From large franchises to local flair

From large franchises to local flair

Gastronomic tourism is a journey that, in addition to sightseeing and visiting interesting events, is aimed at acquaintance with the national cuisine of a particular country or city, their culinary customs, the peculiarities of the production and preparation of products and dishes.

The status of Vladivostok as the capital of the Far Eastern Federal District obliges to increase, attract and concentrate tourist flows to the city and the region, to meet international standards. The tasks are being implemented with the support of the state program "Tourism Development of Primorsky Krai" for 2020-2027. Authentic establishments, local food - Vladivostok has a lot to offer in this regard. Every year gastrotourism in the Primorsky Territory expands its boundaries. Details - in the newspaper "Golden Horn".

Today there are about 700 fast food cafes in Vladivostok. Until recently, four enterprises operated under the franchise - King Burger, KFC, CFC and Hesburger. Now the line of local fast food will be replenished with another famous player - McDonald’s, (McDonald's), whose arrival is scheduled for December this year.

World-renowned "Parish"

October 9, the world's largest company "McDonald's", the Far East Agency for Attracting Investments and Export Support (ANO API), as well as the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East and the Arctic (ANO "ARCHK DVA" ), signed an agreement of intent aimed at developing public catering enterprises in the Far Eastern Federal District. In particular, ARCHK will help McDonald's to implement a set of measures aimed at attracting workers to production (at the first stage of launch - at least 300 people). Until the end of 2020, the company will invest about half a billion rubles in development in the Far East.

“The Far East is becoming a point of attraction for international companies. McDonald's opens its first factories in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. The company is carefully considering entering new territories, scrupulously verifying the effectiveness of investing in a new region. For many companies, this is a sign that it is possible and necessary to work in the Far East, it is possible to open new enterprises, to conduct business, ”explained Yan GOLOVANOV, Deputy Director General of the Far East Agency for Attracting Investments and Export Support.

The Far East is a new and very promising region for McDonald's. I am very grateful to our partners from the Far East Agency for Attracting Investments and Export Support and from the Human Capital Development Agency in the Far East and the Arctic for their help, cooperation and advice, which are very valuable for us when working in the new region. We have big plans for development in the region, I am sure that thanks to our cooperation we will be able to speed up this process, ”said Mark KARENA, General Director of McDonald's in Russia.

To the question posed by the correspondent of the newspaper "Zolotoy Rog", "Is it possible with a high degree of probability to assume that the entry of McDonald's to the Far East will make a certain contribution to the development of gastro-tourism in our region?" - Mark Karena replied: "I am sure that McDonald's will become a successful project for the Far East and, of course, the first few points that will open in Vladivostok will attract a large number of residents and guests of the region who want to try the product that we offer." ...

At the same time, the CEO of McDonald's in Russia emphasized that it is too early to talk about making any specific contribution directly to the gastronomic tourism of the region, however, in the fact that new world-class restaurants will bring positive dynamics to local gastronomy - there is no need to doubt, in his opinion.

From scallops to honey

Gastronomic festivals, which give the region a unique, seaside, Far Eastern flavor, also contribute to attracting tourists to Vladivostok. Thus, the fifth Kamchatka crab festival “Hold the Crab!”, Which will be held in the Pacific capital on October 15-30, is attracting more and more new cities and restaurants to participate, thereby catalyzing the expansion of tourist flows, both internal and with the opening of borders, and external. According to tradition, the organizer of the delicious holiday is the main pan-Asian restaurant of Vladivostok ZUMA, whose cuisine is a real mix of culinary traditions of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, with bright splashes of Indochina cuisine. Here you can try all kinds of seafood and dishes from them: sushi, rolls, dumplings, Japanese noodles with crab and much more.

By the way, another unique festival of Far Eastern scallops "On the Ridge!" At the same time, if for the inhabitants of Pacific Russia the scallop is a well-known product, then for those living in the central regions of the country it is a rare delicacy.

Another Taigafest 2020 gastronomic entertainment festival, which is held annually in Primorye, offers guests and participants a lot of delicious and informative. At the festival you can taste dishes made from "taiga ingredients", as well as buy taiga products home: honey, propolis, bee bread, lemongrass, viburnum and others. As a rule, at least 20 restaurants of the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories take part in a delicious holiday.

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