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Gastro-tourism in Crimea: local truffles and mussels from New Zealand

Crimean NedoTomatina

Event tourism is an important component of gastro and wine tourism. About ten years ago, it seems that both representatives of the Crimean tourist business and local authorities, who undertook to actively promote this direction, understood this. Interesting festivals began to appear in Crimea. However, mostly alcoholic.

WineFeoFest - a wine festival in Feodosia - quickly became a brand event. The Golitsyn Days have become traditional in Novy Svet, Grape Seasons were held in Alushta, and ArtWineFest took place in Sevastopol. Of the purely gastronomic ones, one can recall the stylish festival "Mussel Express", which was organized in Sevastopol for three years.

There were also less successful projects - for example, the Crimean Kebab festival in the village of Mindalnoye near Sudak, which failed due to ill-conceived transport logistics, or the tomato festival in the village of Sadovoye, Nizhnegorsk District, interesting in design, but unsuccessful in embodiment. In addition, no one except the locals knew about it. It is clear that so far nothing similar to the well-known Spanish "Tomatina", which is visited by about 40 thousand tourists annually, can hardly be organized in Crimea, but for a start, a nice regional-level festival could well have turned out if someone really did it organization.

Red mullet to replace mussels

Nothing is left of all these various festivals. Last year, WineFeoFest was supposed to be held, but at the last moment it was canceled due to a "difficult period", in other words, neither the municipal authority nor the winemakers, who really had no time for festivals, could find money to organize it. This year, the Feodosia festival is again on the Calendar of Events from the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism, but the dates are not indicated. The press service of the city administration also says that this issue has not yet been worked out.

However, a new festival has appeared in Feodosia - "Barabulka", which this year was held for the second time. The topic itself, of course, is fertile. Well, where, if not in the Crimea, to hold festivals of fish cuisine! In fact, they should be in many seaside towns, but the guests of the festival had mixed impressions of the fish festival.

Tatiana Bolshakova, author of the project "To the Crimea with a fork and a corkscrew" (Sevastopol):

“I lacked gastronomic creativity at Barabulka. The restaurateurs approached the issue very flatly. Almost all restaurants made fish in batter. There was no interesting dish. Everything is simple, trite and, frankly, not very tasty. My assessment of the festival - well, almost four. "

Thanks to the multinational culture of the peoples living on the territory of the peninsula, Crimea has ideal conditions for gastronomic tourism.

In today's review, we will tell you about the most popular Crimean establishments, which are in demand not only among tourists who are hungry for exotic things, but also among demanding locals.

"Kezlev Qavesi" and "Dzheval" restaurant in Evpatoria

Evpatoria can be safely considered the Crimean "center of gastronomic tourism". It is here that the most interesting cafes of national cuisines are located: Crimean Tara, Jewish and Karaite.

For those wishing to touch the Crimean Tatar culture, there is a cultural and ethnographic center "Odun-bazaar qapusy" - there are many interesting excursions, including a visit to the ethno-restaurant "Jeval" and the coffee shop "Kezlev kavesi".

Having visited the restaurant, you can taste the dishes of the Crimean Tatar cuisine prepared according to old recipes, in compliance with all norms and technologies. In the summer, the restaurant also hosts separate culinary tours. However, guests in any season can contact the chef and learn about the peculiarities of cooking the food they like. You can also visit a stylish coffee shop, the interior of which is designed in the Crimean Tatar style, and try one (or more) of 15 varieties of coffee, differing in varieties, regions of coffee beans growth, and preparation recipes. There is also a branded version of Kezlev-style coffee, and elite, expensive sorts. A large selection of teas is also offered, including such exotic as "dag-tea" (with inflorescences of mountain herbs and pieces of dried berries), "chel-tea" (filled with the aromas of the Crimean steppe) and even "Kypchak tea" (with pepper, salt and milk). In addition, guests in the coffee shop will always be treated to sweets: Tatar baklava, sweet cobet, sand kurabiye and other delicacies.

Address: Evpatoria, st. Karaeva, 13a. Phones: +7 (978) 066 44 02 (restaurant); +7 (978) 066-44-01 (coffee shop). Website: . om

Cafe of Karaite cuisine "Karaman"

Karaites are an ancient people (ethnically related to the Turks) living in the territory of Crimea.

Also noteworthy is the colorful interior of the establishment - it uses wooden elements and fabrics, paintings and filigree patterns in the Karaite style. Here you can taste real Karaite pies, which have become one of the gastronomic "visiting cards" of the peninsula, homur-dolma (small dumplings, the diameter of which was previously measured by the size of wedding rings), snow-white halva with nuts and many other dishes.

Address: Evpatoria, st. Karaimskaya, 68. Phone: +38 (06569) 330-35. Website: . u

Cafe-Museum of Jewish Cuisine "Yoskin Cat"

Gastronomic tourism is a new phenomenon, but very promising. It is very common in European countries, but it is slowly gaining momentum in the Crimea. Mussels, fine wines, home-made beer, game, ostrich meat ...

For connoisseurs of good wine

Wine and gastronomic tour "The new face of the Crimean winemaking". Private wineries of the Crimea, engaged in small-scale production of wines, have been selected for visiting. The program includes visits to five farms in Gurzuf and Sevastopol. Potential tour participants are also offered to listen to lectures on winemaking, learn the rules of tasting, take thematic excursions to Chersonesos Tavrichesky, the cave city of Eski-Kermen and Balaklava, visit restaurants and taste Crimean dishes.

Participants of the "Sun in a Glass" tour are offered to travel all over Crimea within 9 days along the route: Simferopol - Feodosia - Koktebel - Novy Svet - Massandra - Yalta - Alupka - Sevastopol - Novoulyanovka - Bakhchisaray - Simferopol and "get acquainted with the history of the development of winemaking and gastronomy in Crimea, try the Crimean Tatar and national Ukrainian cuisine, fish and game dishes, enjoy excellent Crimean wines and buy them in company stores. "

Gourmets and lovers of exotic

The Black Sea mussels are offered at the Mussel Express festival. It is held for the second year in Sevastopol. The chefs show a master class in the preparation of mussel dishes.

For the weekend, you can escape to the Kefalo Vrisi (Balaklava) estate, where they offer to taste dishes from fresh sea fish and game, cooked on the grill according to original original recipes.

The estate "Alimova Balka" (Kachi-Kalon, Bakhchisaray) lures with its hut (restaurant in Hutsul style. Auth.) "Wild boar", where meat is cooked in a special marinade, and freshly picked quail eggs are offered for breakfast , fragrant honey from our own beehives, fresh dairy products from the village.

You can also please your stomach by visiting Crimean farms. For example, at the ostrich farm in Denisovka (Simferopol district) you can taste dishes made from ostrich meat, Vietnamese pig, quail, try omelet from ostrich eggs, and at the Miracle Donkey farm (Zalesnoye village, Bakhchisarai district) you will be offered donkey milk.

Getting to know the national cuisines

In Evpatoria, within the framework of the “Small Jerusalem” route, tourists will be fed national German, Crimean Tatar and Jewish cuisine. Also on the way - the opening of restaurants of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine.

In the former German colony of Kronental (Kolchugino village, Simferopol district), you can gorge on traditional German pork sausages, sauerkraut, smoked chicken according to a special recipe and drink homemade beer. Greek national cuisine can be tasted in the cultural and ethnographic center "Karachol" in the village. Chernopolye (Belogorsk district), Ukrainian - in the cultural and ethnographic center "Yavir" (Pozharskoye village, Simferopol district), Crimean Tatar - in the center "Kapsikhor - Ai-Serez" (Morskoye village, Sudak), etc.

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