Gastronomic tours to Armenia

Tourism in Turkey

What types of tourism in Turkey are the most preferred for Russians today? For many years this country has become the leader in the ratings, the most popular holiday destination for most of the CIS residents.

Tourism in Turkey attracts travelers with amazing service, an abundance of attractions from the Magnificent Age, numerous monasteries, beaches, shopping centers and water parks. It is equally comfortable here both in winter and in summer, although it is worth going for a vacation by the four seas only in the summer months, when you can swim and enjoy hot days.

How to get there?

The most convenient and affordable way to travel to Turkey is to buy a plane ticket. More than 20 flights depart from Moscow daily to Istanbul alone, and in high season to popular tourist cities. The ticket prices are as follows:

  • Moscow-Istanbul - from $ 200, travel time 3.5 hours;
  • Moscow-Antalya - from $ 300, travel time - 3 hours 25 minutes;
  • Moscow-Alania - from 310 dollars, on the way - 3 hours 40 minutes;
  • Krasnodar-Istanbul - from 220 dollars, on the way - 2 hours;
  • Minsk-Istanbul - from $ 400, on the way - 2.5 hours;
  • Minsk-Antalya - from $ 500, route with a transfer in Moscow, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Beirut and other cities ;
  • Kiev-Istanbul - from 200 dollars, on the way 2 hours;
  • Kiev-Antalya - from 470 dollars with a transfer in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Vienna, Paris, Zurich.

For those who are not looking for easy ways, a trip to Turkey by car through the territory of southern Russia and Georgia is available. On the way there are several customs control points, the travel time is about a week one way, but you will get a lot of impressions.

Where to stay?

Turkey, perhaps, can give odds to most countries in the number of hotels and hotels where you can stay. Accommodation prices depend on the type of hotel:

  • high-end club hotels - overnight accommodation will cost from $ 100;
  • home hostels - from $ 15;
  • unrated hotels ( similar to 1 *) - from 2 dollars per night;
  • camping - from 7 dollars for accommodation in a tent;
  • 2 * hotels with bathroom - about 40 dollars;
  • for a 3 * hotel room with air conditioning and hot water, you will have to pay about $ 70;
  • for $ 100+ you can stay in a high-class hotel with meals.

Budget alternatives to hotels are hostels, hostels and wild camping, but this option is not recommended for foreigners for security reasons.

Leisure and tourism in Turkey

Tourism in Turkey

Armenia is an amazing country that everyone should visit. After all, many natural and historical attractions will not leave anyone indifferent. Examining the ancient temples, castles and monasteries, you can immerse yourself in the romance of bygone years. Do not forget about the magnificent mountain landscapes of the area with magnificent views of waterfalls and lakes.

Peculiarities of Armenian national cuisine

Gastronomic tours to Armenia are becoming more and more popular. And this is not at all surprising, because the cuisine of this South Caucasian country has always been famous for healthy and wholesome food. Here everyone will have a great opportunity to taste exquisite cognac, various types of cheese and exclusive meat delicacies.

The national cuisine of Armenia implies the use of only fresh and high-quality ingredients in cooked food. Cheese is the pride of Armenia. Moreover, each gourmet will be able to choose a variety to his liking: salty, unleavened, smoked product from sheep, cow or goat milk. One of the most popular Armenian snacks is considered to be a dish that consists of herbs, cheese and vegetables. At the same time, all components are wrapped in pita bread.

If we talk about meat, Armenians prefer lamb and beef. Arriving in this sunny country, you can try pickled pork legs (mohozh), meatballs (kyufta), barbecue, dried meat (basturma), various soups in meat broth.

The recipes of Armenian cuisine are so diverse that every tourist can choose a dish that suits him best, which will be remembered for his amazing taste for a lifetime. Many people recommend that you definitely try tolma in the Caucasus, pilaf with smoked fish or dried fruits, oven-baked trout stuffed with raisins, ginger and rice (kutap). Also, do not forget about the original assortment of liver and vegetables.

For dessert you will be offered dried fruits, halva, baklava, puff pies with various fruit fillings.

Where to visit and what to try?

The gastronomic tour in Armenia will be quite eventful. After all, tourists will be able to visit significant places of the capital and the whole country, trying local culinary delicacies. A prerequisite is a visit to the Yerevan Brandy Factory, where you are allowed to taste real Armenian brandy, which is famous all over the world.

Some restaurants that host culinary tour participants not only offer their own dishes, but also organize interesting master classes led by the chefs themselves.

During the trip, you can dine at the Ararat Hall restaurant, visit the Noy winery, admire the Garni temple, where cooks will teach everyone to cook the national bread of Armenia - lavash. It is also possible to go to the village of Areni, where the world's oldest winery is located. Here you can not only taste, but also buy grape, apricot, pomegranate, cherry wine with an exclusive taste. Moreover, the prices for such drinks are affordable for everyone.

In Noraduz village you will enjoy fish delicacies and white tart wine. In a restaurant near Amberd, you will taste the traditional Armenian dish khash. In cold weather, it is one of the most popular culinary delights. It is usually eaten in the morning with pita bread, garlic and vodka. This dish is prepared from the legs of cows, which are cooked for several hours before that, until the tendon separates from the bone, and the water becomes a thick and rich broth. This dish is served on the table, abundantly seasoned with salt and garlic.

All tasted national dishes of Armenia will give a sea of ​​positive emotions that are hard to forget.

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