Gastronomic tourism: discover the world in a new way

Gastronomic tourism: discover the world in a new way

Everyone wants to go to the USA. So what is the charm of US tourism? Perhaps it is the fantastic beaches along the coast, or the majestic mountains around the continent; the peaceful countryside, or bustling small towns that can be found all over the US. Tourists, however, are more likely to be attracted by the most famous cities in the United States. Tourism in this case acquires a direction, as travelers decide where to go first.

New York: Big Apple

For a US tourist in Manhattan, the best way to start exploring the city is to walk along the Brooklyn Bridge. Many travelers, US tourists, or even city natives definitely enjoy watching the skyline from this location. A night visit to the Empire State Building is also a must. And of course, a trip to New York would be incomplete without a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. And don't forget to spend a wonderful day in Central Park to relax!

Chicago: Windy City

Traveling to the USA means you have to move on. Your next stop should be Chicago. As well as in the largest cities in the world, the main attraction of Chicago is its skyscrapers. Visit Sears Tower for breathtaking views from the tallest building in the United States. Travel has never been so good!

A stay in Chicago would be incomplete without exploring the surrounding area, where you can enjoy great food. Visit Greektown for the best Greek cuisine, or Chinatown for Asian culinary delights. You will find most of the Chicago bars and pubs in Bucktown. Truly, a multitude of flavors converge in the US and travelers can experience it in Chicago.

Miami: Little Cuba

As a tourist, the USA invites you to experience the different cultures that this country is discovering. And there is no better place for that than Miami. Its most famous charms are the neighborhoods of Little Havana and Little Haiti; You will literally feel like you are in another country - something that you can only experience traveling in American style.

Don't miss also the Art Deco district with its colorful collection of over 800 buildings. Throw in Miami's world-renowned beaches and you will stumble upon a US paradise. Travel will take you everywhere and this is true in Miami.

Las Vegas: Sin City

Of course, tourism in the United States is not possible without a trip to Hoover Dam. It is literally next to Las Vegas, so the round trip by bus will not take you long.

San Francisco: Wobbly City

Testing something new is the main principle of tourism; The USA provides you with this along with the most famous areas of San Francisco. How not to visit the Haight area for a trip back to the Flower Power era, or Castro - the world's largest gay community - whether you are inclined or not. Take a ride on the cable car and tram and experience the sights and sounds at once.

There will be no single answer to the question: "Where is the most delicious ice cream in the world?" We will all have our favorite flavors and textures. However, it is always fun to taste ice cream in different countries to see how they differ.


Mexico has excellent ice cream and some of them are still made the old fashioned way using hand churns. They also have a product called paletas, which is essentially similar to a fruity sorbet and is very refreshing. For some weird flavors, you can try the ostion (oyster), zorillo (snake) and skunk flavored ice cream! Obviously not for the faint of heart.

Chili ice cream is also common. The annual Ice Cream Fair is held at Tulyehualco to show that the industry continues to improve and develop.

Don Paletto Parlor is a special parlor specially designed for animals to help them cool off in Mexico City. They have the opportunity to taste flavors such as Lucky Lucky and Gentleman.


Australia is generally a warm country with a strong dairy industry, so it's no surprise that there are excellent ice cream parlors there. It is also not surprising that its inhabitants are among the top ten ice cream consumers. Some of the favorite Australian brands are NonGelato Messina and HeladosJuaja.

These names indicate the mixed heritage of Australian ice cream makers. If you want to try something traditional, buy "Eskimo Pie" - vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate icing, or "Monaco Bar", where vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits.


In Turkey, ice cream is called dondurma, which means freeze in Turkish or Maras ice cream. And it's delicious! It contains a slightly unusual ingredient called Salep, which is extracted from the roots of purple orchids and another called mastic. Both of these ingredients help resist melting, which is important in the summer heat if you don't want to end up drinking it before leaving the store. Dondurma has a slightly chewy elastic texture, so vendors put on an elaborate swirl show before finally delivering your ice cream to your hand.

Ice cream is traditionally sold by mobile street vendors or shops that open right on the street, so anyone can taste ice cream while traveling in Turkey.


If you're looking for weird ice cream, head straight to Japan. They're not afraid to experiment when it comes to weird (and not so confident) tastes. Many of the fragrances are associated with the cities in which they are sold. Ice cream gets a little weird with Volcanic Vanilla Ash, Raw Horse Meat and Squid Ink ... However, others like kinako (fried soybean flour) or kuro-goma (black sesame) are ubiquitous across the country. ...

Gastronomic tourism is a bright, promising direction that allows you to look at any state through the prism of national culinary traditions. Any gastronomic tour can be organized independently, without the help of travel agencies. All you need to do is choose a route, buy a plane ticket and set out on an adventure. We will tell you about the best destinations for gastronomic tourism and about “delicious travels” that will delight your taste buds and will definitely cheer you up.

What is gastronomic tourism?

Gastronomic tourism is a type of tourism in which the traveler visits various regions of the world, gets acquainted with local culinary traditions, tastes national dishes and drinks, and learns the secrets of their preparation from local chefs. The main goal of such tourism is to get the most complete picture of the region (country, city), learn how to cook new dishes, discover a whole palette of taste sensations.

Who are the food tours for?

It is a mistake to believe that only overweight gluttons who are ready to chew hamburgers and cutlets all day go to gastronomic tours. The consumers of such tours include:

  • travelers who love delicious food, but are not ready to give up other delights of rest for the sake of a hospitable table;
  • chefs and catering owners who want to get a new one experience, discover the secrets of cooking dishes from around the world;
  • gourmets who do not just eat, but enjoy every ingredient in the dish, appreciate unusual combinations of products;
  • tourists who used to traveling on their own and do not want to depend on other group members.

As you can see, the range of consumers of gastronomic tours is quite wide.

Types of food tours

There are the following types of gastronomic tours:

  • Restaurant. They involve visiting branded restaurants that are distinguished by the high quality and national orientation of their cuisine.
  • Rural. They include the participation of tourists in the harvest in vineyards, orchards and berry plantations, acquaintance with the technology of processing agricultural products and tasting local dishes.
  • Educational. They offer acquaintance with the technology of food production, training in special educational institutions with a culinary specialization, participation in master classes.
  • Event. Includes participation in social and cultural events with a gastronomic focus.
  • Environmental. They invite you to get acquainted with the technology for the production of organic products, taste eco-products, attend master classes on the preparation of organic dishes.
  • Specialized. Introduce the technology of cooking one dish in different locations. An example is cheese, beer, wine and other tours.
  • Combined. Combine several of the listed areas.

What the food tour includes

The Food Tour may include the following activities:

  • visiting restaurants specializing in national cuisine, tasting food and drinks;
  • gastro shopping;
  • visiting local food industries (cheese dairy, brewery , wineries, sausage workshops);
  • acquaintance with iconic persons in the field of gastronomy;
  • attending culinary lectures, courses, master classes;
  • participation in professional competitions chefs, confectioners, brewers, winemakers;
  • visiting festivals, exhibitions, fairs with a gastronomic focus.

What can tell about culture and people better than food? Of course, works of art are able to show some aspects and traditions of each individual country. But they are of a primordially individual character. Whereas dishes of national cuisine are able to reveal the subtle nuances of what has been created for centuries and generations. And the popularity of gastronomic tourism in recent years proves this truth.

Have you long dreamed of getting to know more about the peculiarities of France, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany and other countries popular among tourists? It's time to pay attention to such a unique opportunity to see new places and try the best culinary delights - to go on gastronomic tours.

Peculiarities of gastronomic tourism

There are several options for a food tour:

  • Sightseeing trips are trips, during which you can learn about the peculiarities and history of dishes, as well as taste them during or after the story.
  • Specialized - when there is a meeting with a professional chef, he can even give master classes.
  • Each of these tours has its advantages. And if you want to know more about this and be able to choose the best for yourself, gastrotravel. lub - just at your service.


Distinctive features of the proposals on this resource are the following aspects:

  • each trip is unique;
  • the tour program is adjusted depending on the season, which means there are no seasonal restrictions;
  • an integral part of any the tour is an opportunity to taste those culinary dishes that you previously could only hear about.

What awaits you on these tours

Gastronomic tourism programs available on the gastrotravel website. lub are very diverse. Therefore, each traveler can choose the desired destination and get a unique chance to try:

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