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Astamyr Akhba: we begin to develop gastronomic tourism in Abkhazia

Traveling to Abkhazia in winter is a great vacation idea. Bright subtropical nature, pleasant climate, many interesting sights, pleasures of gastronomy and half-empty resorts - all this will give travelers the winter Abkhazia. A republic where you can come on a one-day excursion from Sochi, on a full-fledged trip, or for a long weekend.

What is nice, neither a visa nor an international passport is required for Russians. As well as warm clothes: even in winter in a sunny republic it is usually clear and quite warm, on average around + 12 ... 15 ° C. Add to this the many man-made and natural attractions, and you will easily understand why Abkhazia is so popular with travelers. What to do in the republic in winter, read our guide.

Where to go in Abkhazia: Winter resorts

First, you need to decide on the resort that you prefer for your vacation. Noisy, cheerful Gagra, historic New Athos, or metropolitan Sukhum, offering many cultural and gastronomic pleasures - choose to taste, or see everything at once. The size of the republic allows you to plan an eventful trip!

Gagra Resort

The most obvious choice is the resort capital of the republic, the popular Gagra. The city, beloved by the Russian nobility of the times of the Empire, tourists of the USSR era, and no less - by modern travelers, is waiting for a visit all year round. You will hardly notice the difference in the "picture" between summer and winter Gagra - the subtropical nature looks equally magnificent and bright regardless of the season.

To get to know her, go to the Seaside Park. The work of the creator of the future brilliant health resort by the sea, Prince Alexander of Oldenburg, today the park is a little neglected, but still picturesque. In winter, its paths, alleys and ponds belong only to you. However, closer to the embankment, you will most likely meet the same people walking. Here you can have a snack, admire the noisy winter sea, have a cup of coffee or look for souvenirs.

Near the park are located almost all the historical sights of Gagra. This is the ancient fortress of Abaat, and the temple of St. Hypatius, one of the oldest in the republic, and the magnificent restaurant "Gagripsh". A short walk from the restaurant is the estate of the creator of the resort, the castle of the Prince of Oldenburg. Even closer is the famous snow-white Colonnade, and opposite it is the Winter Theater Palace. He is familiar to all fans of Soviet cinema.

Leave the whole day for a leisurely walk along Gagra. If you want to explore its surroundings in detail, take a walk and relax without rushing anywhere, you can arrange a great weekend in winter Gagra.

Novy Afon Resort

A person who is going on a culinary tour to exotic countries and thinks that he knows everything about food in Russia is deeply mistaken. This country can surprise with its diversity not only foreigners, but also the Russians themselves.

Moving from one area to another, you can discover a lot of amazing and interesting things. And gastronomic tourism in Russia is a rather promising area of ​​regional development.

What is gastronomic tourism?

National culinary traditions are part of the culture of any nation. Gastronomic tours are of interest not only among food lovers and people looking for new taste sensations, but also among professional chefs, lovers of organic products and those who want to look at any country from an unusual perspective.

Through the prism of food, a new look at the history, nature and geography of the planet opens up.

Principles of Organization

As with all other types of tourism, gastronomic tours in the Russian Federation are subject to the requirements of domestic and international standards. The main current regulation is GOST R 50690-2000. He says little to an ordinary traveler, but compliance with his requirements ensures the safety and comfort of tourists traveling around the country.

The origins of modern gastronomic tours lie in antiquity. Merchants and traders of various countries traveled across continents in search of exotic foods, wines and spices. Currently travel companies organize trips across countries and continents for new taste sensations.

Gastronomic tours in the Russian Federation can be combined with excursion tourism. Read here about the sights of Russia.

Such tours are not limited to visits to restaurants and cafes. This is only part of the tourist program. Another part of it can be visits to markets, bazaars, various grocery stores, participation in culinary master classes, etc. The main purpose of the gastronomic tours is a deeper acquaintance of tourists with the national culture.


A fairly large number of books are devoted to gastronomic tourism, from which you can learn a lot of interesting and useful things. Those wishing to delve deeply into the process of gastronomic tours are useful to read the books:

    “Food without borders. Tasty Travel Rules ”by Marina Mironova;

    In the Nizhny Novgorod region there is a small village Polkhovsky Maidan. The locals have one thing in common: making nesting dolls. From an early age, boys learn to work on a lathe, girls - to draw. In the eighties, fishing became a large-scale production that fed all the inhabitants. Today, the existence of a unique tradition is just a matter of time.

    Old-timers say that soon there will be no one to support the tradition - young people are not interested in the most famous Russian souvenir. And the nesting doll itself is now very few people: now it is difficult to beat off even the cost of goods. listen to RIA Novosti podcasts.

    Together with Simon Matskeplishvili, professor, deputy director for scientific work of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University and Alexei Yakovlev, a doctor, popularizer of science, we understand how Russian and foreign vaccines against covid work. : 20 "I'm afraid of side effects": how the body might respond to vaccination 7:20 What is a "live" vaccine 9: 50 Study of the placebo effect: the reaction of subjects to saline solution 12:20 "It did not pass all the tests": why the vaccine was allowed and is it safe for 14:05 Which immunity is more reliable: from a vaccine or a natural one 16:50 Why some people do not get COVID-19 19: 15 Is it possible to get sick after vaccination 20:45 Can a vaccinated person be a carrier of coronavirus 23:45 Will current vaccines against new mutations of covid work 27:15 Getting sick and then getting vaccinated - does it make sense? 28:30 How long does the Sputnik V vaccine work and why is it disposable? 30:30 The main question is when the pandemic will end Listen to RIA Novosti podcasts.

    The future classic of Abkhaz literature, Rushbey Smyr, began writing poetry when he was still in secondary school in the village of Primorskoe. About what contributed to the choice of a creative path and what trace he left in national literature, in the material of Sputnik Abkhazia.

    Vision problems

    Rushbey Smyr was born on February 13, 1950 in the village of Aatsy, Gudauta region. He studied at the school of the neighboring village of Primorskoye, where a misfortune happened to him, which determined his future fate and significantly influenced the development of national literature.

    Recalling this episode, in an interview with Sputnik, he said that he suffered an eye injury while playing with a peer at school. The injury turned out to be so serious that there was a danger that Rushbey Smyr would lose his sight. To prevent this from happening, his parents took him to Odessa, he was treated in the famous Filatov clinic. They managed to save his eyesight, but the poet did not see well until the end of his life (Rushbey Smyr died on July 29, 2019 - ed.). It was because of his vision problems that Smyr began to skip school often and spent a lot of time at home. At this time he was 13 years old, then he began to write poetry.

    This circumstance determined the further creative destiny of the young poet. Subsequently, he was able to read books with glasses. Rushbey's poems were occasionally published in the Bzyb newspaper.

    Study and the first collection

    Vision problems have always pursued Rushbey Smyr, precisely because it was difficult for him to read, he chose a profession related more to practical activities, graduated from the Sukhum vocational school, receiving the specialty of a turner.

    In 1972, the poet nevertheless decides to do what he liked and enters the philological faculty of the Sukhumi State Pedagogical Institute, but due to vision problems he had to leave his second year.

    Then for five years, from 1970 to 1975, he worked as a librarian at the "Psyrtskha" camp site in Novy Afon. In 1985-1987 he studied at the two-year higher literary courses at the Literary Institute named after A. M. Gorky in Moscow.

    Gastronomic tourism is a trip (travel), which is aimed at acquaintance with the national cuisine of a country, its culinary culture and customs, the peculiarities of the production and preparation of products and dishes, as well as a trip (travel), the purpose of which is to educate and gain knowledge in the field of cooking.

    Gastronomic turkak service is more than just a trip, it is a complex of events, well thought out by experts in this field, for tasting traditional dishes and ingredients that are not found anywhere else in the world and have a special taste.

    National cuisine of different nations is attractive because each has something special and unique. Various factors influenced its formation and development:

    • historical (legends, tales, myths about unusual circumstances of the appearance of certain products, animals, etc.) .);
    • natural (natural conditions that favored the production of certain types of products);
    • cultural (customs, traditions, thanks to which various recipes for cooking dishes were born);
    • social (the level of the culture of consumption of certain products by the population, the quality of restaurant cuisine, etc.).

    Peculiarities of gastronomic tourism:

    Pros and cons of gastronomic tourism

    For a better understanding of whether it is worth choosing such a direction of tourism as gastronomic tourism, you should consider the pros and cons of this type of travel.

    Advantages of gastronomic tourism:

    • non-trivial rest with new impressions;
    • acquaintance with the unique culinary traditions of the countries;
    • the opportunity to taste dishes, ingredients that are not presented anymore anywhere in the world;
    • a large selection of tours of various duration and content;
    • most of the products can be bought and brought home.

    Disadvantages of gastronomic tourism:

    • the likely lack of time to get to know other sights of the country, region;
    • high cost in certain countries, regions;
    • the likelihood of adding a couple kilograms.

    Popular destinations

    Popular destinations for gastronomic tourism are:

    One of the most beautiful cities in Abkhazia, the fabulous Gagra, beckons and attracts travelers. Located 22 km from Adler, it stretches out in a narrow strip for several kilometers along the coast and begins in the northwest with a steep slope down to the sea, and the southern, newer part of the city has a rather flat landscape.

    The history of Gagra is more than two thousand years old: the city was founded by the ancient Greeks. Since then, he has been under the rule of the Genoese, the Turks, and eventually the Russians. The Russian prince A. Oldenburgsky purposefully began to turn the village into a resort, and this happened at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Alas, in the newest period of history, Gagra suffered greatly during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict in the early 90s: fierce battles took place here. However, by now the resort has been almost completely rebuilt and continues to develop actively.

    In general, Gagra can be called a resort for youth, active family recreation and recreation with children. The high tourist season lasts here from July to September.

    Velvet season in Abkhazia! Book new hotels!

    Pitsunda: boarding house "Boxwood Grove" • boarding house "Irene".

    Relic caves, clear sea and mesmerizing mountains.

    Abkhazian feast, ancient citadels and places of power of Apsny.

    Affordable price. Comfortable transport. Arrivals on Saturdays.

    How to get to Gagra

    Gagra can be reached directly by rail or road. The branded train Moscow - Sukhum arrives at the resort in 1.5 days, a ticket in a compartment will cost about 5773 RUB. In the summer season, buses run from almost all major Russian cities to Abkhazia. For example, a bus trip from Moscow to Gagra will take 1.5 days and will cost about 3000 RUB. The nearest airport to Gagra is Sochi International Airport. Planes of several airlines fly there from Moscow; the flight takes 2 hours, and the ticket costs from 2700 RUB. From the Sochi airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to the Psou border checkpoint, and after passing through it, transfer to the Abkhazian transport. Read more on the page "How to get to Gagra". Prices on the page are for October 2018

    Gagra Hotels

    The resort has many accommodation options that vary in comfort and location. Prices fluctuate depending on the season - the most expensive housing is in July and August. There are only two hotels in Gagra that can please their guests with the category of 4 "stars" - you can rent a room in them from 1500-2500 RUB per day per person. Gagra sanatoriums of old buildings are located in the most picturesque places, but their interior decoration does not differ in modernity. Private mini-hotels offer rooms with conveniences and organized meals or the ability to prepare meals on their own. As a rule, their territory is equipped - there is a parking lot, a playground, an open veranda, a barbecue. The hosts provide their guests with a transfer, the opportunity to use the Internet, and sometimes excursions. The cost of living is from 1000 RUB per person and more. Renting an apartment in a private house will be cheaper. The no-claim option can be found for RUB 470 per person per day.


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