Gastronomic tours to France

Gastronomic tours to France

To visit France is a dream of any person. After all, many consider this country to be the most romantic place on Earth. Moreover, it is France that is also called the culinary capital of the world. Famous French gastronomic traditions have had a huge impact on the cuisines of other countries, and many culinary terms originated in this area.

Gastronomic tourism to France is becoming more and more popular among modern tourists. After all, everyone dreams of trying local delicacies: cheeses of amazing tastes, chickens from Bress, which were prepared according to unique recipes, as well as French wines known to the whole world.

National traditions of French food

It is important to remember that food plays a huge role in the life of every Frenchman. At the same time, chefs use only fresh products during cooking, trying to preserve all their useful qualities even after heat treatment.

An interesting nuance is that the French almost never use dairy products in their recipes, except for the preparation of cheeses. Indeed, the country produces a huge number of varieties of cheese from sheep, goat and cow milk.

The national cuisine of France implies the use of fresh fruits and vegetables. In many dishes we see spinach, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, asparagus, eggplant, artichokes, etc. At the same time, the French practically do not use cereals, but they love veal, lamb, chicken and game. Fish and seafood are also often seen on the table in a French home or restaurant. And when preparing meat or fish dishes, culinary specialists often add wine or cognac, which gives an interesting taste and an unsurpassed aroma.

It is also worth remembering that French cuisine differs from others in the presence of a huge number of different sauces, with which you can improve the taste of even the most ordinary food. Each sauce is original in its recipe and goes well with a certain dish.

Diverse tour itinerary

France's national heritage is not only its culture and history, but also its national cuisine. At the same time, the perfection of the dishes is not even challenged, and each region can offer its delights for gourmets with any taste.

You can go on food tours to France in the following regions with a culinary "twist":

  • Champagne-Ardennes ;
  • Burgundy;
  • Provence;
  • Languedoc;
  • Brittany;
  • Rhone-Alpes et al.

After all, local dishes can be tasted only in their homeland, and with the advent of culinary tourism, it is very easy to make such a dream come true.

Spain is a country of mountain peaks, clear sea and bright sun. Visiting this area, every vacationer will enjoy the sound of a fiery guitar, the sensibility of flamenco, as well as culinary delights and a variety of delicious wines.

Gastronomic tourism in Spain is becoming more and more popular today, because it is here that you can plunge into the world of exquisite gastronomy, which is known throughout the world. A carefully planned trip to the Spanish regions will allow you not only to get acquainted with the original local recipe, but also to get to know the culture of the people.

Peculiarities of Spanish national cuisine

Since Spain is a large country, the gastronomic traditions of each region are different. In one part, residents prefer fish delicacies, and in the other - meat dishes. But all the recipes are united by the use of olive oil, aromatic spices and herbs, and a huge amount of garlic.

At the same time, we can highlight the points that are considered common in cooking for all regions of the country:

  • Plenty of fresh vegetables;
  • Using olives, sage and grated walnuts;
  • Grilling;
  • Stewing vegetables and meat in wine;
  • Casseroles with sheep cheese, etc.

National Spanish cuisine is so versatile that it is simply impossible to try all the local delicacies. Therefore, a visit to the country should start with classic dishes: specially smoked ham ham, gazpacho, smoked chorizo ​​sausage, tortilla, etc. Do not forget about the most famous Spanish dish - rice paella, which resembles pilaf. At the same time, the special specificity of cooking in Spain makes its traditional cuisine very healthy.

Gastronomic zones of the state

It is important to note that each province has its own unique recipe, so the paella in Barcelona will be different from the paella in Valencia. Food tours to Spain often include the following regions in their itinerary:

  • Catalonia;
  • Basque Country ;
  • Castile;
  • Valencia, etc.

Basque cuisine is called the most exquisite because it combines both French culinary specialties and Spanish. At the same time, tourists will enjoy there gastronomic masterpieces of fish, chicken, beef, seafood and beans. In Galicia, you can taste boiled octopus and potted merlan fish. But in Cantabria, the kitchen does not do without anchovies, beef, dairy products, shellfish, rice and trout.

Roast Casuela with Alioli garlic sauce is considered a traditional Catalan dish. However, many believe that Catalan cuisine has absorbed the best of Mediterranean gastronomy. Its recipe is constantly being improved, and every year more and more new dishes appear. At the same time, Catalan chefs love to experiment, combining cold with hot, sweet with salty, or ready-made with raw.

If you look at the Australian continent from high, you can see that its entire territory is covered with river beds. Almost all waterways are shallow or dry out altogether. Replenished only during rainy seasons. Another feature of the continent is that virtually all rivers have no runoff into the ocean.

This is due to the fact that nature has presented the continent with an unpleasant gift and precipitation falls unevenly on its territory. The river beds are dry almost all the time. Only at the moment of rains do they overflow and can flood nearby settlements. When precipitation ends, and a hot sun appears on the horizon, they dry up. There are approximately 70 rivers in Australia.


This particular river is considered the longest river on the mainland. It occupies almost 12% of the entire continent. Its mouth has always been considered small and shallow. Replenishes the lack of water during heavy rains. It is at this moment that it is considered especially dangerous and can sink entire settlements. The largest Murray spill was recorded in the middle of the 20th century.

Many cities and their inhabitants have suffered from its waters. The flood lasted almost six months, which ultimately caused widespread destruction. However, almost always the river remains quiet and calm, does not portend any danger. Previously, during a drought, the Murray Bed was practically dry. But today, such problems do not arise, since the required water level is provided thanks to the created reservoir. The river is considered ideal for fishing. And not just amateur, but also sports. A large number of fish live in river waters.

In particular, you can find cod, trout and perch. You may also be lucky enough to catch shrimp or catfish. Among other entertainments, one can highlight the river boat trip, which has been organized since the 19th century. You can also rent a floating house.


This is a large meandering tributary of the Murray. Its length is almost 2800 km. During a drought, which lasts long enough, the river becomes very shallow. During this period, the river becomes like a thin stream. The lower course of the Darling looks very uninteresting, as all around you can see only deserted shores. However, it is here that there are suitable places for fishing. In the autumn and spring, the river dries up very much.

Having decided to visit Darling, it is worth stopping in the small town of Brewarrin. Here you can feel the real life of aboriginal tribes, taste their traditional dishes. Here you can also see rock hieroglyphs, which are almost 50 thousand years old.


This is another large tributary of the Murray. In winter, there is a high risk of flooding in nearby settlements, but with the arrival of spring and summer, the river is very calm and safe. It is at this time that fishing lovers gather here.

Getting to know the cuisine of different countries is always interesting and pleasant, we offer the best directions for a delicious holiday.


One of the most beloved and widespread in the world, Italian cuisine has many fans. Italy is home to dishes like pizza, pasta and risotto. It's hard to find someone who hasn't tasted the legendary dessert - tiramisu and Italian wine.

You can enjoy Italian cuisine in any region of the country, and it is best to take a tasting tour, because each city has its own secret recipes for cheeses, sausages and other delicacies.


The concept of haute cuisine appeared in France and not by accident. The French are passionate about food preparation, paying close attention to the taste, aroma and appearance of food.

In France, you should definitely try foie gras, frog legs and onion soup.


There are not as many traditional dishes in Spain as there are in France or Italy, but some of them deserve close attention.

Trying paella is best to go to Valencia, for tapas in Barcelona, ​​and for jamon and suras - in the south of Spain.


Thailand is a striking representative of Asian cuisine, which is gaining popularity every year along with the growing tourist interest in the country.

If for you a gastronomic tour is a trip with guaranteed all-inclusive in hotels in Turkey or Phuket, then we have news for you: gastronomy can become a separate full-fledged experience.

A gastro tour is a thematic journey in which you get completely new experiences through the authentic cuisine of a country, city or even a quarter, the culture of the feast, the peculiarities of winemaking or the rules of conduct of local bars.

Savelova Agata

What is a food tour

This is a tour in which the culture of food and the dishes themselves become the center of attraction, an end in itself, the main source of impressions, and emotions go far beyond satisfying the need for calories. The tour program includes tastings, meetings with farmers on their farms, visits to luxurious local markets.

What is a signature gastronomic tour

"Author's" means that the tour program, logistics and all must-haves are developed by an experienced, creative and inspired organizer. These are young people, girls, initiative groups, travel clubs who not only love food and travel, but are also ready to share this love with others. They are also well versed in their subject matter, value the quality of products, respect drinking traditions and know how to make a trip unforgettable. Most often, the authors of the tours permanently reside where they are taking the group, or they often go there and know the area like the back of their hand.

Photo: nd3000/Shutterstock

On our platform Tutu Adventures (an aggregator of author's and thematic tours, the main thing in which is absolutely new experiences) there is a whole section of author's gastronomic tours.

Are you vegetarian? Not a problem, the authors have a couple of ideas just for you. Are you a wine connoisseur and can easily tell the difference between 2003 and 1998? Excellent, join a tour of Georgian or Italian vineyards. Are you a passionate meat eater? Dagestan's chefs can't wait to show off their art. Prefer seafood? Mmm, just think what Sakhalin can offer you.

The main thing is that the dishes included in the program, wineries, coffee houses, falafel houses have already been tested by the guides on themselves more than once - no unpleasant surprises will happen.

When is the best time to go

Region dependent. Georgia waits for harvest in the fall, Karachay-Cherkessia for cheese tasting at the height of summer, London for a picnic in English landscapes and checkered scarves at the beginning of autumn, and Petersburg for a walk in secret bars - at any time of the year, but better in winter: brighter there is a contrast between the weather and the internal warmth.

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