Gastronomic tourism in Switzerland


The mountains and lakes of a small country look picturesque against the background of the creation of human hands. Tourism in Switzerland is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its ski resorts with excellent slopes.

Swiss Classic Tourism

There are a lot of mineral springs and majestic mountain peaks in the country, among which tourist centers and recreation areas are lost. The cleanest air, transparent lakes and icy waterfalls create the best conditions for improving your health and relaxing in the lap of nature. Tourism in Switzerland does not end with mountain skiing and medical treatments.

Interesting excursion programs, rich culture and culinary traditions cause no less interest among those visiting the country. To learn as much as possible about Switzerland, you need to come for at least two weeks. During this time, you can discover extreme tourism and get a huge boost of energy.

Swiss Resorts

For a small country, the number of resorts can be called colossal. Many Europeans prefer to come here, because the resorts of Switzerland are an opportunity for elite and high-quality rest. Tourists choose this country for its high level of service, excellent service and privacy. Many celebrities prefer to spend their weekends at ski resorts and their vacation at the mineral springs. Switzerland can surprise everyone, even the experienced traveler.

Ski resorts in Switzerland

The country is considered not only a great holiday destination, but also the birthplace of skiing. Excellent conditions for mountaineering and hiking are an added plus. Ski resorts in Switzerland are divided into cantons, depending on their geographic location.

The Canton of Bern is located southeast of the capital. It includes the two most famous resorts of Gstaad and Grindelwald, and four less popular among tourists. As for the first direction, it is suitable for both athletes and beginners. Grindelwald can receive guests all year round.

The Canton of Valais includes Verbier, Crans-Montana, Zermatt and Saas-Fee. The last two operate all year round and have the highest quality tracks. The canton of Vaud consists of Villars, Leysins and other cozy spots where you can ski from November to April and go mountaineering in the summer.

The canton of Graubünden with Davos and St. Moritz is located in the south-east of Switzerland. This area is replete with resorts, as nature itself contributes to this. The canton of Uri is famous for the resort of Andermatt, which is open all year round thanks to the low-lying glacier.

Medical resorts in Switzerland

The best health resorts in Switzerland offer a wide range of services. Various procedures are carried out on them, contributing to the rapid healing of many ailments.

Main impressions

This tour could go gold in your travel collection. The best cities and castles in Switzerland in just 8 days.

What will we do on the tour


Arrival in Geneva. Individual transfer to the hotel, free time. Night in Geneva

Breakfast at the hotel. Enjoy a walking tour of Geneva, the city of luxury watches, banks, elegant parks, museums and galleries. During the excursion you will see the Mont Blanc bridge, from which the highest mountain in Europe is very clearly visible in clear weather, the monument to Jean-Jacques Rousseau - the great thinker of the Enlightenment, a native of the city of Geneva, the Jet d'Eau fountain - a stream of water rushes upward at a speed of 200 km/h to a height of 140 m, a flower clock, Place des Bourg-de-Fours - the venue for international Geneva fairs known throughout Europe. Behind the square is the administrative street of Geneva with the buildings of the city government. Then, after resting on the longest wooden bench in the world, you will descend to the elegant New Place, home to the Geneva Opera and Music Conservatory. Overnight in Geneva.

Breakfast at the hotel. Moving to Zurich by car or minivan - we offer a stop for 2 hours in the city of Lausanne (LAUSANNE) (surcharge - 120 euros/group) - the fifth largest city in Switzerland. You will stroll along Lausanne's charming promenade, then ascend into the historic part of the city. At Ripon Square, you will be greeted by a magnificent palace called the "Ryumin Palace". A little higher - and you are at the walls of one of the most significant medieval attractions in Switzerland: the early Gothic cathedral Notre Dame de Lausanne. The excursion will end with a walk along the streets of the old city - the bishop's castle, the fountain of justice, the town hall and other attractions. It is possible to order a guide for an excursion (for a surcharge) or explore the city on your own. Overnight in Zurich.

Breakfast at the hotel. On this day, we offer you a guided tour of old medieval Zurich and its financial heart. Fraumünster Cathedral with stained glass windows by Marc Chagall is an obligatory part of the program. Cathedral Next, you will get acquainted with the Grosmünster - the main temple of Zurich, Niederdorf - the bourgeois center of Zurich, Then you will walk along the narrow streets of the city to soak up the spirit of the Middle Ages, we will look into the most interesting traditional pastry shop of the city; perhaps stop at the “Lenin's house” to find out what so attracted the leader of the Russian revolution in Zurich; further - the embankments of the Limmat River, Wine Square with the famous hotel "U Aista", Water Church, St. Peter's Church.

In conclusion - go up to the observation deck Linden Hill - the historical part of the city, the former Roman customs office. Finally, walk along Bahnhofstrasse "Champs Elysees" Zurich - the main street of the city. Overnight in Zurich.

Breakfast at the hotel. Moving to Bern by car or minivan - a stop for 2 hours in the city of Lucerne (LUCERNE) is offered (surcharge - 100 euros/group). We will offer you a walk around the city with a guide or on your own. Lucerne is a small fairytale city that receives 5 million tourists a year, enchanted by the beauty of Lake Lucerne, the cradle of the Swiss Confederation.

As if out of childhood dreams, the fabulous city of Lucerne lies on the shores of Lake Lucerne, from which the fast-flowing river Reuss flows through the old town. At the mention of Lucerne, the favorite motifs of postcards immediately come to mind: the ancient Chapelbrücke bridge with a wooden roof crowned with the snow-white peaks of the Alps or the nostalgic views of Lake Lucerne. High above the clouds, Mount Pilatus (2,120 meters) rises majestically over Lake Lucerne. You can reach the summit by funicular or cable car, and a breathtaking panorama of the Swiss Alps will open before you. Inspired by Lucerne, Schiller wrote the legend of Wilhelm Tel. Goethe praised Lucerne and its surroundings in his poems. At the end of the walk, transfer to Bern. Night at Bern.

Breakfast at the hotel. Walking tour of Bern. The city has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1983. You will walk through romantic medieval streets lined with 6 km long arcades, considered to be the longest covered shopping area in the world. You will also see magnificent fountains, the Berne Cathedral, the Town Hall, the house where Einstein lived, the Federal Palace, have a snack in an excellent cafe that our guide will offer.

Someone may find Switzerland boring, someone - too expensive, but someone will find there the most charming castles in the world, and another - the best tracks of the Alps. And everyone will be right in their own way. In addition, there is another advantage of this country, which for some people consistently outweighs the disadvantages: it is the opportunity to join the society of all kinds of celebrities. With enviable regularity, the slopes of the Swiss Alps are filled with the melodious screeching of top models, the cries of the crown princes, and even (in the season) the obscene designs of the Russian songwriter Sergei Shnurov.

So it's no surprise that ski resorts in Switzerland fall into two categories: billionaire and millionaire. Let this be an obvious exaggeration, but there is a grain of truth in it: the factor of prestige is the main local tourist trump card, implying tangible financial costs. However, the direction has many other advantages: well-groomed trails for every taste, the world's best mountain hotels and a whole mass of historical sights, mainly castles. Of the minuses, the same high cost can be distinguished. however, as you know, you can't forbid living beautifully!

Regions and resorts of Switzerland

The capital - Bern: a tiny city with an impeccable reputation, reminiscent of a medieval fortress with all the modern comforts of civilization. The compact historical center is located on a peninsula surrounded by the Are River: almost all the main attractions fit in the cozy streets of Kramgasse, Marktgasse and Spitalgasse. The best shopping is on the street. Rathausgasse, most of the museums are in the Kirchenfeld quarter.

Switzerland is a country of respectable resorts: the nature here is magnificent, there are enough material resources to delight dear guests in every sense. Famous health centers are built, for example, on the shores of the "Swiss Riviera" - Lake Geneva. Montreux is an elite resort: at one time Nabokov, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky rested here. In Lausanne, there are more young and active people: during the day they inspect the architecture, and at night they come off in clubs. In Vevey, palm trees peacefully coexist with snow-capped peaks; Yverdon-les-Bains is famous for thermal springs and a natural sandy beach.

Center of the region - Geneva: multinational, multifaceted, surprising with ancient squares, medieval quarters and modern attractions like the UN headquarters.

There are first-class spa clinics in the town of Bad Ragaz, where cozy bathrobes are usually exchanged for cocktail dresses and tuxedos in the evenings. From here, you should definitely go on an excursion to Zurich: stroll through the streets of the old center, spend a fortune in the boutiques of Bahnhofstrasse, have fun in nightclubs that are second only to Lausanne in scope. And, of course, relax on the shores of Lake Zurich: within the city limits there are more than 30 equipped swimming areas.

The list of picturesque Swiss lakes also includes Luhanskoe, adjacent to Italy. It is always hot, interesting and expensive here, the main resorts are Lugano, Ascona and Locarno. Lake Lucerne is cooler both in terms of climate and mood. From here, a stone's throw to the popular ski center - Engelberg with modern slopes and rich history. No less popular ski areas are Jungfrau, which unites three towns at once, Gstaad - 6 regions with a single ski pass, aristocratic St. Moritz, Verbier with off-piste slopes and Zermatt at the famous Matterhorn peak. Read more about when to go to Switzerland and what to do there on our page.

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