Gastronomic tourism to Vladivostok

Gastronomic tourism to Vladivostok

The most expensive months in Primorye are July and August, when real summer comes, attracting thousands of tourists. However, this applies mainly to recreation centers and beach services. Prices in cafes and the cost of excursions in Vladivostok in 2021 do not depend on the season.

But already at the beginning of September it is difficult to find vacant rooms in hotels here, and the cost of air tickets grows a lot. This is due to the annual Eastern Economic Forum, which gathers a huge number of Russian and foreign delegations.

When choosing your vacation dates, please note that Vladivostok hosts many gastronomic festivals - scallop, crab, mussels, navaga. Many restaurants offer specialties at discounted prices. In addition, the central square often becomes the venue for various city and national holidays - from the grandiose Victory Parade to the original carnival Day of the Tiger.

We have determined the average budget and calculated how much a vacation in Vladivostok costs in 2021, taking into account accommodation, meals and excursions.

Rental housing

There are about 700 accommodation options in Vladivostok - from cheap hostels to a five-star hotel in the city center, where a room costs from 13,500 to 88,000 rubles for a presidential suite. In a casino hotel near Vladivostok, such a room costs 110,000 rubles per day.

Prices for hostels in Vladivostok in 2021 start from 400 rubles per night in winter and in the off-season, from 900 rubles in summer.

Most of the hotels are located within a radius of one and a half kilometers from the central square, in the historical center of the city, often in houses that are cultural heritage sites. Housing prices in Vladivostok do not depend on the distance from the city center, only living conditions and beautiful sea views from the window affect the cost.

For a family of three, a simple room in a three-star hotel will cost around 2-3 thousand rubles per day. There may be inconveniences in the form of a shared bathroom or separated beds, breakfasts are generally not included. More comfortable rooms cost from 5 thousand rubles.

Choose the best accommodation in Vladivostok

What are the sanctions for the restaurant business, why it is not worth focusing on ethnic cuisine, how is it that fish in Vladivostok is more expensive than in Moscow and what should be the cuisine of a good restaurant. Moscow chef Nikolai Sarychev, who flew to Vladivostok to hold a gastronomic dinner at the Pan-Asian restaurant Zuma, speculated about this especially for PrimaMedia CITY.

Gastronomic Tour and Sea Tomato

My direction in preparing a gastronomic dinner in Vladivostok became obvious. I am interested in working with seafood. And even more so here, when yesterday it floated in the sea, and today you are already cooking. Here I tasted the sea tomato for the first time. Absolutely cool stuff! Raw and slightly marinated in soy sauce, it tastes sweet and very scallop-like. Checked out and trepang.

Nobody brings this to Moscow, and they will look at it with huge eyes. When I tried it, Zuma chef Yegor Anisimov was very surprised. He says that not everyone can eat it, and even more so that they immediately like it.

The main things in the kitchen

Zuma is a very good indication of what a kitchen should be. Everyone does their own thing, everyone has clear instructions. There are many main points in the kitchen. But for me it is important that the kitchen really burns with what it does. It is necessary to ignite the interest in work in the cooks so that they do not think how much money they will receive, but think about what is now going out to the guests in the hall.

It is important that the chefs work comfortably when everything is in its place within reach of an outstretched arm and signed so that the chef does not run, fuss and look for what and where it is. And it happens, the order comes out and the bustle and bustle begins.

What does the guest want?

It cannot be said that the public wants something specific or is now gravitating towards a certain direction. There are those who are ready to eat steak and potatoes, and those who cannot be pulled by the ears from sushi with pasta. Someone goes to eat buckwheat with stew, and is satisfied. But a restaurant is still a definite concept. We love Pan-Azite cuisine in all directions. Japan, Italy are always in trend.

Russian regional cuisine is also a kind of trend, especially since it is now on the rise. Although it is no longer fashionable to say: “We cook using local products - from Voronezh goby, Crimean truffle and Vladivostok scallop”. But, of course, well done, that they began to use more of what is produced and grown in our country.

About sanctions

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