Gastronomic tour to Kyrgyzstan - culinary masterpieces of the steppe people and the vibrant culture of the country of the Great Silk Road

Gastronomic tour to Kyrgyzstan - culinary masterpieces of the steppe people and the vibrant culture of the country of the Great Silk Road

Kazakh cuisine is hearty at home, quite fatty, but still tasty in its own way. In this country they love and really know how to cook meat, pastries and dairy products. We will tell you what dishes are worth trying for tourists in Nur-Sultan and other cities of Kazakhstan. We've compiled a list of the most popular treats with descriptions and photos so you know exactly what you're dealing with.


The most popular Kazakh national dish that you must try. Beshbarmak is made from lamb or beef. The meat is cooked with aromatic spices, and then noodles are separately prepared in the same broth and the onions are stewed. By the way, it is customary to cook noodles for beshbarmak in Kazakhstan from scratch. Perhaps this is another secret of the unique taste of this fantastic dish. It is customary to eat Kazakh food with your hands, but in the best restaurants of Nur-Sultan, of course, you will be served cutlery.


This dish is often eaten by the Kazakhs themselves. Manti resemble large dumplings, or rather dumplings with a variety of fillings. The most popular ones are with chopped lamb, onions and peppers. In Kazakhstan, you should definitely try meat manti with pumpkin (even if you think that you do not like this vegetable very much) - the dish can conquer anyone. For vegetarians, there is an option with potatoes, which is also very appetizing. It is not customary to cook manty in Kazakhstan - the dish is prepared in a mantle cooker or steamed in a special tray installed on a cauldron. They are usually served with broth, butter, herbs or sauce based on sour milk.


A very simple, home-style hearty dish of Kazakh cuisine that can be tasted both in small family eateries and in the best restaurants of Nur-Sultan. Kuyrdak is prepared on the basis of mutton offal. Onions and potatoes are usually added to them, which are fried until a delicious golden crust in fat tail fat. A little thick gravy, a side dish of fresh vegetables and your Kazakh-style lunch is ready. It makes sense to try this dish if you are sure that you love offal.

Palau (Kazakh pilaf)

Be sure to try palau in Kazakhstan, because the locals cook fantastically delicious pilaf. In fact, it does not differ much from other variations of the dish: rice, meat, onions with carrots, spices. However, there are still regional features. Pilaf in Kazakh is usually made from lamb, and meat is never spared for it. The traditional recipe contains dried apricots, which give the dish a special sweet and sour flavor.

Bring home dried apricots or dried apricots - useful for home cooking. Dried fruits in Kazakhstan are much cheaper than in Russia.

A popular Kazakh snack (pictured on the left), which is often called horse meat sausage. However, this definition is not completely correct. Kazy is a sausage only in form. Meat appetizer is prepared from pure horse meat (not from minced meat with the addition of offal, but from a whole piece of meat on a rib) with the addition of fat tail fat. If you love horse meat, order this cold appetizer at one of the restaurants in Nur-Sultan, Almaty or another city - you are unlikely to be disappointed. Kazy is the national pride of the country. Once in Kazakhstan, this dish was prepared 100 meters long and weighing 1 ton - it got into the Guinness Book of Records.

From Kazakhstan, you can bring kazy in vacuum packing - this is an excellent gastronomic souvenir and a hotel for loved ones.

- August, days/nights (early check-in included) Cost from USD (per person)

Bishkek - Chichkan - Chon Kemin Valley - Burana Tower - Cholpon Ata, Issyk Kul Lake - Karakol - Kochkora - Bishkek

Double rooms in hotels 3-4 * + guest houses on the route

Experienced Russian guide (as well as other languages ​​- German, English, French)

Transfers: for a group of 1-3 people, Toyota Sequoia jeep. for a group of 4-9 people: minibus Mercedes Sprinter (or equivalent)

Meals: full board with breakfast. lunches, dinners (as indicated in the program)

Best of the tour:

- Legendary Lake Issyk Kul - a health resort of Kyrgyzstan, - Boomskoye and Grigorievskoye Gorge, red rocks of Jety Oguz- Trails of the Great Silk Road: Burana Tower and Cholpon Ata with a natural park of petroglyphs, - Russian city Kaarkol and Dungan mosque,

- Master classes and tastings: * Dungan lagman and chuchpara, * Korean Kuksi soup, * Kazakh beshbarmak, * Uyghur manti, * Uzbek pilaf, * lamb dishes - "byji", "zhogorom", " kuurdak "* herbal tea, kumis and bozo, * jam from berries/fruits, homemade wine, honey, * barbecue lunch of meat and vegetables, * bread products: borsok, kattama, chak chak * wine tastings at the Champagne plant in Bishkek,

Demonstration of falconry and silk and felt making

A busy group route through the picturesque places of the north of Kyrgyzstan. Nature reserves, gorges and mountain passes, pastures and yurts of nomads, ancient cities of the Great Silk Road await you.

The tour will suit both lovers of ecological recreation and the most active seeking natures who are interested in hard-to-reach corners of our planet and ethnographic details.

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