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Delicious tread on the gastronomic map of the world: everything about gastronomic tours or What is gastronomic tourism and

What do most people identify with gastronomic tours? First of all, with gourmand, i.e. with people who value taste know-how and innovative culinary techniques, haute cuisine and extraordinary dishes, sophistication in serving and presenting dishes in trendy styles, etc.

The second idea of ​​gastronomic tours concerns people for whom food and gustatory impressions are the best tourist entertainment, the essence of the trip, something from which they get maximum emotions and positive (popularly “lovers of delicious food”). The third version is tasting excursions, when visiting an attraction involves a direct or indirect connection with the local cuisine, terroir product, food. The fourth and strangest association is an all-inclusive offer from a hotel or travel agency.

The first three are correct to one degree or another, but they do not reflect the essence, possibilities, concept of gastro-tourism.

What is a food tour

The essence of gastronomic tours is not eating and enjoying it, although, yes, meals and gustatory impressions on such trips are among the priority points of the tourist program. It's more of a way to get to know the country, and the way is quite pleasant and tasty. The purpose of the trip is to study, through the dishes and the specifics of local cuisines, the characteristics of the region (its ethnicity, culture, customs, history, mood and spirit of the local population, its values).

Tourists do all this in various ways, through sightseeing, studying architecture, works of art, natural beauty, communication, etc. The same can be done through food on food tours. And many say that this way of acquaintance and immersion in the color of the region is even more effective and objective than others.

This is because the national cuisine is formed from numerous "pinches", i.e. contributions of thousands of people, climatic features of the country, its history, origin, etc. How much bigos, onion soup, bouillabaisse or that very pizza will tell about culture and history! Each such dish has its own history and its own legend (often more than one), many transformations associated with the life of the region. Therefore, they can convey the spirit and mood of the people, the color of the country so voluminously, precisely, multifacetedly, and draw a "portrait" of a resident.

And how much is new, unique and far from the loud, well-known, massively tourist facts, you can find out, because at the meal the locals willingly share the secrets and interesting things of their land.

What are and what gastronomic tours include

Like other travel destinations, gastronomic travels vary in content, program, duration, category, etc. They can be conditionally divided into:

urban (closer to haute cuisine, restaurant option);

rural (eco and/or agro formats);

ethno homestay or themed hotel (close to people and daily cooking);

Blog Highlights

A Culinary Experience Publication in Psychologies Magazine.

LavkaLavka hosted a Master class organized by Travel Hunter, where we prepared several dishes from the cuisines of different regions of Italy: bruschetta with eggplant, baked chicken with rosemary, pumpkin and spinach, pasta with truffle salsa, stewed spinach with arugula and tasted it all, washed down with Italian wine. But to truly feel and fully cognize the taste and aroma of this splendor

My friends and I, the LavkaLavka farm project, held another master class, where we introduced the guests to French cuisine. (Last time we had an Italian evening). Amazing things were happening in the kitchen. The pike perch, skillfully cut by chef Mikhail, was dressed in a delicate green herbal marinade, wrapped in foil with the pumpkin and sent to the oven. Each of the

Friends, good afternoon! From November 30 to December 2, on the territory of the Gostiny Dvor in Moscow, the famous, sixth in a row, Food Show gastronomic festival took place! This is an annual event for everyone who is not indifferent to delicious and healthy food: master classes, tastings, draws, entertainment for children and much more. Travel Hunter Company thanks all the guests of the exhibition who visited

On December 13, the next Travel Hunter gastronomic master class was held at LavkaLavka! This year's final master class was dedicated to Mexico, whose vibrant gastronomic culture is rooted in the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs and Mayans, and is saturated with seductive aromas of spices and savory sauces. We learned how to cook hot carrots with the main Mexican drink - tequila and spicy chili con carne, long ago

December 14-16, 2012 The PIR Fair took place in Moscow, within the framework of which we actively introduced gastronomic tourism to all those who love to eat deliciously and travel interestingly. For those who did not manage to come to the PIR Fair - a small photo report.

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