Gastronomic tours to France; acquaintance with exquisite cuisine

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Gastronomic Tours in France

The highlight of the holiday in France

Rest in France is currently considered one of the most elite offers of the tourist market. This has become a certain pattern.

A wonderful country with an amazing history, ready to surprise any tourist. And her generosity and hospitality will win the heart of every tourist. They will beckon those who have been here at least once.

Each tourist pursues his own goals, choosing a country to travel. Any kind of tourism has a direct connection with the study of the culture and traditions of the country. French cuisine is an original, unique landmark that deserves special attention.

People say: if you want to know the country - taste it. And in order for the acquaintance to pass without unnecessary worries and worries, it is better to make a special gastronomic tour in the regions of France.

Every year such tours become more popular among tourists.

The essence of French food tours

Tours suggest a gastronomic holiday for true connoisseurs of culinary, in the form:

A gastronomic guide to the regions of France

It's no secret that the French are real gourmets, even the word "gourmet" itself comes from the French word gourmand, which means "connoisseur of delicious dishes and drinks." Indeed, in this country it is not customary to just stuff your stomach with food. Dishes are served here in small portions, the feeling of satiety is added by sauces, of which, by the way, there are more than 3 thousand in the local cuisine. And the elegant serving, the richest variety of cheeses and wines makes it possible to assert with full confidence: French cuisine is one of the best in the world.

How is food in France?

In France, a local and a foreigner differ primarily in the way they eat. It is customary here to get sincere pleasure from every piece of food, accompanying the meal with small talk. Want to dine in French? Order yourself a nicoise salad and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, sit comfortably at a small table and enjoy your meal, watching the passers-by rushing down the street.

French Food Traditions

Dishes are usually subdivided into exquisite and traditional. Having visited France, it is impossible not to taste the local onion soup, potato gratin, fondue, sweet macarons. But delicacies from the category of oysters, foie gras and the famous frog legs are also held in high esteem here, but they are rarely consumed. And, of course, every region of this beautiful country is the birthplace of a dish.


This province is home to the famous cacamber cheese. It is also known far beyond the borders of France for its apple orchards, which is why apple pie is considered traditional here. Calvados, apple cider are the most suitable drinks for this dessert.

Strong Calvados improves digestion, so order a glass at the end of dinner, but cider is not only drunk here, but also widely used in cooking, for example, in the preparation of Norman or Rouen duck.

A variety of pancakes and rolls are also very popular here.


France is also called the gastronomic capital of the whole world, the cuisine of this country has influenced the cuisines of many nations. Such well-known words as "broth", "omelette", "mayonnaise", "entrecote", "grill" appeared in France. Delicious and unusual dishes can be tasted everywhere: both in a large city and in a small village.

What and where to eat?

A gastronomic tour to France from Kiev from Yana Travel is an opportunity to taste original French dishes. Each of the 27 French provinces is distinguished by its own specialties, many of which have centuries of cooking traditions. You need to choose regions based on your taste preferences:

  • Camembert, calvados, marbled beef and other delicious dishes are prepared in Burgundy.
  • Mussels, oysters and shrimps are the tastiest and most unusual in Poitou Charentes. It is here that tourists will be greeted with branded oysters cooked in white wine sauce.
  • Bouillabaisse, also called the soup of the poor fishermen of Marseille, is best tasted in Normandy. This region is located on the coast, famous for delicious and inexpensive seafood. Here you can also taste Chablis sausages, Charolais cow escalopes, Norman duck pate.
  • Signature pates, unusual flatbreads, cheeses and olive oil can be tasted in Provence. We recommend evaluating the taste of the tapenade and ordering a ratatouille for a second.

Getting to know French national food traditions

During the tour, you can not only taste the taste of some outlandish dish, but also touch the national culinary traditions of the whole people. Food really means a lot to the French. In the process of cooking, only fresh products are used that retain all the useful properties and qualities.

French cuisine has a cult of eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Cereals are almost never used in cooking, and dairy products are mainly represented by cheeses. When cooking meat or fish, wine is often added, which gives the dish an unusual and truly French flavor.

The French have a cult of sauces - they can radically change the taste of almost any dish. Each sauce has an original recipe, usually it is designed strictly for a specific dish.

Wine tourism in France

A food tour would be incomplete without a visit to the wine cellars. Everyone will be able to taste real wine or buy a bottle of the drink as a souvenir for family and friends. For wine tourism, it is better to go to Burgundy or the famous Champagne. Here you can see how the world famous French wine is born.

In the province of Medoc, you can appreciate the splendor of the vineyards and taste the Cabernet Sauvignon variety. Tourists are invited to taste wines in the Chateau and have a snack with the most delicate cheese.

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