Gastronomic tourism: interesting and tasty

The taste of travel: the popular gastronomic routes of Crimea

Gastronomic tourism is a young and promising direction, which has recently been gaining momentum in Russia. Of course, today you can taste any dish without leaving our country or even the city.

However, the popularity of gastronomic tourism lies not so much in food as in acquaintance with the traditions of taste and hospitality of the region. And Crimea has succeeded in this direction of recreation.

It seems that arranging a gastronomic tour is a simple matter. Just travel to different regions or countries, armed with a guidebook, and eat everything, putting the "feast of the belly" at the forefront. But no, gastronomic tourism is something completely different. Indeed, it is not food that comes to the fore, but the study of a country or region through the prism of national cuisine, its traditions and history. For this type of travel, Crimea offers several interesting and unusual routes at once, which will appeal to both gourmets and “beginners” in gastro tourism.

"The belly is tighter, so the heart is lighter"

The journey is a two-day route with a visit to the gastronomic facilities of the Simferopol region. Here everyone can plunge into the world of varied cuisine and taste the most unusual dishes. So, on the first day, it is planned to get acquainted with the culture of Ukrainians and visit the restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine "Knyazha Vtiha", tasting German cuisine in the "Gartental" estate, visit the kumis shop and pheasant nursery.

On the second day, tourists will visit an exposition dedicated to the life and culture of the Crimean Tatars in Simferopol, then stroll around the ostrich farm in the village of Denisovka and taste exotic dishes from ostrich eggs and ostrich meat. The culinary delights do not end there, then the participants of the gastro tour will be able to taste exclusive goat cheeses on the territory of the “Goat Farm” in the village of Klyuchi. After that, everyone who wishes will get acquainted with the life of the Crimean Germans by visiting their cultural and ethnographic center "Kronental", and the excursion route will be completed by fans of gastro-tourism at the enterprise "Eco-bread" in the village of Kolchugino.

"Gold of Sugdei"

The Gold of Sugdei gastronomic route will especially appeal to wine and champagne lovers. This is a unique two-day tour along the route Sudak - Solnechnaya Dolina - Novy Svet, during which participants visit wineries and cellars and taste local wines.

The trip starts with a sightseeing tour of Sudak, here tourists get to know the Genoese fortress, the history museum and the tasting room of the Sudak winery. The gastro tour will continue with an excursion to the wine cellars "Arhaderesse" in the village of Solnechnaya Dolina with tasting of products.

The second day will begin with a sightseeing tour of the village of Novy Svet, where guests of the peninsula will see the famous Golitsyn trail and visit the cellars for aging sparkling drinks of the champagne factory. Of course, with a tasting of real Crimean champagne. After that, the participants of the unusual excursion will visit the monument "Victor Tsoi's Guitar", and then go to the Museum of History and the tasting room of the winery "Morskoye" in the village of the same name. Thus, during the tour, wine tourists will be able to fully appreciate the taste of local wine products.

"Don't work without fish, don't dance without wine"

How can you visit Crimea and not try the Crimean seafood? Most guests of the peninsula put this item on their list of must-haves. And if you want to fully experience the Black Sea cuisine, then pay attention to the gastronomic route “Don't work without fish, don't dance without wine”. This tour will appeal to seafood and seafood lovers.

It includes a two-day trip to the cities of Kerch and Shchelkino, the village of Mayak and the village of Bagerovo. Connoisseurs will be able not only to enjoy a wide range of dishes and the unique taste of the gifts of the Black Sea, but also to get the opportunity to learn the best recipes of Kerch fishing cuisine.

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Gastronomic tourism is a young direction. He uses the national cuisine as a resource that reveals the peculiarities of the history of the country and the way of life in it. Tourists visit agricultural farms and museums with tasting rooms. Gastro-tourism is a great way to promote local products.


The destination not only revitalizes traditional tourism, but also attracts new guests to familiar regions. There are several reasons for success:

  • it is possible to develop gastronomic tourism in any country;
  • it practically does not depend on the seasonality;
  • the main object of the trip is the national cuisine; <
  • promotes local products.

Officially, the birth of gastronomic tourism is considered the end of the last century. The first representatives were the discoverers and explorers of new lands. Seafarers and merchants tasted exotic dishes, and then new cooking technologies with previously unknown spices were taken home.

Gastronomy has not only become the reason for the development of tactics and strategies for promoting interesting culinary projects, but also the emergence of authoritative organizations in this area. These include the International Culinary Tourism Association, the World Food Travel Association (WFTA), and the Spanish Wine and Culinary Tourism Association.

Direction is supported at the legislative level. If a tourist makes reasonable claims, he has the right to demand not only compensation for losses and a reduction in the cost of the service, but also compensation for moral damage with the repeated provision of the service.

Currently, there are six areas of gastronomic tourism. These include tours:

  • Restaurant.
  • Rural.
  • Environmental.
  • Educational.
  • Combined.
  • Event.


A rural tour is understood as tasting dishes prepared from locally produced products.

During the restaurant tour, guests visit the most famous establishments in the country. The objective of the educational tour is to teach the culinary arts, including through master classes.

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