Gastronomic tourism: what are the advantages and features

A Taste of Wanderings: Going on a Food Tour of Europe

If you love delicious food and love trying new dishes, then you should definitely visit the best cities in Europe for gastronomic tourism. Euromapa invites you to explore five beautiful European cities that are a true gourmet paradise.

San Sebastian

The main gastronomic pride of the Basque Country is the numerous tapas bars, which are traditionally called here pintxos bars. One of the most popular pintxos bars in the city is the Borda Berri bar.

This small bar serves delicious ravioli and crispy pork ears. The best foie gras in town is served at La Cuchara de San Telmo, while for the tastiest mussels and seafood, head to the inexpensive La Mejilloera bar.

In addition, you should go to the “Ganbara” bar, where you can taste delicious seasonal mushroom dishes with a special sauce.

And at the end of the excursion to the pintxos bars of San Sebastian, you should go to the legendary bar "La Vina", the main pride of which are amazing cheesecakes. If you want to dine in a more festive and sophisticated setting, you can also visit the expensive Arzak and Mugarits restaurants. Both restaurants have three Michelin stars.


The capital of France is the ideal city to experience fine French cuisine. For true gourmets, Paris has a variety of luxury Michelin-starred restaurants.

However, it is not at all necessary to visit expensive restaurants in order to have a tasty meal. Excellent cocktails and delicious snacks at quite affordable prices can be found in the trendy Parisian bar "Le Mary Celeste", and all fans of the Parisian bistro should go to the restaurant "Le Chateaubriand", which is also famous for a wide selection of dishes and affordable prices.

Paris is a true sweet tooth paradise. If you like sweets, then be sure to visit the oldest pastry shop in Paris - "A La Mere de Famille", which offers a huge selection of chocolates and confectionery.


Gastronomic tourism is becoming more widespread. What opportunities does it provide.

When starting a trip, we definitely set ourselves some goals: to conquer mountain peaks, see as many sights as possible, or just soak up the beach under the hot rays of the sun.

Gastronomic tour as a separate type of travel

Gastronomic tourism, details of which can be found at . lub /, will give us an unforgettable taste experience from the abundance of dishes of the national cuisine of a particular country. After all, you can try both rare, exotic dishes, and completely plunge into the atmosphere of national cuisine, which for centuries has accumulated unique recipes, traditions and culture of cooking, eating food.

A food tour is not just a banal journey, it is a whole complex of excursions and visits to places for tasting traditional dishes that you can hardly try anywhere else.

Suitable for whom

Do not think that only those who like to eat a lot and deliciously go on a gastronomic tour. A food tour is good if you:

  • a food lover, a true gourmet, who perceives food as an art;
  • you travel around the country, but in addition to attractions, you want to get to know the local cuisine and national traditions of its preparation ;
  • A restaurant owner or a chef who wants to discover the secret of cooking world cuisine, learn new unusual combinations of products.

As you can see, gastronomic tourism will suit everyone. Everyone will be able to find for himself the country that will captivate him with the aroma and taste impressions of the tasted national dishes and drinks. And gastrotravel. lub will help you with this choice with ease.


The gastronomic tour does not only involve visiting restaurants and cafes. His program can be much more intensive and varied:

Home »Tips» Gastronomic Tourism: Best Routes

Tasty tours are a growing tourist destination. Despite its "youth" and immaturity, it has already acquired its own circle of admirers. A fairly large number of tourists prefer not just to go shopping and lie on the beach, but to find out what dishes are national in a particular country, what culinary traditions different nations have.

A traditional point on any food tour is tasting a variety of local cuisine. There are two types of gastronomic tours: urban and rural. In the first type, tourists visit factories that produce certain food products characteristic of a particular region. A rural gastronomic tour is an opportunity to taste vegetables and fruits directly from the garden (for example, pick grapes and taste them without leaving the vineyard), milk - directly from a cow or other animal. We present you with six of the most interesting gastronomic routes.

French Provence

Traditionally, Provence is called the lavender region. When tourists come to Provence, they are pleasantly surprised that here you can not only look at the flowering of lavender fields, but also have a very tasty meal.

Lavender fields of Provence

Locals call their cuisine "sunny". This is due to the fact that all its main products are reminiscent of the summer warmth and sunny south: olives, an abundance of fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, spicy herbs. This cuisine differs from classic French cuisine in that it is simpler and closer to home. Best of all, the locals succeed in their dishes made from vegetables. The signature dish of Provence is ratatouille.

Olive oil, olives and olives are the undisputed favorites of Provence. These ingredients give a noble and unusual taste even to a regular anchovy, tomato and egg sandwich.

Meat is mainly baked and stewed here. Chicken, rabbit and lamb are preferred. Meat dishes are seasoned with the famous Provencal herbs, which include tarragon, thyme, rosemary and basil.

Italian Tuscany

Tuscany is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. But the secret of the popularity of this region lies not only in the creations of great artists and sculptors and in the cozy atmosphere. Local gastronomic traditions are considered a paradise for those who love delicious food. Tuscan cuisine is based on centuries-old traditions. They are very fond of flour products, fish and vegetable dishes, as well as sausages. With all the abundance of foods, meals should be fairly simple and healthy.

Gastronomic tourism is not just words, we come across this concept when we come to another country and start deciding what to eat. Today I will tell you how and what you can have a snack in different countries so that it is tasty and cheap.

What is gastronomic tourism

We all know that the fastest way to grab a bite to eat is to buy street food, or simply fast food, which is considered a popular choice for people. This is especially true for those who are budget travelers and do not want to spend money in expensive restaurants for tourists. Fast food is not just fast and cheap, but also convenient and tasty, though not always healthy.

If you have come to an unfamiliar country and do not know what to try, be sure to remember this article, in it I will reveal to you the gastronomic secrets of some countries of the world.

Last but not least, if you're hungry, don't read this stuff.

What to eat on the US streets

So, the first country will be the USA, there is such a dish as Cheese Steak. This is a Provolone steak that is sliced ​​thinly and laid out on a bun. Very tasty food, you can find it on any street where fast food is sold, it is inexpensive and quick to cook. Lick your fingers.

Food tourism in Japan

The next dish in our ranking is called Okonomiyaki, which is prepared in Japan, if you come to the Japanese islands, buy it.

This dish is a fried salty flatbread made from a mixture of cabbage, green onions, noodles, brown sauce and mayonnaise.

Vegetable lovers will appreciate the dish most of all, the dish is very nutritious, so it is quite suitable for a quick and satisfying snack on the street.

Traveling to different countries leaves a pleasant aftertaste, which you want to prolong as much as possible. It is not for nothing that we bring home mountains of souvenirs and countless photographs. Food will help you to plunge into the sweet bliss of memories and travel to places dear to your heart. More precisely, national dishes that I had a chance to try on my travels. We invite you to an exciting gastronomic tour across Europe together with the National brand.

Risotto with Italian soul

The fastest way to travel with your mind and soul to Italy is to cook risotto. Rice "Giant" "National" will help to achieve that very harmonious taste. This is a large, medium-grain rice, the grains of which are unusually wide in size. Large grains with pearl shimmer are the hallmark of Gigant rice. When cooked, rice has a creamy taste, and its peculiarity is the ability to absorb the flavors and aromas of other components of the dishes. Soak 200 g of dried porcini mushrooms in water for 4 hours, then remove and cut into slices. Cut 200 g of champignons a little coarser, brown in a saucepan in butter with salt and black pepper. We put the porcini mushrooms here along with the liquid, add a liter of water and cook the broth for half an hour.

Pass the chopped onion in a frying pan in olive oil until transparent. Pour 200 g of rice and, stirring often, fry until it absorbs the oil. Pour in and evaporate 4 tbsp. l. white wine. Then add the mushroom broth, one ladle at a time, as it is absorbed. At the end, stir in 40 g of grated Parmesan and a handful of chopped parsley. Add mushrooms to risotto plates just before serving. Here's an exquisite memory of Italy.

Unknown Greek salad

Greece is not only the famous Greek salad with olives and feta. Mavromatica salad with beans and vegetables conveys the flavor of this country just as well. For its preparation we will use white beans "National". It is the richest source of fiber, with a unique content of macro- and microelements, vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. White beans must be soaked for several hours before cooking.

Pour 200 g of beans with cold water, cook after boiling for about 40 minutes, discard the beans in a colander. Cut the fleshy red bell pepper and 2 large tomatoes into equal slices. Chop the purple onion into rings and marinate for a few minutes in 1 tbsp. l. wine vinegar. Shred a small bunch of parsley. Combine beans, vegetables and herbs in a salad bowl, season with olive oil, salt to taste, decorate with rucola sprigs. You can add a pinch of ground oregano for a bright aroma. Before serving, let the bean salad sit in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Surprise from the Balkan coast

Montenegro is an amazingly beautiful corner of the globe. Stuffed peppers in Balkan style embodied all the unique flavor. Rice "Krasnodarsky" "National" will give refined shades to the dish. White milled round grain rice is considered one of the best. It goes well with meat and vegetables, fully reveals its taste properties when languishing.

First, we make sautéing from onions and carrots. Little by little add 800 g of minced meat and brown a little. Pour in 150 g of washed rice, pour in the meat broth so that it slightly covers the filling. Add salt, sweet paprika and black pepper to taste, evaporate over low heat.

Cut off the caps of 12-15 medium light green sweet peppers, remove seeds and partitions, stuff with minced meat. We insert tomato slices in the form of lids into the holes. We set the peppers vertically in a deep mold and pour in a gravy of 200 g of tomato paste, 100 ml of meat broth, 2 tsp. sugar, a pinch of salt and coriander. Put the dish in the oven for 45 minutes at 180 ° C. Serve hot stuffed peppers with tomato sauce.

Croatian generosity

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