Food tour to Cyprus: what you need to try first

Such a different Cypriot meze

With the onset of heat and the approach of vacation time, many are thinking about choosing a place where they will rest. Often you want not only to distract yourself from work, swim and sunbathe, but also spend time meaningfully so that your vacation will bring something new to life.

In Cyprus, vacation in mountain villages has long been popular among locals and guests of Cyprus who value tradition, coziness and comfort.

So, which hotel to choose in Troodos (Troodos)? By the way, the Cypriots themselves prefer to spend their holidays in the mountains during the hottest period of summer - August - without suffering from the suffocating heat on the coast.

Hotel Casale Panayiotis in Kalopanayiotis Village

The amazingly friendly Casale Panayiotis Hotel consists of 28 rooms, which are traditional village buildings that have been recently renovated to the highest hotel standards. The hotel is adjacent to the village center, and each of the houses is just a few steps away from the main restaurant and several cafes.

Each of the rooms is equipped with original furniture, traditional Cypriot curtains, bedspreads and other handmade accessories, bathroom or shower.

Particularly popular is the hotel's spa, where guests can enjoy unique relaxing facial and body treatments. Delicate aromas of aromatic oils, professional cosmetologists, the most modern technologies - all this allows guests to relax and fully recover from the stressful situations of working days.

Ipio Vouni Suites in Vouni Village

The cozy mountain hotel Ipio Vouni Suites is located in the picturesque village of Vouni at an altitude of 800 m above sea level. Cozy Vouni with cobbled alleys and traditional houses with wooden doors is located at the foot of the Troodos Mountains (24 km) and has been known as a wine village since ancient times.

As for the first word in the hotel's name, ήπιος (Ipio) in Greek means “soft, gentle”, and you will certainly agree with this as soon as you find yourself in this charming mountain hotel.

Best Mountain Hotels in Cyprus

Travelers love Cyprus due to its mild climate, warm and clean sea, long tourist season, high level of service and delicious national cuisine. Tourists from Russia choose this country for their holidays also because it is as easy as shelling pears to apply for a visa here. Sitting at home at your computer, you can online order a single-entry tourist pro-visa, which will also be sent to you online. And to visit the northern part of the island, which belongs to Turkey, a visa is not required at all.

Cyprus is unique and diverse. This small island has two neighboring states (Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus), which are very different and have much in common. Cyprus has absorbed the traditions of many countries that encroached on it, and preserved interesting historical sights of different cultures on its lands. Even cities have several variants of names assigned by one or another country that once owned the island.

Cyrenia and Troodos mountain ranges, created as a result of ancient volcanic activity, amaze with a variety of landscapes and colors. And the combination of cold mountains and warm sea coast is what makes Cyprus unique and attractive in terms of tourism.

We suggest you go on a trip to this island to see all its diversity and relax on the picturesque Mediterranean coast.

Best time to travel to Cyprus

The beach season lasts most of the year on the island - the period "May-October". It is best to go to Cyprus in spring or autumn, when there is no extreme heat and stuffiness, and the sea is still warm, and the water is comfortable enough for swimming. At the end of spring, Cyprus begins to bloom in different colors, landscapes become especially picturesque, and fresh vegetables and fruits are already growing. During the summer months, especially in August, the heat in Cyprus can be unbearable, the temperature rises to 40-45 degrees. At this time on the coast and in the city there is a real scorching heat, and in the mountains it is quite pleasant, thanks to the fresh wind and coolness of the rocks.

Rest on the beaches of Cyprus

People generally come to Cyprus to sunbathe on its wonderful coastline. The beaches of the island are comfortable and very picturesque. They are covered with soft golden or white sand, among which pebbles sometimes come across. Many beaches have a Blue Flag, which confirms that they are environmentally safe. Thanks to the gentle slope into the water and the calm sea on the beaches of Cyprus, it is very comfortable to relax with children.

All beach areas are municipal and therefore free. There is everything for the convenience of vacationers: rent of sun loungers and umbrellas, coastal cafes and places to change and relax. And also a lot of proposals for water activities (riding on "banana", "buns", etc.) and excursions.

Excursions in Cyprus

A great advantage of Cyprus is that a beach holiday can be combined with a cultural one, because there are many historical and natural attractions on the territory of the resorts. These are ancient ruins, ancient monasteries, museums, religious buildings, as well as unique objects created by nature.

You should definitely visit the Ayia Napa Monastery and its Museum of the Sea "Thalassa", the ancient city of Amathus and the Temple of Appalon of Hilates, located in the vicinity of Limassol, as well as go to the Baths of Aphrodite in Paphos and the ancient monastery Holy Virgin of Kykkos in the Troodos area.

The best mountain hotels in Cyprus - interesting and useful facts about Cyprus! Read more on the pages of the Cyprus Inform portal

Cypriot cuisine is very diverse. Grilled meat or vegetable dishes, great cheese, incredible second courses in the form of thick stews, legendary meze ... Everything is appetizing, really tasty. All kinds of sauces, spices and herbs make them even more interesting. We will tell you what you need to try from food in Cyprus - descriptions of dishes with photos and translation will help you not to confuse anything. We will advise you what products to buy home to treat your friends with the masterpieces of the national cuisine.

Μεζές | Meze

Go to any restaurant of national cuisine in Cyprus and order a meze without flipping through the menu. This is the best way to taste the most popular traditional snacks. Lots of small plates with a variety of hot and cold dishes await you. Of the appetizers in the meze, pickled olives, fresh vegetables, salads, pates, and cheese are most often featured. As a compliment, they often bring a glass of local ouzo vodka.

Some establishments offer to choose the type of meze:

  • Meat - traditional Cypriot cutlets, kebabs, smoked sausages in small portions.
  • Fishy - an impressive selection of seafood, from battered shrimp to crab julienne.
  • Classic - vegetables, cold snacks, sauces.

Any of them should be ordered for two. Prices for classic meze in Cyprus, as a rule, start from 15 euros, fish or meat will cost more.

Bring a couple of jars of pickled olives from Cyprus - this is an excellent gastronomic souvenir. You can also buy popular vegetable pates in supermarkets, which are often served in meze.

Σουβλακι | Suvlaki

Souvlaki is considered the most popular street food in Cyprus. Delicious kebabs on small skewers are served at eateries and fast food restaurants. However, you can easily find them on the menus of high-profile establishments specializing in local cuisine. Most often souvlaki in Cyprus is made from chicken or pork, sometimes with local sausages. Served with vegetables, fries, pita and savory sauces. These simple products create an amazing gastronomic harmony. Strictly speaking, it is more correct to call souvlaki a dish of Greek cuisine. However, it has taken root in Cyprus so much that it has been considered traditional for many years.

Σεφταλια | Sheftalya

Cyprus is at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. The favorable location and natural resources have attracted neighboring powers to the blessed island for centuries. They influenced culture, life and local cuisine, enriching it with many new products and overseas dishes.

Order a meze at the restaurant to get to know the various national dishes of Cyprus in one sitting. In just a few minutes, the waiters will start filling your table with small plates of delicious food - from fresh salads to traditional meat and fish dishes.

What is meze in Cyprus

Food in Cyprus is not just a banal meal, but a whole ritual to which hospitable hosts invite relatives and close friends. Such a friendly meal does not tolerate fuss - the locals adhere to the main principle of the island at the table - "siga-siga", which means "quiet and quiet."

That is why meze is adored here (translated from Greek - "small snacks", "snacks"). This is not only a collection of Cypriot delicacies, but also a special relaxing atmosphere that allows you to enjoy communication and slowly savor every bite.

How meze is served in Cyprus

Each Cypriot tavern has its own traditions and ways of serving meze. They have one thing in common: the waiters never bring all the ingredients of the food at the same time. The table is filled with food gradually, in several approaches. A kind of culinary performance takes at least two hours, and in good company it can last up to four hours.

First of all, visitors are offered sauces (tahini, dzatziki, tirokafteri, taramasalata, hummus) and a basket of warm bread. They are followed by vegetables, salads and an obligatory component of all Cypriot meals - olives (fresh, canned, stuffed). After enjoying light snacks, guests proceed to grilled halloumi cheese, meatloafs, seafood, dolmades and side dishes. Then comes the turn of "heavy artillery": souvlaki, kleftiko, stifado or whole baked fish. The final chord is seasonal fruits, ice cream, sherbet, jams and traditional sweets (lucumades, suzuko, tulumba, pasteli, baklava).

Meze in Cyprus is often served with anise aperitif Ouzo, Zivania vodka or Fino sherry. But the most popular drinks that perfectly complement the taste of national dishes are local wines: red sweet Commandaria, dry ruby ​​Maratheftiko, harmonious white Xynisteri or sparkling Bellapais. Guests pay for alcoholic drinks separately.

What is meze?

Traditionally, local restaurants and taverns offer two types of national dishes: fish and meat. Plus, there is a mixed meze mix - a great way to try everything at once.

Those who have been to Cyprus know firsthand about the love of Cypriots for zucchini and legumes. The commitment to "green" products is reflected in the local cuisine: today, more than a dozen dishes of beans and zucchini are known, but we will tell you about the most basic ones.

Colocuscia meta afka

This Cypriot dish under the unusual name Kolokouthkia me ta afka is actually fried zucchini with egg. As a rule, colocusia meta afka is a part of the meze; when serving, this dish is abundantly sprinkled with salt.

Most typical cafés and restaurants in Cyprus include colocusia on their menus, as the simplicity of this dish makes it possible to complement many main courses with nutritious zucchini and egg.

Pasta tu fournu

Makaronia tou fournou is nothing more than large-shaped pasta with chaloumi cheese, mixed with minced pork in tomato sauce and sprinkled with béchamel sauce, and sprinkled with dry mint on top. In Greece this dish is better known as pastizio, the Cypriot version differs from the Greek in the use of cheese.

To give the dish a pleasant crunch, the cheese is chopped and sprinkled with pasta. The pasta that fournu is usually prepared in a large oven. Pasta baked in an oven with the "main" Cypriot cheese is used as a main course and is served along with a vegetable salad.


Another national dish of Cyprus is tavas. In general, tavas is a lamb or pork dish flavored with two spices, cumin and cinnamon. Of course, each chef has his own recipe for making tavas, however, it is customary to take 2 teaspoons of caraway seeds and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon as an average measure.

To prepare tavas, lamb or pork is cut into small cubes. The chopped pulp is placed in an earthen pot, in which, I must say, in some cases the entire upper part of the lamb's leg can fit. In Greece, tavas can be found in the form of a local dish called psito, which is also cooked in a deep pot.

The dish got its name from the name of the container in which the most tender meat is prepared and served - from the Greek language "tavas" is translated as "clay pot".

Rice, carrots, onions and potatoes also languish with the meat in the pot. Cumin gives the dish an interesting, piquant taste. For the first time, tavas began to be prepared in the Cypriot village of Lefkara, the most famous village in Cyprus, which gained world fame thanks to the local craft of lefkaritics.

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