Gastronomic voyage

Gastronomic voyage

Bus tour from Vladimir to Kazan "Gastronomic voyage". New for the 2021 season! A 5-day trip to Kazan with departure from Vladimir, Moscow and other cities. You can buy an inexpensive trip to Kazan for the May holidays right now! The cost of the excursion voucher includes: travel, meals, accommodation, excursions!

General information about the tour

Accommodation in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod! 3% discount per person! Tour duration: 5 days/4 nights Tour route: Kirzhach - Wine and distillate tasting - Suzdal - Nizhny Novgorod - Rukavishnikovs' estate - Kazan - Wine and spirits tasting + gastronomic snacks - Culinary master class on cooking echpochmak - Yoshkar-Ola - National Mari lunch with tincture tasting - Cheboksary

Tour program:

03:00. Gathering of the group in Vladimir (place and time is agreed on the eve of the trip). Boarding tourists on a bus en route to Moscow on the M7 highway (free): Kosterevo, Lakinsk, Pokrov, Sobinka DEPARTURE OF TOURISTS FROM THE VLADIMIR REGION 07:30 - 08:00 Gathering the group in Moscow: Art. metro station "VDNKh and" (travel time about 2.5 hours - 130 km.). Departure to Kirzhach. Travel information. Kirzhach is a city that attracts with a non-vain provincial philosophy, where you can plunge into the unhurried atmosphere of an ancient city with an ancient monastery and dozens of luxurious merchant estates. The settlement, founded in the XIV century, has preserved many beautiful pre-revolutionary buildings and amazing landscape views today. During the sightseeing tour you will see:

  • The 19th century shopping arcade;
  • The city center with merchant houses and cellars;
  • Atmospheric theater "Sovenok";
  • Exposition of the exhibition of works by S. rokudin-Gorsky;
  • The cellar of the merchant Karabanov, with a story about the traditions of the Russian feast of the XIX century;
  • The longest wooden bridge, which is included in the Russian Guinness Book of Records due to its length: 555 m. ;
  • Art object "Glade of Lost Letters".

Kirzhach, as an old merchant city, has its own "underground" history. This is a huge number of basements from the 18th-19th centuries. In one of these old cellars, there is the Vinoteka farm of V. Snack.

Tasting of fruit and berry wines and distillates awaits you, as well as you will learn the unique technological secrets of Russian merchant winemaking, imbued with the atmosphere of mystery and antiquity in the museum space. 13:00. Departure to Suzdal (travel time about 2.5 hours - 130 km.). Travel information. Lunch with Russian cuisine. a sightseeing tour of Suzdal with a tour of the main attractions of the ancient city: the Suzdal Kremlin, the Trade Square, the Robe Deposition Monastery of the 13th century with the Venerable Bell Tower, the Pokrovsky Monastery of the 14th century. Departure to Nizhny Novgorod (travel time about 4 hours - 250 km). Accommodation at the Marins Park Hotel, Izhniy Novgorod - 1 night. Free time.


day (Saturday) - KAZAN

  • The Mother of God Monastery, where the miraculous icon of the Kazan Mother of God is kept;
  • Peter and Paul Cathedral is the most valuable architectural monument and one of the spiritual symbols of Kazan;
  • The observation deck of the Kazan Kremlin, which offers fantastically beautiful views of Kazan: a view of the Kazanka River, the Kazan Family Center, the Palace of Farmers, the Kremlin embankment, the Riviera water park, sports facilities built for the 2013 Universiade and modern buildings; <
  • The Kaban Lake embankment is an excellent walking area.

Walking tour to the main treasury of the city - the Kazan Kremlin. You will visit the Kul-Sharif mosque - the legendary shrine of Kazan and the Republic, as well as enjoy the exterior of the Annunciation Cathedral - the most ancient monument of history and culture. You will see the famous "leaning" Syuyumbike tower, Cannon yard, the oldest square in Kazan - May 1 square. Enjoy the views of the historic city center, get acquainted with the Kazan University, Svoboda Square, Kremlevskaya, Gorky, Pushkin, Tolstoy streets, learn amazing fragments from the life of famous writers in Kazan. Tasting in "Arysh May". In the flagship store-museum you will learn the history of the creation of the largest enterprise in the Volga region "Tatspirtprom" and its main brands. Professional sommeliers will offer tasting of the best samples of wines, as well as tasting of strong drinks: aromatic and natural balsam "Bugulma" + tincture "Timerhan" with high organoleptic characteristics. They will tell you about the basic rules of wine and gastronomic culture, treat you to an amazingly tasty and incredibly healthy national product - raw smoked horse sausage "Kazylyk" and the most delicate cream cheese. 15:00. Lunch with Tatar cuisine and a culinary master class on cooking Echpochmak (traditional Tatar pastries). Accommodation at the "Relita" hotel, Azan - 1 night. Free time. and for an additional fee, it is possible to organize a night tour of the city with a visit to the national store "Bakhetle", which presents the entire cuisine of Tatar chefs, cooks and confectioners, as well as national souvenirs.

The sages of Ancient Assyria said "Hours spent on fishing do not count towards life."

Since the earliest times, sea and river fish of various breeds have been given pride of place in the beliefs of various cultures, remember at least the Golden Fish or the Magic Pike. Fish, as one of the most ancient companions of man, has always been reflected in the works of art of people, be it a fairy tale or a drawing.

The Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve invites guests to the exhibition "Catch, Fish, Big and Small" at the Museum of Nature. The collection is based on sculptures, prints, paintings and stuffed animals dedicated to fish.

Since April 27, at the Museum of Nature (Vladimir, Mira str., 19).

The Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve invites guests to the exhibition "Catch, Fish, Big and Small" at the Museum of Nature. The collection is based on sculptures, prints, paintings and stuffed animals dedicated to fish.

Since April 27, at the Museum of Nature (Vladimir, Mira str., 19).


The fountain bowl is finished with granite slabs. And the artistic solution is unusual. Along the edge there are hundreds of attachments. Thin jets are directed towards the center at an angle. In the middle there are 13 more nozzles, from which water is knocked out upwards.


On the night of April 20-21, the “Library Night” campaign was held for the seventh time in the Vladimir Regional Scientific Library. This year's theme is "The Magic of the Book." The organizers of the book festival-night owl prepared many surprises for the residents and guests of the regional center. Traditionally, the elevator could go to the holy of holies of the scientific library - the book depository. Various quests and master classes, meetings with famous people, a board game championship, meetings with famous people, an acoustic concert, an Open Your Mouth recitation competition (the winner of the competition will go to the All-Russian Competition of Reciters, where she will defend the honor of the Vladimir region) awaited the guests. The headliner of Biblionochi-2018 is Aleksey Ivanov, author of the bestselling books Geographer Drank the Globe and Heart of Parma.


On April 17, in Pereslavl-Zalessky, representatives of the tourism committee of the Vladimir region administration, local authorities and the pilgrimage service of the Vladimir diocese took part in a session on the expert assessment of tourist routes dedicated to Alexander Nevsky. The event was held in preparation for the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Blessed Prince. Show in full. The residents of Vladimir presented a route through the 33rd region "The paths of Alexander Nevsky". It includes visiting objects in Alexandrov, Vladimir, Suzdal and the village of Vorsha, Sobinsky district, which are directly connected with the Grand Duke of Vladimir. The relics of the saint have been preserved for 460 years in the Theotokos-Rozhdestvensky monastery in the city of Vladimir, the noble prince founded the Alexander monastery named in his honor in Suzdal, the miraculous image of Alexander Nevsky has been preserved in the village of Vorsha, Sobinsky district, and the city of Alexandrov, according to some legends, bears the name of Nevsky. Representatives of the tourism industries of the Vladimir and Yaroslavl regions discussed the issues of creating an interregional spiritual and historical route through these regions, as well as ways of promoting it. As a result, several route projects were developed, one of which was named "Become a Grand Duke!"

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