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10 temptations for a sweet tooth in Germany

If you are a real gourmet and want to try all kinds of culinary dishes of national cuisines of the world from local chefs, then you should take one of the vouchers on a gastronomic trip to several countries.

Today, food tours are gaining popularity among tourists, although certainly not to the extent that traveling for sightseeing or shopping.

The most popular destination is a gastronomic tour of European countries. Such programs will cost you significantly less than if you took a separate excursion to one of the wineries in France, where you can taste the most expensive and exquisite French wines.

Today there are already several types of gastronomic travel:

Tourists are accommodated on one of the many farms in the country where a certain product is produced. During their tour, guests study the entire production process, as well as taste ready-made products. Most often, travelers prefer such excursions to Italy, where you can observe the production of different types of cheese or olive oil.

Restaurant tourism is more and more beautiful and comfortable. You are accommodated in a standard hotel of the selected country and taken to the most exquisite restaurants of national cuisine, where you can taste all the delicacies of the culinary art. Of course, the favorite countries for restaurant tours are France, Spain and Italy.

A very interesting type of gastronomic travel, which allows tourists not only to see how certain dishes are prepared, but also to take part in this process. Master classes are conducted by restaurant chefs or farmers who are masters of their craft. There are also special schools of culinary arts, the cost of courses of which starts from 70 euros.

The ecological direction of tourism in our time is becoming more and more relevant, so many tourists choose as an object of interest for study - environmentally friendly products and methods of their processing. You can study such products again on special farms in Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

What attracts tourists to gastronomic travel?


Everyone knows some Italian dishes, which no one can repeat, except for true Italians, and even more so for the best chefs of chic restaurants in Italy. Of course, many of us dreamed of trying real Italian pasta, ravioli, pizza and other famous dishes. Italy is also famous for its wines - the regions of Tuscany or Spoleto, where tastings of various varieties of divine drinks are held.


Imagining France, not only the Eiffel Tower comes to mind, but also the most delicate croissants, exquisite foie gras, frog legs, snails and amazing burgundy. When purchasing a culinary tour of the restaurants of this country, you will be offered to travel to Provence, Champagne and Bordeaux. Undoubtedly, one of the points of your trip will be visiting one of the best wineries or vineyards, as well as tasting a large variety of different types of cheese.

Meat, potatoes, cabbage - the simplest set of products from which the Germans create great dishes. Sometimes not the most useful, but always fantastically tasty. We will tell you what every tourist should try in Germany. The names of 10 main German dishes with descriptions, translations and photos will help you not to get lost in this gastronomic paradise.

There are so many different types of sausages in Germany to try that we decided to devote a separate article to them. Be sure to check out our guide to German beer, as well as the less popular but still delicious wines.

Sauerbraten | Sauerbraten

Literally a sour roast. An unusual dish of traditional German cuisine made from meat, marinated in wine vinegar with red wine and spices for 2 to 7 days. Then it is fried and then stewed with vegetables. The marinade is used for a watering sweetened with raisins or gingerbread crumbs. The Germans usually use beef as a base, and regional recipes use pork, horse meat or game. By the way, it makes sense to try in Germany not only the classic Sauerbraten, but also the Rhine, Baden, Saxon and other variations. Serve sauerbraten with potatoes, dumplings or egg spetzle

If you want to cook this German dish at home, bring good wine vinegar from Germany, Nuremberg gingerbread for the sauce, a packet of Spätzle pasta.

Ruladen | Rouladen

A fantastically delicious dish is the first thing that true meat connoisseurs should try in Germany. Just imagine: crispy pickled cucumbers, bacon, slightly sweet German mustard, marjoram, a little pepper - all wrapped in a thin layer of beef and fried until crispy. They must be served with meat gravy. In some regions, the sauce is prepared in broth with mushrooms, in others - with vegetables. Like other German meat dishes, ruladen is quite fatty, so it's better to try it with beer and potatoes.

In supermarkets in Germany you can buy marjoram, a jar of mustard, dried mushrooms, good vacuum-packed bacon, traditional Bavarian cucumbers in a tin can. All this will go home perfectly.

Berlin style shank | Berliner Eisbein

Rulka in Berlin, and indeed in Germany, is prepared in a special way. It tastes incredibly tender, the meat just melts in your mouth. Initially, pork is brewed in dark beer with a little spice, and then baked, occasionally pouring beer broth on the shank. Icebein in Berlin should be ordered with sauerkraut and always with a glass of dark beer, so that the rich meat flavor is revealed to the end.

Buy good German beer in a tin can in Germany - it's easy to take home. And also a jar of sauerkraut for serving.

Königsberg bugs | Königsberger Klopse

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German cuisine is rich not only in meat and vegetable dishes. The country appreciates and knows how to cook tender buns, sweet gingerbread and cookies, airy cakes and delicious sweets.

The whole world knows the Black Forest cherry cake, and there is even an interactive museum in Cologne dedicated to delicious German chocolate. A review of popular desserts and sweets from Germany is offered to the attention of true sweet tooth and admirers of gastronomic tourism.

Haribo Bärchen Gummy Bears

These German gummies are sold in every supermarket and cost just € 1.10. They are not only tasty, but also useful: the manufacturer claims that only natural ingredients are present in the sweets: gelatin, berry and fruit juices, sugar syrup and licorice.

Today, 15 European confectionery factories are engaged in the production of German gummies. Bags of sweets are readily sold all over the world, and gelatinous figures have become heroes of the Disney animated series "The Adventures of the Gummy Bears".

Cinnamon Stars (Zimptsterne)

No Christmas in Germany is complete without them. Already at the beginning of September, fragrant star-shaped pastries begin to occupy the counters of German stores. Its smell can break the foundations of even those on a diet.

Swabia is home to sweets made from almonds, egg whites, powdered sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon. In 1162, the inhabitants of the Altzella monastery (city of Nossen) baked cookies on Christmas Eve, the six-pointed shape of which symbolized the end of the fast.

Today the famous German pastries are sold in regular supermarkets, but the most delicious Zimptsterne in Germany can be bought at Christmas markets. The price of 200 g of cookies is about 4 €.

Nürnberger Elisenlebkuchen

There is an old legend in Nuremberg. The baker's only daughter, Eliza, fell seriously ill. Neither doctors nor healers could help the unfortunate woman. The desperate father decided to make his own medicine based on the healing properties of natural products. He combined ground nuts, eggs, candied fruits, powdered sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Sweet pastries cured Eliza miraculously. Since then, the gingerbread cookies, named after the rescued girl, have become a symbol of the city in southern Germany.

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