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Cretan cuisine

Crete is a divine island washed by the Mediterranean Sea. It is not only a popular beach destination under the gentle Greek sun, but also a cult destination for the gastronomic tourist.

Don't believe me, ask any local about his favorite dish and a crowd of locals will gather around you, ready to share the best recipes. Indeed, food is loved and revered here, people are ready to talk about it endlessly and excitingly, sharing the best recipes.

Crete Island. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/ajgeddes

Let's just say that Cretan cuisine is quite simple - it is built on several basic principles that have been in effect for hundreds of years and are passed down from generation to generation - only fresh ingredients, herbs, especially thyme, and herbs.

In search of the best that Cretan cuisine has given the world, Gastrotour shares the secrets of Greek longevity.

What do you know about English cuisine?

Great Britain is famous for Big Ben, rainy weather, right-hand traffic and forever young David Beckham. But there are many anecdotes about English cuisine, where all kinds of puddings and legumes appear predominantly.

Classic British breakfast. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/14589121 @ N00

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Appreciate culinary delights and want to indulge your taste with something unusual? A food tour is your choice. Contact a Top Travel representative who will come to your home or office and they will suggest you an itinerary that will allow you to taste the most unusual dishes.

Indeed, the popularity of gastronomic tourism is growing exponentially, because it is much more interesting to get to know new countries through the prism of the culinary preferences of their inhabitants. Sometimes national dishes and drinks can tell much more about a particular place than the most exciting excursions.

So where should you go? The most popular destinations are France, Germany, Italy and Spain. In "old Europe" they know how and love to enjoy their meal, and this is almost immediately understood by any tourist.

Italy is the birthplace of pizza and pasta. Fans of the first course are advised to start their journey in Naples, the city where it was invented. The best time for a voyage is autumn, because at this time Pizzafest is held here - the pizza festival. You will get the opportunity to taste the exquisite masterpieces of the most famous pizza makers. Have you heard a lot about the taste of Parma ham? It's time to try it when you visit Parma, but in Venice you will be treated to deep-fried pumpkin inflorescences.

Real onion soup and frog legs with creamy sauce can be tasted only in charming France. For fans of the drink made from grapes, it offers wine tours in each of the regions of France.

see and try


Gastronomic tourism is great, take my word for it!

In Thailand I threshed rice, in Sardinia I milked sheep. In Carinthia and Brandenburg he dug asparagus, and in South Korea - ginseng. In Crete he collected olives, in Extremadura, pepper, in Beaujolais, grapes.

In Antibes I rolled croissants, in Hungary I pruned vines, in Styria I picked pumpkin seeds.

In the north of Italy he kneaded dough for panettone and stirred polenta, in the south of Germany he cooked spezle, in Lithuania he made zeppelins, and in Estonia - marzipan sweets.

I drank coffee in Istanbul, Belgrade and Trieste. I know how a cup of Italian espresso differs from a cup of Filipino coffee and a cute animal who also loves these beans.

I drank wonderful rakia in Serbia and Macedonia, magic grappa in Piedmont and Friuli, fantastic schnapps in Germany and Austria, and I know what is the difference between these drinks and our vodka.

In Verona, at Vinitaly, I represented Russia in the jury of an international wine competition, and I know what a professional blind tasting is.

In many countries of the world I have acquaintances winemakers and cheesemakers, cooks and butchers, bakers and fishermen.

We started working with Gastrotravel. Club, when the site did not have an audience and customers. Thanks to high-quality SEO optimization and active client participation, we achieved an increase in the number of applications from 0 to 230 per month and an increase in organic traffic by 6 times.

Gastrotravel. lub - site of author's gastronomic and wine tours in 15 European countries. The authors of the project have turned their hobby into a full-fledged business, having developed their own routes to the most delicious places.

The guys work accurately, systematically, and immediately give the result. We started from scratch, after half a year we have 3000 organic visitors per month, despite the fact that we have a very narrow niche. Livepage are the first promotion specialists in my life that I want to recommend to friends.

Gastrotravel website. lub was developed independently by the client using the Tilda constructor. The site was made over a year ago, but it did not bring any profit.

Client goal: to organize 16 tours in 2019. In 2018, there were 8. At the time of writing the case (08. 019), 16 gastronomic tours have already been successfully conducted.

Business Features

Competitors in gastronomic tourism are large travel agencies and operators. However, the demand for food tourism is poorly formed, which is why most competitor sites publish blog content rather than specific travel deals.

After analyzing the competitors and customers of this niche, we focused on the formation of the maximum conversion pages that could answer all kinds of user questions and bring profit to the business.

Where we started

Livepage started working with Gastrotravel. lub at the primary audit stage. We gave the client basic SEO recommendations for the base pages, which were implemented on the site in just a month, which instantly gave the result in the form of requests and traffic. Further, we switched to the mode of regular cooperation.

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Results to date

Spain is the most popular tourist destination

Spain is the most popular region for tourists

ABKHAZIA and Pomegranate chicken with cheese on the fire!

I brought a very cool recipe from Abkhazia! Not a lot of photo-travel and of course a recipe for an exquisite dish!

If there is such an opportunity, then it is better to cook the meat on the fire, and in this case, it will turn out - traditionally Abkhazian. The aroma of chicken will mix with the spicy aroma of pomegranate and suluguni, with the smell of a fire ... Nothing tastes better in the world!

Street food is the most delicious for a tourist Gourmet tour of the capitals of the world

Going on a gastronomic tour, we conceal plans and intentions in our souls to visit a bunch of places and see a lot of new things. Tickets in my pocket, a street guide in my hands. Forward for impressions! The world is open to us, it is so diverse. Every corner of it is, in fact, an island with its own history, culture and food. Local cooking traditions complement the picture of any city and give a gastronomic pleasure. Paris and Berlin boast of aristocracy, Mexico City and Istanbul boast of temperament. To visit the world capital and not try street food means not to feel the pace of life in this city. Take a gastro tour. After all, sitting with locals is much more interesting than being bored in the company of visiting tourists. Let's carry out gastronomic tourism in several European capitals.

Simple Paris - You Lick Your Fingers

Paris. After you have climbed the Eiffel Tower, descend to the ground. A special meal awaits you here - the world's thinnest crêpe French pancakes. Away croissants! Parisian bakeries will lure you in with the scent of baguettes and coffee. Take a look at the open-air street restaurant. Arabic cuisine, popular in Paris, is a gastronomic boom, treating visitors to falafel and Indian samsa.

Let's take a closer look at Crepe Suzette pancakes. The history of this food is very funny. At the Comedie Francaise, the actress Suzanne Reichenberg once performed. She starred in the play Marivaux. According to the plot, the actress had to eat pancakes on stage. As luck would have it, this performance was particularly successful that year. And the poor lady had to eat such a delicacy several times a day. From such creative and gastronomic activities, she sometimes felt bad. Then the chef Joseph (Suzanne's admirer) created crepe Suzette. They were so thin that they did not prevent the actress from entering the role and kept her figure. Go to tourism for these amazing dishes.

Intoxicating Berlin - hearty and tasty

Berlin. If you have not tried Bavarian sausages, then you have not been to the German capital. Curried pork sausage in ketchup is not just food, but a real street delicacy. Add a few varieties of real German beer to everything. While making a gastronomic tour of street pubs, you can sit in them all night.

Such a dish as Bavarian sausages has already struck the whole world gastronomically. Almost every street pub will treat you to them. The most unusual among them are the Weisswursts. White color, original recipe, amazing smell and planetary success - that's what real Munich sausages are. White, because they are made from minced veal with the addition of lard. This also includes green onions, peppers and crushed ice. The last ingredient is needed to make the sausage lush.

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