Gastronomic tourism: an original way to travel

Gastronomic tourism: an original way to travel

Why should I go on a gastro tour?

It's definitely worth getting out for a short culinary break if:

  • Standard routes and experiences are already sick of you, and you want some unobvious experiences - for example, having lunch on a ferry in Denmark or hunting truffles in Piedmont.
  • Any journey you make must have a purpose and a script.
  • You are a restaurant owner or are planning to become one/chef/gourmet/a little bored (underline the necessary).

Which tour to choose?

Depending on the purpose, you can derive a conditional classification:

  • Restaurants. Some travelers are able to travel many thousands of kilometers to visit a special restaurant that has received a couple of Michelin stars, has some original concept or became famous in another way. Such tours are usually the most expensive because the traveler pays for their meals in advance at all establishments. Owners of establishments directly connected with business go on trips to restaurants - for inspiration, experience and new ideas, as well as simply enthusiasts and gourmets.
  • Specialties. Chefs and those who are interested in the original taste of products, their origin and production, more often go on tours that focus on all these aspects. Often these are travels with the prefix "agro" - through the countryside and farms.
  • Cooking. It attracts almost everyone who loves to cook in general - after all, learning how to make the right pasta is much more interesting in Italy, according to traditional family recipes and to the accompaniment of melodic Italian speech.

Is it expensive?

As a result, the final cost of the tour includes accommodation, a guide, an excursion program and all dinners and training during the program. The operator almost never takes care of flights and visas - you pay for them separately.

Where to go?

The gastronomic tourism destinations are endless - they eat differently everywhere, and they all deserve attention. We will talk about recognized leaders and not the most popular, but no less interesting routes.


It is difficult to deduce some common elements - tastes and key elements here can change dramatically from region to region, but in general, everyone goes to Italy to taste the taste of cheeses, olive oil and classic wines, well, and try , or maybe - and learn how to cook - those very Italian dishes, the names of which sound like a song.

Some tours cover several regions at once and last one and a half to two weeks. But this is rare. A much more popular offer is a 5-7 day trip that includes 1-2 regions. For example, Tuscany and Piedmont.

If on a regular trip we visit restaurants and cafes just to have a pleasant hour or two and refresh ourselves, then on a gastronomic journey, tasting new dishes and drinks becomes the main goal. But this is not just a trip to eat lobster and drink wine.

Gastronomic tourism is a whole philosophy, and a person practicing such travel treats food in a special way. Trying traditional dishes of other nations, you can look at their culture and worldview from a new angle, understand their habits and preferences, tastes and customs.

Therefore, if you have never participated in a gastronomic tour, then be sure to correct this omission - the incredible impressions of the “delicious” trip will remain with you for life.

Where to go for a food tour?

If you want to make such an original journey, then contact the FOOD FOR MIND company.

Its founders are professional chefs and organize gastronomic travel in 15 countries.

Taking, for example, a gastronomic trip through France in the company of experienced culinary guides, you will be able to take a fresh look at the possibilities of tourism and experience an incredible experience.

What will a gastronomic journey give you?

If you at least once decide to participate in the author's gastronomic tour, then, most likely, you will want to make such trips in the future. They allow you to:

  • greatly expand your understanding of other countries and see them as they are not seen by ordinary tourists. A gastronomic journey means, first of all, immersion in the culture of another country, in its history and traditions;

  • make new acquaintances. The tour is attended by a small group of people who have enough time to get to know each other and get to know each other better. On such trips, you can find true friends, like-minded people and, perhaps, even your soul mate;

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