Gastronomic tours 2019: TOP 5 most fashionable destinations

Gastronomic tours 2019: TOP 5 most fashionable destinations

The hospitable little Georgia has always attracted tourists. People come here to get medical treatment "Borjomi" and lie on the beaches near the Black Sea. The country, famous for its Kindzmarauli and Pirosmani wines, unforgettable toasts and Lezginka, has always been a hospitable hostess. But lately it is gastronomic tours to Georgia that are gaining more and more popularity.

Enjoy the palette of flavors of Caucasian cuisine

A person who first came to Georgia might think that an eternal holiday reigns here. Any feast at which "only" a dozen of toasts were said, the people of the mountains consider a simple snack. But after 20 "speeches" you can already think about the status of this feast. And what is a feast without national products? Therefore, the cuisine of the peoples of the Caucasus has always been famous for the abundance of cheese, herbs, meat and other interesting dishes with which it is customary to eat fine Georgian wine or strong chacha.

To list all the national dishes of Georgia is a thankless task. They must be tasted, preferably in Georgia and certainly in the company of local aksakals. Some of them can be named. These are the masterpieces of culinary art that betray the unique Georgian flavor:

  • "Mtsvadi" - a shish kebab from a steam room (the other is not recognized) pork tenderloin, cooked on charcoal from a grapevine. Barbecue meat is not marinated to preserve juiciness. It is simply salted and peppered during the cooking process. Served with tkemali and red onion rings.
  • Some people call Khinkali Georgian dumplings. But this is just culinary blasphemy! In this dish, the main thing is not the meat filling, which is necessarily prepared from various types of meat, namely the broth formed in the khinkali during the cooking process.
  • Khachapuri - cheese (khacho) bread (puri), prepared here according to a hundred recipes only in cast-iron pans. The size of the khachapuri depends on the size of the same pan.
  • Lobio (beans) is always prepared from red beans with the addition of tomatoes, garlic, walnuts and spices.
  • Chakhokhbili - poultry stew. Originally prepared from pheasant (khokhobi) with the addition of tomato, garlic and spices unchanged for Georgian cuisine.
  • Kharcho is a Georgian soup, the invariable components of which are beef meat, sauce and walnuts. The rest is added by each chef to his liking. Therefore, each region of Georgia has its own recipe for kharcho.

At a traditional feast, instead of bread, mchadi, cornmeal cakes, or "gomi", a porridge made from corn grits, are served. And fruits are served as dessert: grapes, tangerines, persimmons, figs.

And now about the wine that has been prepared in this region for more than seven thousand years. They take care of the vine like a child, write poems about it, sing songs. Nowadays more than five hundred grape varieties are grown on the territory of Georgia. And there are also many varieties of white and red wines: Tsinandali, Mukuzani, Khvanchkara, Kindzmarauli and many others.

If during the feast you still haven't calculated your strength, "Borjomi", natural mineral water, which has also glorified Georgia all over the world, will help you.

Get Out, Diet!

In Georgia, any meal at which a guest is present must begin with toast and wine. The hospitable host will never serve the guest yesterday's dish, everything is only freshly prepared, and the portions are very soulful! So be sure to calculate your strength so as not to get into such a situation as the hero of the "Caucasian Captive".

If you want to try at least some of the national dishes, start with cheeses. It is better to taste Suluguni in Samegrelo, in Imereti they prepare soft gadazelili with mint, Mtiuleti will spoil you with guda lamb cheese, and coby cheese is made only in Javakheti (cost from 4 to 7 dollars per kg).

Soup with a name that you can't pronounce, kebab with secret ingredients or desserts with a special taste - for the sake of such dishes, many travelers go on tours to other countries. And this is not a joke! Tourists don't care about local attractions or beautiful beaches, their goal is to get to know the local cuisine.

If you are also thinking about doing gastronomic tourism or are already actively traveling, we are at Joy-pup. om has collected 5 of the most fashionable trends that cannot be missed.


Surprised? This beautiful country is rich in cooking traditions. Only here you can try the right shish kebab or delicious khachapuri. National delicacies introduce travelers to the history of the country and tell more about it than any guide.

What to try?

  • Khachapuri. Only here it is really tasty and properly prepared - soft cheese, airy egg and very juicy.
  • Correct kebab. It is made from young lamb and marinated in a special secret sauce, the ingredients of which you will hardly be able to guess.
  • Dambal cheese. It is prepared in the Mtskheta region according to a secret recipe. Cheese is handled by a specially trained person who is obliged to keep the secret of cooking secret.
  • Wine. Wine tourism is developed in Georgia. And it is not surprising, because there are many delicious aromatic drinks that were created from grapes harvested on local plantations.


It's very sweet and delicious here. Italians are used to enjoying food - without haste, with conversation and with a glass of good wine. Each region of Italy has its own culinary traditions, but such food must be prepared with olive oil and bright spices.

What to try?

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  • Classic "Margarita". You can try it in Naples, where you will also be taught how to make pizza and will be treated to delicious strong coffee. Here you can also attend a mozzarella master class.
  • Pecorino sheep cheese. Visit Tuscany and be sure to try this often experimented cheese. Pistachios, dried fruits, saffron and other, at times, strange spices are added to it.
  • Seafood with pesto sauce. In the province of Liguria, the famous pesto sauce is prepared, which contains garlic, basil and olive oil. It goes well with fresh seafood served on a large plate.


If you want something brighter and more unusual, go to this country. She has absorbed the peculiarities of the cuisines of all neighboring regions. Thai dishes are based on rice and noodles, and the ingredients must always be fresh.

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