic dishes are prepared on spits, you will learn everything about how the Genoese lived in Crimea in the 15th century. Finally, you are invited to the refectory for a gala dinner.

an unforgettable evening by candlelight

The most important part of the evening - dinner - is held in the refectory, on the second floor of the master's house. This is a fireplace room that can comfortably accommodate up to 14 guests. For a group of more than 14 people, as well as for children, serving is possible in the courtyard of the estate.

Gastronomic tours - Ukraine is ready to impress with a wide variety of tastes: for example, oysters

Ukraine is a wealth of tastes. And we are talking not only about the classics - the beloved, but familiar national cuisine, but also about the gastronomic diversity offered by local farmers. And now they offer and grow, if not all, then a lot: from oysters and snails to truffles, from condensed milk to black caviar.

As part of the July digital edition, Chance for Traveler continues to inspire travel across Ukraine and offers ten farms and tastings that try to present an original gastronomic experience.

Tasting: traditional Burgundy snails/other recipes, frog legs

For someone, snails are exotic, for someone - the taste of France, for someone - just a favorite delicacy. In any case, it is impossible to draw conclusions about which of these types of consumers you belong to without trying. You can taste snails in the fresh air, and at the same time you can learn a lot about them right on the farm.

Fixing mo gettwatsu before season 2020 ??

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Traveling to Lviv, you can include this tour in your list to visit and get a lot of impressions. Local specialties include blackberry wine, grappa and many varieties of baked snails.

And recently, frog legs have also appeared here (frogs are also now bred on the spot). All for the sake of the least painful separation from France.

By the way, this farm appeared thanks to the popular Lviv establishment Tante Sophie - the same cafe with a blue door in the old city center, where they love to take pictures for Instagram. On the menu, snails were an anchor dish, namely, snails in 12 types of sauces. So, over time, after the opening of the restaurant, this farm appeared and became a location that is included in Ukraine gastronomic tours.

Taste: fresh oysters with lemon, oyster soup

Oysters in Ukraine? There is such a thing. In the sunny South, in the Nikolaev region, near the protected area on the Tiligul estuary, there is an oyster farm. Oysters are bred there, and you can also try them there.

The first in Ukraine oyster farm "Oysters of Scythia" is located on the Tiligul estuary

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