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Eternal struggle


Yulia Vysotskaya is a Russian theater and film actress, a popular TV presenter. However, she won the love of the general public not only for her film work, but also as a talented chef and author of cookbooks. Over time, the author's project "Let's eat at home!" became a brand under which the artist releases TV shows, books, and also founded a network of cafes.

Childhood and adolescence

Julia was born in Novocherkassk. Her parents divorced when the girl was still young. Then the mother got married a second time - so Julia had a younger sister, Inna.

Yulia's stepfather was a military man and on duty often changed his place of residence. The future actress spent her childhood in constant moving, she managed to live in Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku. During her studies, Julia changed 7 schools.

According to the actress, she had plans to enter either the theater department or the law department to become an investigator. Having decided not to risk with Moscow universities, yesterday's graduate entered the Belarusian Academy of Arts in Minsk. Successful passing of the entrance exams for the acting department predetermined the creative biography of Yulia Vysotskaya.

Films & Theater

After graduation, Julia was invited to play at the Belarusian National Academic Theater. Yanka Kupala. However, in order for the artist to be officially recruited, she had to have Belarusian citizenship. To solve this bureaucratic problem, Vysotskaya entered into a fictitious marriage with fellow student Anatoly Kot.

In the theater, Vysotskaya's career was developing successfully. She played Mona in The Nameless Star and Madame Smith in the absurd production of The Bald Singer. She received an award for her performance as Alison in Look Back in Anger.

The first films where Vysotskaya starred in her youth did not bring her popularity. The rise of her creative biography took place in 2002, when Julia starred in the film "House of Fools", directed by the husband of the actress Andrei Konchalovsky. She approached the preparation of the role of her character, the crazy girl Zhanna, extremely responsibly. Julia visited a psychiatric hospital to better understand the fears and values ​​of her unusual heroine. These efforts were not in vain: at the festival "Vivat, Cinema of Russia!" the artist received an award in the category "Best Actress".

The actress starred mainly in the films of Andrei Konchalovsky's wife, but her filmography also includes the drama "Max" directed by Menno Meyes and the tragicomedy "Soldier's Decameron" by Andrei Proshkin.

Since 2004, Yulia Vysotskaya has been playing at the Mossovet Theater. She plays roles in 3 classic plays by Anton Chekhov: "The Seagull", "Uncle Vanya" and "Three Sisters". Also in 2005 and 2009 she played the main role in the play "Miss Julie", which was staged at the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.

Coming back from the trip, we remember not only what we saw, but also what we felt, tried, experienced. Tastes and smells are an integral part of any trip. What gastronomic tours can you choose in the Moscow region? Suggestions from the regional guide welcome. osreg. u.

In the suburbs of Moscow you can find unusual gastronomic tours offering to try, for example, grape snails or air pastilles. Let's talk about some of them.

Sweet Tales of Kolomna

Have you chosen Kolomna? There is definitely something to see and try. For example, on November 14 the “Sweet Tales of Kolomna” tour starts.

This ancient city will really surprise you with its recipes. First of all, they go to it for a fragrant tender marshmallow. The tour will not only offer you to try it, but also surprise you with a whole theatrical performance with tea drinking.

You will go on an excursion around Kolomenskoye Posad, drop by the shop of the beekeeping complex "Zolotoy Uley" and you will be able to taste honey wines with balsams there.

The gastronomic journey will last about 14 hours. It will cost 1190 rubles.

Snail Kingdom and Goat Kingdom

Tomorrow, November 4, the "Snail Kingdom and the Goat Kingdom" tour will start in Kolomna. It will suit connoisseurs of exoticism.

Participants will go to a crocodile farm and a master class on cooking snails with tasting under a glass of champagne. And all this is on the territory of the Ecoderevushka.

In one place it will be possible to see sheep, horses, pigs and goats of the Saanen breed. They give healing milk, from which an unusual cheese is made. How is it done?

A cheese master class will help you find answers to this question. On it you will be able to see all the stages - from heating milk to obtaining farm cheese, cooked at home.

In addition, there will be a tea party with a samovar. The duration of the excursion is about 13 hours. It will cost 2,740 rubles.

For 22 years, the fate of the artist is closely linked with the name of Andrei Konchalovsky. Their relationship is considered ideal, but this does not mean that the couple's history has done without dramas. Since 2013, Yulia Vysotskaya and Konchalovsky have been fighting for the health of Masha's daughter, who fell into a coma after an accident.

It's hard to believe that Yulia Vysotskaya turns 47 on August 16, because she looks much younger than her years. The beauty secret of the actress is sports, healthy food, and sometimes weeks of fasting. The lead's endurance can be envied, in all spheres of life she remains a perfectionist.

For 22 years, the artist has been married to Andrei Konchalovsky, and the spouses have long been perceived as a single whole. Many are jealous of a harmonious couple and wonder how they manage to stay together for so long without being separated either at work or at home. But marriage is the hard work of two people, which cannot be held solely on love. And, of course, separate efforts have to be made in times of crisis. In relation to Vysotskaya and Konchalovsky, they started talking about this in 2013, when their daughter Masha got into a terrible accident.

The girl was immersed in a superficial coma, then it became known about the slow progress in her condition, but no details and details were reported. Until now, parents hide information about Maria's whereabouts from the press. How did the stars manage to move on after the disaster and did the daughter's tragedy affect their marriage?


Julia was born in Novocherkassk, Rostov region, but since her stepfather was a military man, she did not stay in the city for a long time. All of Vysotskaya's childhood was spent on the road, she changed seven schools in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. But no matter where the girl was in, she always told her classmates about one dream - to become an actress. When a creative studio was opened at the Russian Drama Theater in Baku, the future artist immediately went to audition.

“I was in the know and the next day I asked how it went,” Vysotskaya's teacher told StarHit. “You know, Elza Yunusovna, they asked everyone for so long, asked to sing, dance, and they took me almost on the move,” Julia said in frustration. To which I replied: “You just saw the ability right away. Rejoice! "

The aspiring actress was not distinguished by self-confidence: she was afraid to enter Moscow institutes after school, so she applied to the Belarusian Academy of Arts in Minsk. Having brilliantly graduated from the university, Vysotskaya received an invitation to the local theater, but according to the law, she could only be hired if she had the citizenship of the country. Her classmate Anatoly Kot helped the girl settle bureaucratic issues.

The fictitious marriage opened the way for Yulia to the stage, and soon she was already playing Mona in The Nameless Star and Alison in the play Look Back in Anger. But the first roles in the movie did not bring the actress popularity: the films "To Go and Not to Return", "Bewitched" and "Play of the Imagination" passed by the audience.

Vysotskaya's career rushed upward after taking part in Andrei Konchalovsky's film "House of Fools". For the image of the crazy Zhanna, the artist was awarded the prize "For the best female role" at the festival "Vivat, Cinema of Russia!". Since then, the star has mainly starred in the films of Konchalovsky: "Gloss", "Paradise", "Sin". In addition, since 2004, Julia moved to the Mossovet Theater.

What are the gastronomic tours

? Everyone in Georgia cooks deliciously. The origins of the gastronomic history of mankind in this country can be tasted as close as nowhere else. Georgians know how to handle all the products we are used to in their own way. What do not take - eggs, cheese, wine, meat, dough, even bread is prepared here in a special way. You can try to taste everything during a gastronomic sightseeing culinary tour to Georgia - but true gourmets know that the pleasure of this country, as thick, tart and warm as its sun, people and songs, can be stretched out by giving preference to specific directions. You can go on a cheese tour and taste the traditional cheese of the Mtskheta region "Dambal", the recipe and preparation process of which is still kept in the strictest confidence. You can pamper your gastronomic taste with the wines of the famous Alazani Valley, or even indulge your soul on the most delicate khachapuri of Adjara. And if you are “kebab” of lamb or traditional khinkali, then you are in front of hospitable Tbilisi, where you can find everything.

Tour itinerary: Tbilisi ➔ Kakheti ➔ Ananuri ➔ Gudauri ➔ Stepantsminda ➔ Tbilisi

Tour duration: 7 days/6 nights

Arrivals: weekly

Top Food Tour Destinations

Only its culinary diversity can compete with the absolute culinary glory of Georgia. Did you think that Georgia is khinkali, khachapuri, wine and barbecue? Not. These are 12 completely unique culinary regions, each of which is famous for its culinary traditions and original recipes. Somewhere they know a lot about cooking poultry or lamb, somewhere - wheat bread is so tasty that it just melts in your mouth; somewhere - wine, churchkhela and fruits to match the Garden of Eden, and elsewhere they prepare breathtaking pickles and marinades. Sakartvelo is so good that wherever you go - an unforgettable culinary vacation is guaranteed to you.

ImeretiThis western region with its center in Kutaisi is not only the record holder for the number of ancient monuments, noisy waterfalls and relict thickets. Here they cook khachapuri with the most delicate Imeretian cheese.

Adjara Adjara is a tourist's dream. Small Caucasus Range, Black Sea, mild climate and year-round warmth ... And also fabulously rich cuisine, because the locals know how to make your vacation gastronomically unforgettable. Adjarian khachapuri with cheese, butter and an egg slightly caught on the fire, Black Sea fish - mullet, trout and sturgeon, abundantly flavored with spices and nut dressings, borano - cheese baked with butter in a clay pot, yahni - beef stew, which Georgians are held in the same esteem as we have pork or poultry. Traditional spices with the addition of onions, garlic, nuts and spices give Georgian meat dishes an unforgettable taste. And we wash it all down with local wine - slightly fruity Tsolikauri and white semi-sweet Chkhaveri. And of course, where can we go without Borjomi?

Kartli is the central and most ancient Georgian region. Here is the capital - Tbilisi, and the historical heart of the country, ancient Iberia. The region is famous gastronomically for its soups. Yes, the famous kharcho soup comes from here - by the way, you can cook it from almost any ingredients, even from bread - with onions, spices, cilantro it turns out equally tasty. Here they also prepare jonjoli - pickles from a plant that looks like our acacia, and to taste - salted capers. And also - chakapuli, a national dish of lamb meat, which is ideally cooked over a fire, adding tarragon and served with tkemali sauce.

Different cities and resorts are famous for their culinary traditions. You cannot leave Mtskheta without trying khinkali with various fillings, kaurma from offal, and also the local curd cheese Dambal Khacho, which is made from sour milk, dried, smoked and stored in clay pots until it becomes moldy. In Abkhazia, you should definitely try abysta - thick corn porridge, which is cooked in different consistencies - from one that can be eaten with a spoon to hard enough to be cut with a knife. Abysta is served with adjika, or sour milk, cheese, heated butter - in a word, there are many options on how to do it better. Try Abkhazian chicken, abaklazanchapa, stuffed eggplants, and, of course, one of the most famous national sauces - adjika.

Master classes


Heroines of our time. Julia Vysotskaya.

Evening Urgant. Visiting Ivan Yulia Vysotskaya (25.4018)

Julia Vysotskaya - biography

Yulia Vysotskaya is a Russian theater and film actress, famous for her work in the films "Gloss", "Paradise", "House of Fools". Recently, Julia has been promoting healthy eating, and is doing a lot to implement it in the life of ordinary Russians. As a leading culinary program, she has won all-Russian recognition. Now the actress is the owner of a well-known culinary network; she shares her experience with Russian mistresses with the help of her own books and TV shows.


Julia Vysotskaya was born on August 16, 1973 in Novocherkassk. The marriage of her parents was not successful; it broke up when the girl was just a baby. The mother of the actress got married for the second time. Soon, another daughter appeared in the family, who was named Inna. The stepfather of the future actress was a serviceman, for this reason the family often had to move to a new place of residence. During the years of her school childhood, Julia managed to study at seven schools - in Tbilisi, Yerevan, and Baku. The girl did not suffer from frequent moving, she was quite sociable, quickly got along with people and studied well.

In high school she had a big dream - she wanted to become an actress or an investigator. For her, the career of an actress has always been in the first place. But if in the theatrical university they do not find her talent, Yulia will not persist, she will give the documents to the Faculty of Law. I really wanted to study in Moscow, but the girl was not sure that she would be able to enter a prestigious capital university for the desired specialty. She decided that a titmouse in her hand is much better than a crane in the sky and went to enroll in Minsk, at the Belarusian Academy of Arts. Here Julia scored the necessary points without any problems and became a student of the acting department.


After graduating from the university, the girl entered the service in the Belarusian National Academic Theater. To get this job, she had to go to some trick. To conclude an official contract with the management of the theater, it was necessary to have Belarusian citizenship. The bureaucratic problem was solved by a fictitious marriage with Anatoly Kot, a classmate of Yulia.

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