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How we traveled to Georgia: customer reviews

That long-awaited day of departure to Georgia has come. There is warmth, wine, sun, Georgian flavor, legendary hospitality, ancient temples and incredibly beautiful landscapes. So, everything is in order.

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We had a hearty welcome at the airport in Tbilisi. Our guide was waiting for us with a sign. For a long time he was surprised and lamented that part of the group turned out to be more than independent and left for the hotel without him. We plunged into a comfortable bus and went to the hotel "David" and "Brigitte", which is next door. "David" met hospitably. In the middle of a cozy and colorful Georgian hall there was a barrel with a dozen bottles of various calibers. And the inscription on the tablet read: "Chacheterapy"! Something like this! Our hotels are located nearby, across the house, in the center of Tbilisi, a few steps from Freedom Square. The group reunited and we hurried to dinner with a show program at the restaurant. They drank wine there, tasted national Georgian cuisine, watched the program with pleasure, danced and had fun.

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Breakfast at the hotel was a pleasant surprise. Everything is quiet, sweet, cozy, home-like. Chacha is offered in the morning. And if offered, it's a sin not to treat yourself to it.

An excursion program in Tbilisi was waiting for us. Founded in the 5th century AD by Vakhtang Gorgasali, the king of Iberia, Tbilisi is the most important industrial, social and cultural center of Georgia. The climate is subtropical, semi-dry, with long hot summers, short warm springs and mild, but relatively dry winters.

We went to study the history of the ancient city on foot. Fortunately, you don't have to go far, in old Tbilisi every brick breathes history.

The Blue Horns met here, Sergei Yesenin lodged here. These neighborhoods, which are nearby, resemble old Odessa. Through entrances, courtyards, wells, laundry dries on a rope. The hostess pulls, the linen goes straight to the open window, someone is sawing something in the yard, knocking with a hammer, the lovely Georgian grandmother who left the apartment was not at all surprised at the excursion at the entrance.

We went down the steps and found ourselves in the center of Tbilisi with all its attributes of a European capital. We saw a wonderful view of the Rezo Gabriadze puppet theater, the old temple and the government house. Wonderful Margot, a theater employee told us about its history of creation, about the tower - the creation of the master's hands, about his films and much more. To my shame, I knew very little about Rezo Gabriadze and about the theater, and the trip to Tbilisi became all the more interesting for me. Even just when examining the theater building, all these wonderful little things around, made by the hands of a master, painted tiles, mini-watches, etc. there was a feeling of involvement in the fairy tale. And when you find out that he is the author of more than 35 films, including "Do not Cry!", "Mimino", "Freaks", "Kin-dza-dza", "Unusual Exhibition" and others, that he is 80 years old, there is an irresistible desire to plunge into this world with your head. Next time I will definitely buy a ticket to the show, drink coffee in a coffee shop, and watch a mini-performance on the tower clock about the circle of life, which takes place exactly at noon. Many thanks to Tbilisi for such wonderful discoveries.

In conclusion, Margot said that we were lucky with the guide, called him her teacher and said goodbye to us. I must say I was really lucky with the guide. Vlas turned out to be a young historian, teacher and a very caring person. He traveled to his native land personally, participated in excavations, rummaged through a bunch of archives and is actively fighting against would-be developers for historical buildings.

We walked down the street to the right into the park, learned the history of the gossip square, crossed it, down a little more and we are on the bank of the Kura with a view of the Pedestrian Bridge over the Kura River - the Bridge of Peace. The bridge, in appearance, has nothing to do with the historical appearance of Tbilisi. More suitable for Shanghai, which, by the way, has several of its counterparts. The hanging pedestrian bridge thrown across the Kura (Mtkvari) River in Tbilisi connected the districts of Old Tbilisi with the new quarters of the city and symbolizes the connection of present-day Georgia with its great history and the country's path to a better future. The idea of ​​building the bridge belongs to the former President of Georgia M. Saakashvili. The author of the project was the Italian architect and designer Michele de Lucchi, who had previously participated in the construction of the Avlabar residence - the presidential palace. The official opening of the bridge took place on May 6, 2010. In general, why swear, the beautiful Saakashvili bridge is a fine fellow.

Gastronomic Tourism: (Madrid - Little Known Surroundings)

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Gastronomic Tourism: (Madrid - Little Known Surroundings)

vlarin "Jan 27, 2016, 18:15

Re: Gastronomic Tourism: (Madrid - Little Known Neighborhoods)

vlarin "Jan 27, 2016, 18:16

Patones de Arriba, without any pathos, is one of the most unusual, picturesque and picturesque villages in Madrid. It is so hidden from prying eyes that Napoleonic troops, according to local folklore, advancing to Madrid through the Somosierra pass, did not find it on the ground and did not occupy it.

The legend is a legend, but the village is really "secret", well hidden in the folds of the relief. Today, the relief in front of it is crossed by one of the aqueducts of the Madrid water canal.

Until recently, it was only possible to get here on foot or on horseback. And even now it seems that little has changed here since the 16th century, when the first mentions of Patones are found. It is curious that from the moment of its formation until the end of the 18th century, this village was a kingdom within a kingdom. It was ruled by its own monarchy with "King Patones" at its head (hence the name of one of its restaurants, by the way). Then the king was renamed the mayor (alcalde), so as not to bring confusion into the minds of the visitors. ))

Some of those who have never personally practiced gastro-tourism consider it almost Oblomovism and an occupation either for arrogant aesthetes or for those who are obsessed with gluttony. However, those who are familiar with it know perfectly well that it is never refined and serves to acquire a complete picture, a complete set of impressions from the territories "being mastered", along with impressions from hand-made and nature-created objects. Therefore, miles, sorry, the number of photographs of food will be necessary and sufficient, because it is in no way possible to keep silent about the area where this food is created. ))

Patones belongs to the monuments of the so-called "black architecture", including Tamahon, Campiglio de Ranas, Machaelraio and a number of other settlements of the Sierra Aillon and Alto Rey between Madrid and Guadalajara. A distinctive feature is the dominance of slate in the masonry of the walls.

In fact, this is a building material on the ground, since it was very difficult to deliver something else to those places due to the lack of acceptable roads. Now the roads are better, but the architectural style that has developed over the centuries is not allowed to be violated by law, and this is very correct.

The orography is intricate, there is not a single horizontal street. Continuous slopes, sometimes quite steep.

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