Gastronomic tour of St. Petersburg

Gastronomic tour of St. Petersburg - unusual excursions in St. Petersburg

Open the coolest establishments in the city with a restaurant business expert

Rating of excursion: 99% 38 reviews of tourists Individual excursion for 1-5 people Price: 3750 rubles.

Gastronomic tour of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the capital not only of culture, but also of restaurants, bars, coffee houses, bakeries and street food for every taste. Here ideas are born that turn into projects of global importance, which naturally changes the Russian catering industry for the better. On the tour, I will open the doors of the most delicious, unusual and vibrant establishments of the city for you. You will taste specialties, learn the secrets of a successful gastronomic business and understand why St. Petersburg has been named the "Gastronomic Capital of Russia" for several years now.

Denis St. Petersburg guide Usually answers within 14 hours. Video I have been in the restaurant business for 11 years, I have always loved food and everything connected with it. By the age of 30, I had accumulated tremendous experience and knowledge and realized that I wanted to share it with people. Gastronomy for me is work, passion, and life's work. My excursion is full of knowledge, useful material and delicious food.

Individual excursion for - person

Duration: 3 hours Children: No children Best Price Guaranteed If you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion

What awaits you

We will explore the city through cuisine, food stories and flavors. There are no random places on my tour, only the most worthy places, from my point of view, make it to my list. In each establishment, we taste the “bestseller” dish that defines this establishment. In addition, you will visit places of unusual formats, try real street food, craft beer and burgers, designer shawarma and Italian pintzu - and perhaps discover what flat white and brisket are, and where is the best place to have breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Gastronomic tour of St. Petersburg - unusual excursions in St. Petersburg

Get to know the city through the cuisine of St. Petersburg in the company of a specialist in the restaurant industry


What awaits you

We will explore the city through cuisine, food and flavors. There are no random establishments on my tour, only the most worthy, from my point of view, places are included in the list, and therefore in your itinerary. I will introduce you to iconic places in the city, help you expose the myths of the industry, and learn how to “read” establishments, just like catering experts do. A useful skill in future travels, I assure you.

In every establishment, we taste a best-selling dish that identifies that establishment as a person's last name. In addition, you will look into restaurants of unusual formats, get acquainted with the author's presentation, taste local craft beer and snacks, shawarma and trendy ramen soup. If we get a taste, we will reveal the concepts of "bistronomics" and "poke" and much more.

My excursion for those who:

  • wants to explore the city through taste and signature cuisine
  • is looking for gastronomic discoveries and wants to be in the news trend
  • wants to visit non-tourist places of St. -Petersburg, which are hardly listed in guides and reference books
  • has a commercial interest in food
  • wants to diversify everyday life and broaden his horizons

I'll tell you about:

  • life hacks or rules of gastronomic tourism;
  • formats of restaurants and their differences;
  • how, who, and most importantly - why opens establishments;
  • about the headache of restaurateurs;
  • about what is hidden from prying eyes in a restaurant;
  • where and what Petersburgers eat every day;
  • about the most important persons of the city's industry.

Depending on your level of interest and preparation, I offer various options for the tours:

  • Trend tour. The most fashionable and hype establishments of the city. From ramen bars to speak-easy bars. Suitable for everyone who wants to be in the gastronomic trend.
  • Welcom tour. If you are for the first time in the city and want to get a complete picture of the restaurant world of St. Petersburg. Suitable for tourists and travelers.
  • Soho tour. The Petrograd side in St. Petersburg is called the local Soho (by analogy with the restaurant area in London). From this part of the city, the construction of St. Petersburg began, this was reflected in the architecture of the district and, as a result, in restaurant concepts. We will go from spectacular restaurants to iconic gelateria. Suitable for those who are tired of pop establishments.
  • Rus-tour. We fit Petersburg and Russian establishments on this route. Here you can find local cuisine, local products, and where/what St. Petersburgers eat every day. Perfect for foreigners (we conduct in English) and those who love local cuisine.
  • Master tour. We analyze the most successful restaurants and concepts from a commercial point of view. I show unusual "cases", interesting solutions in public catering and what "shakes". Suitable for gastroenterologists and professionals.

As a result, you will explore proven establishments, save time thanks to the logistics and route theme, and you will be able to get an exclusive discount of 20% (depending on the tour).

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