From fishing to wine tours

From fishing to wine tours

It seems that urbanization has taken over the planet, but agricultural areas still occupy a large part of Russia. And some of the most picturesque lands are, of course, in the Krasnodar Territory. Today, urban residents lack space, greenery and fresh air, but a relatively new direction for Russians has emerged: agritourism. In Europe, vacation in the provinces has long been considered an excellent pastime, but for the inhabitants of our country, this type of vacation is just beginning to turn into a tradition. "AiF-Yug" tells about what kind of agricultural tours Kuban offers today.

DIY harvest

What is Kuban famous for in the first place? Endless vineyards, which are planted in the most picturesque places: along the coasts of the Black and Azov Seas, among numerous lakes and estuaries, in the foothills and on rocky slopes. And blooming peach and cherry orchards or watermelon fields - you cannot see this in the metropolis.

And now you can not only contemplate this beauty, but also touch it with your own hands. Namely, go on an excursion with a guide and independently collect the most ripe and juicy harvest: these are cherries, and grapes, and plums, and apples, and pears, and watermelons, and hazelnuts, and almonds or walnuts. Yes, whatever your heart desires! Nowadays, many Kuban farms offer tourists not only excursions to gardens or fields, but also “rural activity”. The crop can now be harvested by yourself. Well, if there is no desire to work, then everything can be bought on the counter at the farm. Moreover, many manage to return to the city, having mastered the profession of a potter or woodcarver during their vacation. This is a unique opportunity to touch the traditional centuries-old crafts. If earlier vacationers were simply offered to stroll through museums, then modern farmers will easily teach everyone to milk goats, feed animals and birds, show how butter or cheese is actually made or wine is made.

Enotourism is a separate unique component of recreation in the Kuban. Manufacturing companies offer a variety of wine routes that include real adventure. These are trips to ancient vineyards and wineries with deep cellars, excursions to wine museums and tastings, quests, gastronomic hotels, light performances ...

There are several dozen wineries in the Krasnodar Territory, which are not only engaged in production, but also work as tourist facilities. They offer to take part in the process of making wine. There are such wineries in Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Temryuk and Crimean regions. But, perhaps, the main center of Kuban winemaking is the village of Abrau-Dyurso near Novorossiysk.

Experts can easily teach anyone to distinguish between Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. They will tell you how long drinks are kept in barrels and how to make a gastronomic pair of wine. By the way, wine tours are available all year round.

More colorful cuisine

To cook something tasty and healthy, the average city dweller will have to choose quality suppliers for a long time. And if in the megalopolis proven farm products can be bought only in the conventional "Alphabet of taste", then in the Krasnodar Territory they are at every step. And there is such a pleasure in the Kuban, one might say, a penny.

The main thing is that the freshest vegetables and fruits, cheeses, milk or honey can be bought without any intermediaries. Farmers in front of your eyes will select the best of their products, and maybe they will give it straight from the garden. What could be more appetizing than environmentally friendly, for example, a peach plucked from a branch here and now?

And what are the mussel and oyster farms worth! The farms are located in open spaces, where shellfish are grown in ecologically clean conditions. However, in the Kuban you can try a lot of interesting things, the main thing is to have time to visit everywhere. Indeed, each district has its own unique traditional cuisine and specialties. From everyone's favorite fried red mullet to snails in Burgundy sauce with garlic and herbs.

Main impressions

Gastronomic journey to Gelendzhik. Fresh oysters, rapana, the best champagne in glasses, sea air (and it is, as you know, a real ticket to longevity and health), golf and yachts. We will show you a real hedonistic paradise on the Black Sea coast.

What will we do on the tour

Travel programs, diets, lectures, videos of lectures and club articles are created with the participation of our friends - experts in their field, intellectuals and professionals to the core. Experts infuse programs with ideas, energy and knowledge. Therefore, a journey into the world of beauty and taste, confidence and common sense, health and sports, joy and inspiration awaits you.



Arrival at Gelendzhik airport (GDZ).

Transfer and check-in at Alean Family Resort & Spa Biarritz

Our partners - Alean Resorts Network - never cease to amaze us with their approach to impeccable service. Therefore, from year to year our gastronomic trips are based in the hotels of this chain.

Welcome lunch at the hotel.

Transfer to a golf resort.

If there is a paradise in the world, this is the Krasnodar Territory, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Russia. But the majority of tourists go directly to Sochi, Anapa or Gelendzhik, and if they are in Krasnodar, then they are passing through. But in vain: only here you can taste haute southern cuisine and look at one of the best recreation parks in Russia. With our detailed guide to Krasnodar, you will surely want to stay in the southern capital for at least a few days.

Vera Bezlepko

How to get to Krasnodar

The first planes landed in Krasnodar in 1932 near the Pashkovsky state farm. These were small biplanes of the Society for the Control of Pests, that is, with crop fires. In the same year, the society was abolished, but the air base in Krasnodar remained, two years later it began to serve passenger flights and turned into the Krasnodar airport, which still exists. Despite its small size - only three terminals - it is the largest in terms of traffic in the Southern Federal District.

At the station square, a two-minute walk from the terminals, there is the Krasnodar Airport hotel. If you find yourself in a city with a long transfer, you can spend the night there (night from 1800 ₽).

You can fly from Moscow to Krasnodar in autumn and winter for 1499 rubles on a Pobeda flight (without luggage), for 2300 rubles - S7 and 2500 rubles - for Aeroflot (prices are for one-way flight). During the season, tickets are more expensive - from 4000 rubles. The flight will take 2 hours. A one-way ticket from St. Petersburg to Krasnodar will cost at least 2800 rubles if you fly with the Krasnodar airline Azimut (without luggage), or 3200-3500 rubles if you fly with Utair and Aeroflot. S7 tickets are the most expensive - 4000 rubles. Travel time is 3 hours.

It takes 4.5 hours to fly from Novosibirsk to Krasnodar, a one-way ticket costs from 4400 rubles for S7 and 6000 rubles for Aeroflot. On some days you can take a direct NordStar flight for 6300 ₽. It takes 3 hours to fly from Yekaterinburg, a one-way ticket from Ural Airlines costs from 3300 rubles, from S7 - from 3800 rubles; the cheapest - at the "Pobeda" (1999 rubles without luggage).

From Sochi and Mineralnye Vody, Krasnodar can be reached in 50–55 minutes. At Azimut, a one-way ticket from Minvod costs 1000 rubles (without luggage), and from Sochi it is cheapest to fly with Ural Airlines: a one-way ticket costs 1800 rubles. S7 tickets start at RUB 4000.

The railway connects Krasnodar with almost all major cities of the country. The city has two stations: Krasnodar-1 and Krasnodar-2, but the latter serves only suburban trains. Intercity people pass this station non-stop and stop at the Krasnodar-1 train station, a 10-minute walk from the city center. If you travel to the capital of the south by train, you will arrive here.

Tickets in reserved seat from Moscow cost from 2200 rubles, the trip will take 18-24 hours. The fastest way is to go on the “Premium” branded train. The fastest train from St. Petersburg - "Severnaya Palmira" - takes 30 hours, prices for reserved seat tickets start at 3500 rubles. A regular train runs 11 hours longer, prices for a reserved seat start at 2800 ₽. You can get from Voronezh to Krasnodar in 11-16 hours (depending on the train), the cost of tickets in a reserved seat starts from 1400 rubles. From Saratov to go 22-23 hours, the prices of reserved seat tickets start from 1500 rubles.

Two main city bus stations are located on the territory of the railway stations: Krasnodar-1 (closer to the center) or Krasnodar-2. Some buses run on both.

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