Gastronomic journey across Rostov the Great; the best cafes and restaurants of the city

Rostov-on-Don - the pearl and heart of the Don region

Traveled recently across the Krasnodar Territory. There are enough establishments here where you can taste the national cuisines of various countries and peoples of the world: European, Asian, Italian, Caucasian and many others. It is not easy to choose, so I have collected a list of establishments that I especially liked. Everyone will find a place to their liking.

Waffle Shoes

Cafe "Waflivafli" is located in the central area of ​​Krasnodar opposite Alexandrovsky Boulevard. This is a great place for family and friendly gatherings. A cozy home atmosphere reigns here: cream and brown interiors, brick walls, dark wood furniture, metal lamps. There is a children's corner for children.

The highlight of the place is real Belgian waffles. They are served with cheese, scrambled eggs, tomato, chocolate, coconut and even mussels in a creamy sauce. The menu also includes salads, soups, snacks.

Average bill at the time of this writing: from 300 rubles.


The restaurant is located in the very center of Krasnodar on the 14th floor of a high-rise building. A panoramic view of the city opens from here. This place is widely known for its amazing cuisine and friendly atmosphere. The institution is perfect for a business lunch, a pleasant evening and special occasions.

The menu contains dishes of Russian national cuisine prepared in a modern style: meat steaks, beef carpaccio, red fish, dumplings, dumplings, pancakes with meat and sour cream, borscht, okroshka and salads.

Average bill at the time of this writing: from 800 rubles.


Want to learn more about the traditions of the Kuban Cossacks? Welcome to Stan!

Grain recipes were collected in many villages of the Krasnodar Territory. The carefully thought-out interior allows you to feel like in a Cossack house: Cossack costumes, household items and the decoration of the hall. The atmosphere is complemented by Cossack songs and folklore performances.

The menu is also thought out to the smallest detail: stanitsa cabbage rolls, Kuban krutenki, pickles, Cossack bacon, Cossack desserts and local drinks. The dishes from the chef deserve special attention: "Kubansky shtrul", jelly "Stanichny" and cutlets "Village".

Gastronomic tour of Krasnodar

I have already written about my journey along the Golden Ring to Rostov the Great in the article Rostov the Great - how to get there, where to stay, what to see. This is an old Russian city in the Yaroslavl region, famous for monasteries, old houses and, of course, the Rostov Kremlin, famous for the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession”. But I remember the city not only for its cultural and historical heritage, but also for the wonderful cafes and restaurants that we visited there.

Cafe "Alyosha Popovich"

This is one of the most colorful Russian-style cafes that I have been able to visit. Espekt to those who conceived it and brought their ideas to life.

Creativity and positivity greet visitors immediately upon entering.

The staff is friendly and attentive. We chose a table on the summer veranda, i. there is a playground for children, where they could frolic.

The interior is decorated in the Russian style, you can try on chain mail and other ancient Russian armor, which we did.

Please note that the cafe is closed until late. Alcoholic drinks, except for mead and beer, are not sold in it and cannot be brought with you.

Cafe "Appetite"

Located at Cathedral Square, 2.

We went there for a bite to eat after visiting the Rostov Kremlin. Nice, nice place. In fact, this is a pizzeria, but ordinary hot dishes and snacks are also prepared. Tasty, inexpensive, friendly service. A small playground with a slide is made for children, which is nice. And I will reveal one secret - look into the toilet, I have never seen such a non-standard design anywhere else.

Shchuchiy Dvor Restaurant

We found it based on reviews and decided to visit it, despite the fact that the restaurant is located far enough from the center of Rostov Veliky.

There are enough establishments in Krasnodar where you can taste the national cuisines of various countries and peoples of the world. It is not easy to choose, so I have collected a list of establishments that I especially liked ????

The largest city in the South of Russia is gradually removing restrictions and preparing to receive guests

Merchant streets, huge embankments drenched in the sun, Cossack rituals, Don fish soup and fresh crayfish, incredible openness of local residents - summer in Rostov-on-Don will bring your tourists many unforgettable impressions. Svetlana Kambulova, Deputy Head of the Rostov-on-Don City Administration for Economics, spoke about sights, entertainment, cultural events and MICE in the southern capital.

Sights of the Rostov region: where to walk

- Svetlana, Rostov-on-Don has many names - both the southern capital and “Rostov-papa”. What other titles have I missed?

- Port of Five Seas. After all, this is an important junction of highways and railways in the South of Russia, and waterways provide access to the Black, Azov, Caspian, White and Baltic Seas. Here, at the river crossing, trade routes connecting the Upper Don with the Caucasus and Crimea have long crossed.

Rostov-on-Don is also called the "Gates of the Caucasus" - during the Great Patriotic War, the only railway route to the Caucasus passed here.

Well, of course, the capital of the Don region, the southern capital, is the name of our city, originally a merchant, where many old merchant houses of exquisite beauty have survived - with richly decorated facades, luxurious balconies, carved entrance doors and marble staircases in the entrances.

Rostov-on-Don has a unique look due to its rich historical and cultural heritage. Its entire history, starting from the time of a small settlement at the Temernitskaya customs and the fortress of St. Demetrius of Rostov to this day, is reflected in numerous monuments of architecture, archeology, monumental art and memorial complexes of military glory.

- What is the best way to start walking around the city?

- You should start a city tour from its main street - Bolshaya Sadovaya with perfectly preserved architecture. One building of the City Duma is worth something! Rostovites call it "cake" for its rich decoration with stucco molding in the Baroque style.

Walking along this street and going down to the underground passages, you can see unique mosaic panels. They are unique for our country: they were created in the 1970s-1980s by builders from ordinary facing tiles. But each piece was painted by hand and then fired. The plots of the mosaics are varied - there is a happy Soviet childhood, and the Great Patriotic War, and the conquest of space, and illustrations for the work of M. A. Sholokhov "And Quiet Don".

Young people like to walk along Pushkinskaya Street. Street musicians gather here, festivals and flash mobs are held. This street also boasts interesting architecture and history. For example, Sabina Spielrein, one of the world's first female psychoanalysts, a student of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, lived in house number 83. And in the house number 59 there is the "Entrance of Artists", who turned it into a work of art, you should definitely look here and take a couple of shots. The majestic and slightly gloomy outside building of the Public Library is a real winter garden inside.

And what capitals there are in our country: from the official white-stone, cultural, sports to, now, gastronomic. This status, the gateway to the South of Russia, - Rostov-on-Don - won by right. Let us be convinced by the example of the original and traditional cuisine of the peoples of Don Volny!

First, let's turn to the phrasebook to speak (write) one language. Here are a few words that you can hear in the Rostov region and not immediately understand what is at stake:

  • Fork - head of cabbage;
  • Brew - dried fruit compote;
  • Mustard - chilli "bitter" pepper;
  • Garmel - pumpkin;
  • Smoothie - egg;
  • Perches - small apricot;
  • Nardek - watermelon honey;
  • Donut - baked flatbread;
  • Blue ones - eggplants;
  • Tyutina - mulberry;
  • Shulum - rich soup;
  • Yushka - broth.

Of course, this is not the whole original vocabulary, but knowing even these words, you can safely go on a gastronomic tour of the Quiet Don.

An old Don expression says: "The sun is already half-oak: it's time to drink coffee"

How do they drink coffee in the Don? This is a special ritual if viewed from the perspective of the Cossacks. There are two options here. The tradition of the Lower Don: kokhviy with oseledets - coffee with lightly salted herring. By the way, coffee came to the Don thanks to women (Turkish women, Persians, etc.), whom the Cossacks brought from campaigns as wives. And there was always a lot of fish in the Don. This tradition is still preserved in some villages, especially among the elderly. At 12 o'clock, even though the stones are from the sky, and the hostess brews coffee. First, they pounded the grains, instructed the teenagers, brewed them with boiling water, drank a lot and in large circles. At noon, the heat reached its peak, so the shutters were closed, and during the coffee party, the farm or village news was discussed. Tradition of the Upper Don: coffee with lightly salted cucumber dipped in honey. Here, you, and gourmet Cossacks!

A series of unusual dishes, after coffee, are opened by 20 gastronomic business cards of the region. For example, the well-known Don ear! Only this type of fish soup is 14 - according to the number of areas located along the banks of Don Ivanovich. The most famous, by right, is considered to be a fish soup with tomatoes and a log stewed in broth. Under a glass or two - that's it!

The story of the soup with Migulinskaya noodles is no less interesting. There is a legend that in the village of Migulinskaya noodles were flogged at the cathedral because, hot, she burned the chieftain. There is a version that a thief was flogged with it. It is not known for certain which version is accurate, but these noodles are thin, light and tasty. Being in the Verkhnedonsky district, it is worth looking at the noodle makers - this is how the inhabitants of the village of Migulinskaya are called.

Of course, river cuisine cannot be imagined without fish prepared in different ways. The hit of the Don cuisine is rightfully read carp baked with cabbage and caviar. You can taste such a dish according to an old Cossack recipe in the Aksai district of the region. And the truly widespread gastronomic recognition is the Don crayfish. Crayfish are considered an old Russian delicacy, and Don crayfish are even more so.

Fish dishes include caviar - these are pancakes, the dough for which is prepared on the basis of crucian carp, carp or carp caviar. You can taste an old Don dish in the Semikarakorsk region.

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