Gastronomic map of Hungary with Svetlana Kabysh

Gastronomic map of Hungary with Svetlana Kabysh

Delicious travel

Cake "Pavlova" - airy, like Pavlova

Recently, we talked about 10 dishes that you need to try in life. Among them is the Pavlova cake. This dessert, which came from distant Oceania, is popular all over the world: it is made a “visiting card” by the best restaurants and is baked in families on holidays.

Pavlova cake. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/browneyedbaker/

At home they adore this cake, affectionately call it "Pavilion" and set records in cooking. At least two are known: in 1999, a 45-meter cake was baked in Wellington, and six years later, in 2005, in Hawk Bay - 64 meters.

Introducing Chinese Desserts

If you are bored with Viennese pastries, French croissants and even a charlotte dear to your heart, welcome to the Celestial Empire! Local pastry chefs will not only surprise you - they will completely revolutionize your idea of ​​dessert!

Lunar Festival - Mid-Autumn Festival. Photo: . lickr. om/photos/bcsmith/

Indeed, what can red beans have in common with sweets familiar to a European? And for the Chinese it is the basis for the Tong Sui dessert, which literally means "sugar water".

Perhaps, it is with him that a European should start his acquaintance with Chinese desserts, because the very concept of this delicacy from China is closest to us, or, in other words, this dessert is really sweet!

Gastronomic tourism

In continuation of the series of articles "Gastronomic Map of Europe", we invite you to take a walk through delicious Hungary. Our guide today will be Svetlana Kabysh, director of the Hungarian Tourism Information Office of the Hungarian Embassy. We will visit the most delicious regions of the urban and rural areas of Hungary and learn:

  • what traditional dishes and delicacies in which regions to try
  • where to try the best Hungarian wine
  • why is it worth visiting not only Budapest, but and in the regions of Hungary
  • which gastronomic gifts to bring from Hungary
  • the best restaurants in Hungary and the average check in them

Let's start our virtual gastronomic tour in Hungary with the most iconic places that you should definitely visit, and most importantly - try for tourists. “I want to emphasize that my story will be subjective, especially in relation to rural restaurants,” Svetlana warned, starting her story. But, by and large, it is simply impossible to remain impartial when talking about Hungarian delicacies ...

Let's start from the east of Hungary. Literally 100-150 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, there is a huge steppe Hortobagy, on the territory of which the park of the same name is located - one of the Hungarian UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Why is it interesting in terms of gastronomy? The fact that Hungarian relict breeds of domestic animals are grown in the steppe: Hungarian gray cow, Mangalitsa pigs, ratska sheep. Their meat, in particular beef, is the basis of the most famous and iconic Hungarian dishes. Let's say goulash soup is a hearty meat soup with tomatoes, paprika and potatoes.

Or one of my favorite Hungarian dishes - Hortobagy pancakes. These are pancakes with meat, but not boiled, but stewed, and not ground, but finely chopped. They are generously poured with sauce, in which the meat was stewed, and sour cream…. And, of course, the best place to eat all this splendor is in the Hortobagyi Nagycsarda two-century tavern on the outskirts of the village of Hortobagy.

North-East Hungary

The north, or rather the northeast of Hungary, is a different, although also geographically close, history: 150-200 km from the border with Ukraine. This is a mountainous area, which means that the menu includes mushrooms, game, wild berries - in sauces and desserts. This and wine - the most famous Hungarian wines are produced here: Eger and Tokaj. These are also interesting ethnic groups with their own cuisine. For example, the palots are the descendants of the Polovtsians. In the village of Paradfyurde, near the town of Eger, there is a tiny restaurant Paloc Kisvendeglo, where you will be offered a real "Polovtsian soup" with lamb, green beans and paprika.

Tokay Wine Region

In October, during the grape harvest season, you should definitely visit the wineries. In the same Tokay wine region, there is a completely unknown for the majority (and even Hungarians!) The village of Erdobenye. The local hotel "Magita" is distinguished by exquisite cuisine and no less exquisite presentation, and in addition, they organize interactive excursions to the vineyards. The program includes picking and pressing grapes, tasting the juice and the finished product. At other times of the year, pigs are slaughtered with the preparation of all sorts of meat dishes, but this, of course, is not for everyone.

Suburb of Budapest - Etiek village

If you flew to Budapest and want to visit the wine region nearby, then literally 20 km from the capital is the village of Etyek. Once a quarter, there are interesting events called "Etieksii Picnic". This is, in fact, a presentation of all local cellars, moreover, thematic. For example, chardonnay and cheese. Of course, local: there is a cheese dairy, a sausage, and a ham manufactory. There will also be a competition for amateur cooks. This year the "picnic" will take place on September 5-6.

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